Into the Wild with Bear Scientist Wesley Larson (aka @grizkid)

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“My whole life, I’ve been interested in wildlife,” Wesley Larson (@grizkid) explains. “When I graduated college, I got sucked into the idea that I needed to make a lot of money. But I eventually decided to do what I was passionate about.” Wesley, a Montana native, left optometry school and seven years later, he’s a biology grad student working with black bears in Utah and studies polar bear in the Arctic. It’s hard work, often in eyeball-freezing -70 degree Fahrenheit (-57 Celsius) weather — seriously, his eyeball froze once — but for Wesley, it’s a dream come true. His goal is “to get as much information as possible” so that no human activity — from oil drilling to park picnicking — harms endangered animals. It also means he takes in amazing views, fosters orphaned raccoons and spends quality time with bear cubs.

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A premed in sciences is such a waste I've been told, specially biology, if you end up and decide to ditch med school due to financial issues, you'll end up getting teaching jobs at primary schools. Is that true?

Here we go, You could go into:

Pharma industry

Biotech industry

Agriculture industry

There are also many alternatives to traditional med school:






Genetic counselor


Medical technologist

Scientific journalism

Science TV show host



Scientific entrepreneur 


FDA researcher


And many many more

Okay, well! Today is my first official week at the new job. I did see patients with the students yesterday (and did have one interesting one, even in the third-year clinic), but since the person I’m replacing in the Wednesday clinic doesn’t leave until next week, I had today free for administrative time to get some stuff done in my new office.

It’s 9:50, and I’m done with everything I had to do. I have no idea what the heck I’m supposed to do with myself until 5:00 today. And tomorrow is my actual scheduled administrative day, so it’s going to be empty as sin as well.

I’m seriously at a loss. I guess I’ll watch Critical Role and look at my bare-bones clinic schedule through the next month???

Black Panther Party Community Programs

1966 - 1982
1. Alameda County Volunteer Bureau Work Site
2. Benefit Counseling
3. Black Student Alliance
4. Child Development Center
5. Consumer Education Classes
6. Community Facility Use
7. Community Health Classes
8. East Oakland CIL (Center for Independent Living) Branch
9. Community Pantry (Free Food Program)
10. Drug/Alcohol Abuse Awareness Program
11. Drama Classes
12. Disabled Persons Services/Transportation and Attendant
13. Drill Team
14. Employment Referral Service
15. Free Ambulance Program
16. Free Breakfast for Children Programs
17. Free Busing to Prisons Program
18. Free Clothing Program
19. Free Commissary for Prisoners Program
20. Free Dental Program
21. Free Employment Program
22. Free Food Program
23. Free Film Series
24. Free Furniture Program
25. Free Health Clinics
26. Free Housing Cooperative Program
27. Food Cooperative Program
28. Free Optometry Program
29. Community Forum
30. Free Pest Control Program
31. Free Plumbing and Maintenance Program
32. Free Shoe Program
33. GED Classes
34. Geriatric Health Center
35. GYN Clinic
36. Home SAFE Visits
37. Intercommunal Youth Institute (becomes OCS by 1975)
38. Junior and High School Tutorial Program
39. Legal Aid and Education
40. Legal Clinic/Workshops
41. Laney Experimental College Extension Site
42. Legal Referral Service(s)
43. Liberation Schools
44. Martial Arts Program
45. Nutrition Classes
46. Oakland Community Learning Center
47. Outreach Preventative Care
48. Program Development
49. Pediatric Clinic
50. police patrols
51. Seniors Against a Fearful Environment
52. SAFE Club
53. Sickle Cell Anemia Research Foundation
54. Son of Man Temple (becomes Community Forum by 1976)
55. Sports
56. Senior Switchboard
57. The Black Panther Newspaper
58. Teen Council
59. Teen Program
60. U.C. Berkeley Students Health Program
61. V.D. Preventative Screening & Counseling
62. Visiting Nurses Program
63. WIC (Women Infants, and Children) Program
64. Youth Diversion and Probation Site
65. Youth Training and Development
The next time someone (white people and ignorant black people alike) tell you that the Black Panthers were a terrorist group/hate group, kindly ask them if the KKK ever did any of this. As long as YOU know what the panthers stood for and represented, that’s all that matter

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@officialalibaba It’s not for vision. I may have mentioned in another post that I might have an eye infection.

But chalazia aren’t infectious which I think I have…again.

Mine swells with heat and shrinks with cold which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

Plus it’s been over a month…

Plus, Ophthalmology and Optometry are different practices.

Just Be Kind.

Last night, God reminded me how kind I was back in the days. This guy who happens to be my classmate/friend’s husband who works at the Brewery now as a photographer (love his job btw!) gave me free complimentary passes to watch one of my favorite local bands, Up Dharma Down, at the Fort (BGC).

The story behind: I was kind to him at college. He just asked me a question regarding Ocular Anatomy (we are Optometry students). I was reviewing for the exam at the college stairs and he asked me and I entertained him. See, I don’t remember that vivid details or memory before but to him he remembered it well. And I guess if you are kind to people you will harvest it later.

Back to yesterday’s story: I was happy for the experience to watch the show and have a selfie with Armi, the lead singer of the band. I told Richard I will not forget it for the rest of my life. I am happy for him too and my friend, Naira. I am feeling thankful and blessed. God is great to everyone!

I may not be the nicest or kindest person around these days but I was reminded how good it was. So, guys, please don’t forget to be kind to people eventhough sometimes they aren’t nice to you. By being kind this world is a better place for everyone. ;)

Happy Thursday,

Doc M

“boo hoo my ex doesn’t love me!!! boo hoo I’m new money!!! boo hoo this mansion doesn’t fill the emptiness in my heart!!! boo hoo I got murdered due to a convoluted misunderstanding!!! boo hoo that optometry billboard is always staring at me and it represents god or something!!!” ugh shut up gatsby ur rich buy urself a new hoe for fuck’s sake