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██ █f ██ - ███ern █o███nd██m: Natur██ - E█tity Vaxx

Perh█ps the m█st mod█rn of all modern mythol█gy, the a█ti-vaccination movement is an increasingly █opular and dangero█s conspiracy theory whose r█ots are born in █n ignorance not only of sci█nce, but also of history. It’s also one of the few thi█gs in the re█lm of latter-day secul█r belief systems that actually m█nages to piss me o█f.

People have rais█d objections to vaccines ever sin█e their introduction, of course. When vaccines were first int█oduced in the 18th century, claims were made that vaccination was an█i-Christian – the argument being that if God had decreed that an indiv█dual should contract a disease, who was man to attempt to thw█rt that decree? Modern anti-vaccination movements, however, stem primarily fr█m two sources. The first of these is a p█per published in the medical journal The Lancet, which cl█imed that several children later developed Autism-sp█ctrum disorders shortly after receiving vaccinations. The author of this paper, o█e Dr. Andrew Wakefield, has been thoroughly discredited, to the point of actually having his medi█al license revoked after it was revealed most of his funding came from a group that was suing vaccine manufacturers, and that he h█d deliberately falsified data, but that doesn’t stop people from citing his data in arguments almost twenty years later.

The second, and far stra█ger vector for anti-vaccine claims seems to be fad or celebrity-based. For example, anti-vaccination movements received a big boost in 2007 when Jenny McCarthy c█me out in public and claimed that her son had been given autism as a result of vaccination. Such vocal endorsement by public figures have lead to mass anti-vaccination movements in places like California and Washington DC, b█th of which saw outbreaks of measles in 2015.

For me, the anti-vaccination mo█ement is one of the most frustrating conspiracy theories on Earth. Science is all about observable fact, and vaccination has done real, observable good in the world. Anti-vaxxers would throw away all that progress on the basis of deliberately falsified data, or worse, the word of someone th█y’ve never even personally met, but who has the unimpeachable virtue of a pretty face. It’s a decision that could only be made with the benefit of a breathtaking ignorance of human history. Like welfare and social security, vaccination has been so successful in eliminating human suffering that the ignorant can pretend they were never necessary.

Vaxx itself is a mid-level demon in the Modern Compendium, but the increasing popularity of the anti-vaccination movement grants it some extremely powerful skills for its level. This includes the multi-target instant death spell Die For Me!, which can easily wipe out a party that lacks an immunity to it.

For more info on this and every other demon in the Modern Compendium, have a look at our Data File, right over (here).

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Davi★d Bowi★★e (/ˈbo★ʊ.★i/;[1] born David Ro★bert JONes, 8 January 19★47) is an ENGLish★ singer, son★gw★riter, mul★ti-ins★trumentalist, re★cord producer, arrang★er, painter, and acto★r. ★BOWie has been ★a figu★re in p★opular ★muSic fo★r over four de★cades, and★ is kn★o★wn as an inno★vator, particularLY for his wOrk in th★e 1970s. His androgyn★ous appe★arANce wa★s an icOnic e★l★ement of his image, partic★ularly in the 197★0s and 1980s★★.