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Hiddlesweek Day 2: Favourite Short Video: Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston in 20 Seconds Or Less

even though two seconds would have been enough…

I don’t hate Kate.
I hate the fact that Telltale are REALLY trying to push this romance, and in episode 3 they basically made it cannon that Javi has feelings for her. So much for having a choice, huh?

Reminders? Or commands?

So I was Rewatching A date with Markiplier and when it got to the section where Dark gave you four choices. I noticed something. Two things actually.

The first thing was that he was, indeed only giving you one choice. Freedom. The other three videos were reminders. Reminding us that he has been here since the start. He’s shown himself a few times. He’s telling us how much power he has over Mark and us. Because he’s been watching us since the start.

The second thing is this.
The videos aren’t options. But commands. Think about it.
In order they were.
Don’t blink.
Don’t move
Commands? Orders? Or instructions. On how to let him in.
On how to let Dark inside.

Don’t blink. Keep our eyes on him. Don’t let our attention stray.

Don’t move. Keep still. Let him check you. Decide whether or not he can use you.

Relax. Relax ourselves. Our body and our mind. Slip into peace. This is where he wants us to allow him entrance. This is when we let him in.

Freedom. Freedom of our life? Of our control? Of everything we know.
It’s our freedom. We’re being freed from the life we once had. To be used for dark. As a vessel or target practice? A companion or victim.

adorable-amygdala  asked:

I kind of just realized that, other than Asgore, Sans is the only one that speaks to you in the "Game Over" screen. What's the significance of this, given that it's assumed by many that Asgore's voice is a memory of Chara's?

(undertale spoilers)

Considering that Asgore does not make an appearance until the very end, it makes sense that the game over screen dialogue would be a memory of Chara’s. Yet in the case of Sans’ battle, the game over screen is accompanied by Sans’ jeering and message. 

It’s clear this is something that he is saying after killing the human; it’s not a memory. There are a few possibilities, but these are only speculations as there isn’t enough evidence to support them.

The first option is that Sans is able to speak through the game over screen in the same manner that he can break the rules of the battle, attacking first and using bone attacks outside of the bullet box. It’s something that he is simply able to do.

The second option is that Chara’s memory is used to spur Frisk/the player to continue. In this case where they are betrayed by Sans, Chara does not share their memory to allow the player to hear Sans’ taunting, perhaps to show the player to not be tricked again. 

(Edit: Flowey can also talk in the game over screen.)

In other news, this Jaal stuff is stupid and y'all need to calm down. Sorry you’re disappointed but Historically Gay-Friendly Bioware does not have some secret agenda against you.

Whenever anyone tells you that the anime industry is dying because of piracy let them know that the first huge step the industry took in selling anime digitally to the west was not to go to iTunes/Amazon/Google, but to Steam. A video game platform that (at this point) has no option for watching videos on game consoles or other home media devices (except for the Steam box) or on mobile devices. 

Not only that but it doesn’t offer the option to download for offline watching. 

So it’s streaming only. 

And the library of shows they’re selling are comes from Crunchyroll.

Where you can already watch the shows for free

But no it’s hard to make money off of anime because of Kissanime and torrenters. It’s totally not because anime industry is colossally incompetent at business no sir.  


for y’all who wished to see the bad/dumb options in action~ (x)


Black character creator options in video games still have a long way to go

  • Black players don’t get to look like themselves in video games.
  • Video game character customization isn’t exactly a new trend, but recent titles like Fallout 4, NBA 2K17 and even newer Pokémon entries make it easier than ever to create a main character that looks just like you — but it helps to have straight hair.
  • Even when games get skin tone options right, other key details like hair type and face structure are typically ignored.
  • The result is often a custom-made black character that ends up looking more like a brown white person.
  • There’s more to looking black than dark skin. Read more (Opinion)

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Drift Stage Steam Early Access Release 2017

We’ve been so busy making the game, we haven’t had much time for any update posts. We’re very close to finishing the Steam Early Access build, which will be available for ALL backer tiers Q1 2017.

Our original release goal was dec-jan at the latest,  but it became clear that we need more time to add in other features besides just the new track and car select.

We’ll be posting a Kickstarter update as soon as we have all of the new features and content implemented, but until then, heres a quick update

- The return of the Island Test Course from last years early alphas. (By popular demand)

- Eventide Overpass, with best lap times saving and twitter functionality, like the 2015 free demo.

- All new course, Aqualuxe Complex, designed as a intermediate level, but testing may prove otherwise.

- Car color palette swaps

- Functional track select

- Full mouse support for menus

- Controller to keyboard hot swapping

- Depth of field video option.

- Menu optimizations and graphical improvements

- Collision & physic engine refinements and bug fixes. ( Less likely out of bounds glitch)

- 6 new cars (previously teased and variations)

- Many, many other misc fixes and optimizations, and updates.

Post Early Access Launch est.Q2 - Q3 2017

- Return of 3 stage ‘ghost battle’ mode from 2015 demo

- Audio overhaul, all cars will have unique engine sounds

- Full Soundtrack with in game 'select’ functions (Drift Stage Vol 2 OST info)

- Custom camera position settings

- AI and Online Multi & Career (This will likely be the last part of the game worked on, due to its requirements for new code bases and menus, as well as complexity.

- New free demo - Same amount of content as original demo, locked into eventide ghost battle with 2 cars (one unlocked after beating expert). Twitter support.

See you at the finish line.

Hello and welcome to the “Thank You, Peter Capaldi” fan video project! “The what?” you ask? I’m glad you did!

Basically, I wanted to find a way to thank Peter Capaldi for the amazing time that he’s given us as the 12th Doctor. I know I’m not the only one who’s sad he’s leaving and thought that this could be a great way to (hopefully!) show him how much he and his Doctor has meant to the fans of the show and how much he’ll always be loved.

More detailed information can be found here about how to participate, but here’s the basic rundown:

The finished project will be a video compilation of fans thanking Peter for being a part of Doctor Who to be released on August 4th, 2017- the anniversary of the day he was announced as the next Doctor!

There’s basically 2 options for how to participate in this project!

Option 1: A short video (ideally 15-30 seconds long or shorter) of you talking about the 12th Doctor and/or Peter Capaldi himself- why you love him, what he’s taught you, your favorite memories of his time on the show, and so on. 

Option 2: A picture of yourself with a sign (or something else that’d be appropriate) that says “Thank You Peter” or a similar sentiment. I know not everyone likes talking on camera so I thought this would be a good option to include as well! 

The deadline for videos and photos will be July 28th, 2017. This will allow for anyone who wishes to wait until series 10 has aired before creating their video or photo.

I’m really hoping that this idea will take off and that with the help of all the other Whovians who have come to know and love the 12th Doctor, I’ll be able to put together a really awesome thank you for Peter Capaldi.

Please feel free to share this post and repost the photo at the top of the post wherever (with all the information on it intact, of course) so that more people can learn about it!