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Tbh I'm waiting for Terminus to be like

“So glad my friend here has moved on from that ah, what was his– oh! that Orion Pax fellow…”

“Uh, Terminus–” *Megatron sweating*

“Aw, don’t feel embarrassed, you know I agreed with you– he was quite the looker. But that guy just didn’t quite see eye to eye with us–”

“Terminus, my old friend, please–”

“Oh, but I’m sure he meant well, its just that… well he’d never survive all those battles you keep telling me about. Probably ran and hid during the war, then got crushed by falling debris…”



*ehem* “… I’d like to properly introduce you to the mech sitting on your right. His name is Optimus Prime…”

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Ok, this is kinda weird but do you have any Tfa Rosanna relationship headcanons... I kinda have a crush on her and was a little curious! {sits in corner}

Sure thing!! I’m so mad she never got into the show she seems so cute from the Almanac!! She could have been super interesting if she got fleshed out in canon but al a s………. btw if there are any other characters from TFA that are only mentioned in the Allspark Almanac or have really brief screentime y’all should totally request them!! They’re all great tbh

Rosanna (TFA)

  • Dating Rosanna means that you’ll be in the Cybertronian public eye by default. A human s/o would probably face a bit more harassment than a Cybertronian s/o would, but since Rosanna likely has a lot of influence due to her fame, it’s also very possible there’d be more tolerance towards organics simply as a result of the two of you being together.
  • Before you even start dating her, you need to pass the Pet Test. In other words, if any of Rosanna’s pets doesn’t like you, you’re out of luck. If they do like you, then I hope you like animals too because helping Rosanna take care of them is gonna take up at least a couple of hours of your day from now on.
  • You end up being a sounding board for all her new song ideas. She appreciates any and all feedback you can give her, as well as any suggestions that she might have never considered before. Heck, if you’re lucky she’ll feature you in a song or two if you’ve got some musical talent. 
  • She’s a fan of PDA, but very rarely initiates it for fear of drawing unnecessary attention to the two of you. That being said, she won’t say no if you’re the one who initiates it, and will reciprocate enthusiastically. She’ll still scold you a little afterwards, but she isn’t mad at you for real.
  • Sometimes if you wake up in the middle of the night you’ll find Rosanna isn’t in the room with you. One time you went to look for her and found her sleepwalking. Not thinking much of it you went back to bed, but you could have sworn she looked a bit more… purple than usual. You figure it’s probably just a mix of you being half asleep and a trick of the light. She’s pink all over in the morning after all.


😵 - an exhausted text

to Optimus: I feel like I haven’t slept in days. Sometimes I miss you so much that it’s like my entire body aches and doesn’t want to work properly. I still love you. I know it was me. I know that I did this, but I can’t help it. So, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, just remember that somebody loves you.

⋅⋅⋅||; The Sun && the Moon were still in combat with the new celestial resident. Below, the planet Earth had suffered as well. It was not like Cybertron, whose metal structure could survive all but the cataclysm of civil war. Even now, a dead and dying husk of a planet moved far and beyond where last it had settled, was far together better off than the world built up around Unicron.

Where is Vivian? He had called out, crying against the passage of time and into the desperation that marched them forward. This was the end of the world and she was the key, the only one who could turn back the tide.

             She had saved them—
             She had saved him

             It was then that  she had  become one
             of those brave souls willing to risk it all;          ( did she look to the stars ? )
             he  owed  more  than  his  life  to  her,
Optimus Prime owed her his soul.

            So, he had come to her in this time when her words unraveled out of its tightly wound spiral of disjointed conscious thought. Perhaps her declaration of (some kind of) love had been a cry for help—

                                          He had cried out and she had come.

             ❝ Vivian.                                        His voice worth the weight of his soul.

            To her he bowed his titan frame && leant his face as close as he could towards her.

                 The heavens knew where a fallen angel.            I am here.

