opus 40


Opus 40 is an outdoor installation sculpture spanning several acres of land. The artist, Harry Fite, began the sculpture in 1938 when he purchased an abandoned rock quarry in Saugerties, NY in 1938. It took him 37 years to build this beautiful labrinth of bluestone rock that I got to visit today. My favorite thing I discovered at Opus 40 was a little path through the woods that I managed to jiggle my wheelchair over. The whole path smelled like pine trees, and wind blew yellow leaves down around me like falling snow. We walked around Woodstock afterwards, and although the hippies there are more than a bit out of touch with reality, they have a kick ass weekend flea market with tons of cool stuff to look at and photograph. I can’t wait to see where I’ll end up next. I’m so happy right now. I never want to stop exploring.



From the album “DESERTER’S SONGS



Mercury Rev- Opus 40

What a magnificent sound they create in this song! This was one of their first songs of a great few from the same album, such as “Holes” and “Goddess On A Hiway”. It’s a beautiful song, which isn’t just noise, there is a great use of string instruments and vocals to create such a dramatic tone, the same sort of tone “Mercury Rev” are always good at creating.

The mix of dramatic strings and a child-like voice is almost haunting. In usual cases that mixture is terrifying. The way they make it like this makes you really appreciate them. It’s so dreamy, and that’s really what they should be like, they never used to be able to do that very well. However this song just shows how dreamy they can be with their potential. It’s quite a bizarre song in the way that the pop music is very orchestral-based, the way they use this orchestra is really quite beautiful, they use it to make the music sound so emotional and soaring. They’re very talented.

Album: Deserter’s Songs

Genre: Dream Pop

Favourite Part/Lyrics: The whole eccentricity of the lyrics, “‘I’m Alive’ she cried but I don’t know what that means”


I’m alive she cried, but I don’t know what that means


Song of the day.

 Mercury Rev – Opus 40