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The telltale when an option is not what you think it is please? It doesn’t play anymore

Here you go.

ok, so like the format of “a date with markiplier” was that it had multiple parts, with each segment having a theme or something. mark has a 360 vr camera which he used in the googleplier april fools thing.

there’s also been a bunch of fnaf-themed 360 vr videos on youtube, like this one from game theory:

so like maybe not the entire thing’s five nights at ego castle, but there will be a 360 section where we use the security camera to help figure out what’s going on?

ohh boy this is so embarrassing. OK SO i learned a lot today, i learned that procreate records all your drawings automatically and… this is so amazing

and because i accidentally destroyed my option to export the video from the slick scribble and i turned the ipad upside down and up again A LOT in another one which is now just a heckmeck of a video i got this for you.

please excuse the ugly scribbles at the beginning, i’m just too lazy to edit this now, the real deal starts at ~1:05


Hiddlesweek Day 2: Favourite Short Video: Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston in 20 Seconds Or Less

even though two seconds would have been enough…

I don’t hate Kate.
I hate the fact that Telltale are REALLY trying to push this romance, and in episode 3 they basically made it cannon that Javi has feelings for her. So much for having a choice, huh?

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um hi, do you know a tutorial on stopping/removing panning from a gif? i found one but it was for aftereffects and i don't have that yet and don't know where to look in photoshop to mirror it ;; ~ ;;

Hello!! Dude I am so so so sorry for this delayed response;; 


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Notes:
    • You MUST have the Timeline Option in photoshop (if you do not have Photoshop Extended or Portable, then you will not be able to do this I’m sorry;;)
    • You should have prior knowledge about photoshop and have a general understanding of how the timeline option works
    • You should know how to make gifs prior!

This tutorial will show you how to go from this:

To this:

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  • me, before picking a mean reply option in a video game: ITS JUST A VIDEO GAME ITS JUST A VIDEO GAME ITS JUST A VIDEO GAME
  • my character: fuck off
  • npc: how could you be so cruel
  • me, aggressively reloading my last save even tho this dialogue choice has no affect on my gameplay: REGRET