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How would the Yandere bots react to their s/o wanting to break up because their human thinks that they deserved to be with someone better then them?(as in the human thinks their not good enough for their bot) PS. please include Yandere!Optimus v//w//v

Hello anon, thank you for the request but at the time you sent this in and right now I’m not taking requests, but feel free to send these in once they’re open again! Also if you resend them in can you tell me what continuity you’d like, and which bots you want. (Only 4 bots at a time)

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。what is Optimus' alignment? has Optimus ever had to cross his own morals over the course of the war? how far would Optimus go to end the war? is there a limit to what he would do? does Optimus believe in "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"? if he was faced with a choice of sacrificing 10 000 lives to save 10 000 000 lives, what would he do?

Once again, it’ll be Tyran V. vs the TFP V. since there are some differences.

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im thinking of rooting my phone, but i cant find a source of instructions i feel comfortable with.

i mean, ive jailbroken things, but that process seems so much simpler, aka just download a push this button. now to root my android phone there are like cmd commands i need to know and like 10 things to download, SD card formatting to do, backing up to do,

ASDFGHJKL::::: ;A; i am so lost and confused and frustrated. im so frustrated with my phone having a TINY internal memory and my phone running on low memory even when i have an 8 GB SD card. im getting impatient and its sort of a catch 22.

if i could just expand the internal memory by partitioning WITHOUT rooting that would be great if at all possible.

;V:Wages Of War

continued from 


Optics widened immediately, now she remembered.

> [ Apologies, I’ve had an influx of contacts this cycle. ]

> [ Do you require something, Sir? ]

>[It is fine.]

Prime paused, unsure as to what the reasoning  he contacted her for was in the first place. Partly, to see if the frequency actually worked. He had not planned far enough ahead of time on what to say, should she answer. Optimus panicked slightly, as he struggled to find something to say…

>H-how are you? I-I hope that your transition to our base was smooth?] 

It had only been a day, for Primus sake…

Omg. my phone is sooooo stupid.

It alwasy sends messages to random people. I’m sitting here for an hour waiting on my  friend to reply and i look AND IT SENT TO SOMEONE I WASN’T EVEN TALKING TO.

 I’m annoyyeeeddddddddd 

I’m bout to fucking throw this thing against the wall.

King and Lionheart


::This isn’t how I pictured things to end. Between you and I, I envisioned…something more glorious. A fight to the death, one shall stand, one shall fall. But there is no more time for that. No more time for our petty civil war. Can we even still call it that? It felt more like a race for energon for thousands of years now. When was the last time you even lost a soldier? It doesn’t matter. I’m digressing. Maybe I’m even procrastinating. The point that needs to be made is this, Prime; our war is over. I have no more interest or time for the Autobots. The mines are yours, Earth is yours. Enjoy your filthy organic pets while you can, because there are enemies out there that are not as kind-sparked as I have been. 

You’ve been a worthy adversary, old friend. Ultimately, I wish you could have strayed from your morals for me. For what we used to have. On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect you to compromise your integrity, even if it is placed on the wrong side. I always did admire your strength of will. May we meet again within the Allspark, Orion.::

Optimus had never been much of a prophet, no matter what the religious sectors of the Autobots wanted to believe about him. Religion and Primus had its time and place, and while war had a way of bringing faith to the forefront, it’d always been a secondary concern to Optimus’ priorities - his people and his enemies. Optimus talked about peace extensively, because the hope for it was always nurtured in his spark, but… well…

How do you just stop with someone you’ve shared four million years of mutual loathing and love?

The message sounded something like defeat, and it was so foreign to Optimus that he had to read another five times to grasp what the cold letters meant. At first, he wondered if this was a new manner of tactic. An ambush? An armistice? Our war is over… how long had Optimus begged that they cease the senseless slaughter of their planet and their species, and how long had Megatron denied him?

The last few sentences sent a chord of sentiment through him, but Optimus was too well-versed with Megatron’s school of thought to let it cloud his judgment. Their clash was as immortal as Megatron himself proved to be. They were mecha of ideals; too stubborn and too visionary to settle for anything less. So why?

He followed the comm channel that the message came through on, and felt something acrid weigh in his tanks when it rang familiar. For a moment, he could almost remember standing between the shelves in the archive, sneaking glances at his comm, when he should’ve been working, for a new reply…

::Megatron, what is the meaning of this? What have you done?::

Asking if this was a surrender felt like too much. Megatron would never surrender - his spark hadn’t flared with the concept of it. Surrender was as foreign to him as cruelty was to Optimus.