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hello friend! you made a comic on gender, and i have a few questions if you don't mind! i am familiar with the concept of more than two genders, but what exactly are the other genders? i know there's agender and genderfluid, but i am completely clueless about anymore! thank you uwu

Well, it depends on who you ask, I guess! In order to answer your question I might have to approach it from a weird direction. Let’s think of it this way…


People experience gender. Yay! 

People experience gender in their really complex, normal human way. This is normal. People’s emotions about self-identification are typically pretty intricate. Why? Because people are complex, individual creatures. 

But to make it simple, let’s say that humans experience gender identity on a field - let’s say… the color field?

External image

This represents the different feelings of gender people could feel. Every color on here (for simplicity’s sake) is a way that any given person could feel about their gender. 

So, for example

Here we see three mapping points - three completely separate feelings about gender. TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, these are all different genders, because our identities are so different from one another. 

This is because we’re all human beings, and everyone’s identity varies, even if it’s by a little bit. This is why we try not to assume things about one another.

Here’s what happens in our current society:

this is a bit brutal, and by a bit I mean it makes a lot of people feel like shit. 

Of course, it’s easy for some people to use. Specifically, if you identify as a girl or a boy, you’re good to go. You know where you are. You feel confident, because the parameters set by society give you confidence that you identifying as yourself is normal and okay.

Here’s a rough approximation of what other gender labels do

They create more parameters, more options for people to identify with. They won’t ever be precise, but they come a bit closer than just giant chunks. 

So, to answer YOUR question:

What EXACTLY are the other genders? 

Well, I have no idea! There are tons of gender labels, because people are creative fucks and keep coming up with more ways to describe themselves.

(Which, by the way, is perfectly normal. People make up words all the time. Literally. This is what language is for. Making up a word to communicate a feeling or a concept. That’s how we got where we are. Naming things!)

The best way to find out is just to dig around and see what other words people have used to describe themselves. Maybe you’ll come across some cool ones.

DISCLAIMER: The color wheel theory is in no way meant to be a specific example of genderness. It’s a metaphor, and the colors don’t really mean much aside from their function of explaining gender variation and its many identities.