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Taurus the Buddha

“Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self.”  
Gautama Buddha

Taurus is the sign of wealth. Though this does not solely focus on money. Taurus is concerned with value, treasure, and cultivating a rich inner world. At its highest vibration, the Taurus is living through the wealth of his mind, body, and soul. He is gluttonous with how deeply inward he can go, because that is the moment he reaches his palace. We are all familiar with the astrological association with Taurus and materialism, greed, and superficiality. We’ve all heard the terminology ‘a bull in a china shop’. However, the celebration of the Wesak occurs during the full moon of May. This is the time that the Buddha was born, enlightened, and passed. Taurus, therefore, is capable of the loss of attachment in pursuit of flying ascension. He can discover what he truly values, rather than what the world tells him to. Buddha means ‘awakened one’, pertaining to one who sees things as they really are. The Fixed vines and Earth stability of Taurus mean they are very intimate with reality.

Buddha believed that the root of all suffering lay in attachment and desire. When the Taurus is directing himself very practically through earth or very lustrously through Venus, there can be the need to invest money on opulent items or become consumed with his appearance. This can be a Taurus wound. But he is also capable of very high feats. He can cultivate light through directing energy inward. Taurus is an earth sign, so the individual can reach a level of universal intimacy and meditation when he is gardening or nurturing flowers to grow. Venus is artistic, so he can reach inner jewels during creative spells. The ancients referred to Taurus as the ‘interpreter of the divine voice’. Every emotion may be directed through a material impulse, or he may learn to let feelings come and go, understand them to be visitors, and continue to flow with the gentle breeze. The Moon exalts in Taurus and illuminates the inner experience. Venus is the planet of love and adoration, and Taurus can fall in love with the earth he is so resonant with.

There is a certain wisdom about Taurus people and a steadfastness when life becomes tumultuous. This can be the Taurean that has let his soul and intuition guide his life rather than the ego. He has learned through Buddha’s ‘Four Noble Truths’ that he must release and flow with the air and water, he must ‘give it up to the universe’. Symbolically, Taurus relates to the “eye” in the head of the Bull, the 3rd eye, the light of the head, and Buddha’s ‘diamond eye’, being his consciousness. In the moments when the Taurus focuses on the temple of his body in mindfulness, when he becomes centered in this very time and moment, entranced by the brush of the wind, or the smell of the country air, this is the moment he realises magnificent wealth.


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