optimusprimeox replied to your post: My advice as a new Marine Wife. Clean up! Lose the grunge, punk, dirty look. The colorful bracelets, ripped clothes, the ‘scene’ dried dead looking hair. You’re about to be a Marine Wife. Act like it, Look like it. Be it. I know you’re only 18 but being a Marine Wife means growing up. We started dating at 15 I am not 20 he joined last year. You’re life is going to change. Don’t be the wife no one wants to interact with.

Does she know that her husband joined and NOT HER? Is she not aware that no one wants to interact with someone like her? BY FUCKING GEORGE. Hang in there girl.

This gif just seems so appropriate XD

Holy crap I am behind on greeting new followers...

Hello itsraininglovely!

Oh yay you go to CSU!!! How you liking it? and you are a Military SO !! WHOO HOOO! :] Thanks so much for the follow! Hope you enjoy my tumblr of random!

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You like tennis? OOoooo… do you play tennis? I always wanted to play tennis… Anyways! Thanks so much for the follow! Hope you like the randomness that is my tumblr!

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Thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog of randomness! Dude.. I totally use to listen to Alter Bridge all. the. time. haha. I am also with you on not wanting to follow tumblrs that post constant porn. It’s so awkward when it randomly pops up on my dash, plus I go to a Christian University so when in public I REFUSE to be on tumblr just because tumblr can turn into porn at any minute… so dangerous.

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Oooo reading 1940s/50s literature that sounds… really fun actually.. I love that time period a lot! YAY MORE NAVY SOs!!! Thank you so much for following my tumblr of randomness!

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Oooo joining the Marines?? NIIIICE! You go girl! :] Thanks so much for following my really random ass tumblr! I’m excited for you though and hope boot camp goes really well for you. :D

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Thanks so much for the follow!! :D I love how many Navy and just Military SOs I find on tumblr! P.S. LOVE the quote you have on your little bio section. Sooo true! I grow fonder of my man every single day, even though he is so far away. :]

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First off… can I just say I love your screen name… It is so entertaining to think of a hobo shotgun.. well at least in my head because like my tumblr.. my mind is random! From the looks of it though.. you are as random as me. YAY!! Thanks for the follow!! :]

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First, I love you screen name! Pretty much describes my life.. I knit like crazy.. Second, YOU GO GIRL SPEAK YOUR MIND! Don’t matter what anyone else thinks!! Third, welcome to my blog of randomness. Thank you so much for the follow. :]

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Yes i am so with you.. I love my sailor and miss him.. every.. hour.. of.. the.. day.. thank you so so much for the follow. :D

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Random note: did you know.. I strive to be awkward in every day settings. This way I’m not actually awkward, I just strive to be awkward because acting awkward if more fun than being awkward. You should try it sometime ;D haha. Hey you are also doing a confessions thing! I lost count on what number I’m on… I also need to get back on to posting stuff for that…. anyways, welcome to my tumblr of random and thank you so much for the follow!

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I also love to dance!! :D But.. I hate feet.. I dunno feet have always freaked me out. I don’t like them near me, touching me, I don’t want people touching my feet.. its a really weird quirk of mine… Well thank you for the follow and enjoy my tumblr of random. :]

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So.. when someone follows me I like to stalk their tumblr a bit and learn about them so I can give them a semi personalized hello…. All I have learned is you post awesome random cool pictures of people haha. So… I hope you enjoy my tumblr full of random and thank you so much for the follow. :]

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SO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU WEDNESDAY! SO EXCITING TO RANDOMLY FIND A MILITARY SO AT MY COLLEGE!!!! And you live in the same dorm I lived in freshman year, in the same hall as I did!! So exiting! Yay tumblr for bringing us together!!!

lotusandthemoon-deactivated2013 asked:

1, 2, 4, 7, 18, 20, 21, 28, 29, 33, 36, 42, 50, 86

1)  trent reznor and atticus ross - eventually we find our way
  iggy pop - passenger
     august burns red - composure
     crystale castles - birds 
     tori amos - winter

2) Stephen King

4) about my parents and how they’re doing, the fact i miss my friends, what i should make for dinner, i need to get drunk, what the fuck is going on at work, fic plots, movie scenes, song lyrics

The Extractor
18)  yes

greatest weakness: HBO War Series Cast
      greatest strength: brave heart

James Badge Dale. and Martin Mccann~~

what if i were a guy then i’d be Andrew Garfield and play scott pilgrim

and 50) the X-files ruined my childhood. i believe in everything now.

East Coast


42) no(( he makes me sick

86) black, navy and green