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Gossip (one-shot)

Because I was thinking about how much I love Ratchet and June and would have loved to see more of their interactions in tfp. I mean really, they would have gotten along so well!

And a shout out to @lizwuzthere​ because we were both on the same wavelength of Ratchet and June gossiping and having girl talk, maybe especially about feelings and OP.

Title: Gossip

Series: Transformers Prime

Pairing: Ratchet & June friendship, with a side of Ratchet/Optimus Prime

Rating/Warnings: A very soft T I guess for discussion of bots being hot

These meetings had started innocently enough. Ratchet was beginning to understand that with the children running around the base and sneaking into the field far more often than they should, it would be worthwhile to at least gather some preliminary understanding of their anatomy and physiology. The idea that they had been hurt on his watch and he could do little for them rubbed his medic protocols the wrong way.

And Ratchet could only assume that for June it was much the same when she could only stand by and watch when he worked on the warriors. Her fingers would twitch and often she would ask if there was anything she could do to help.

“I’m sure I could get to hard to reach spots with these,” June had mentioned, waving one of her hands, and Ratchet could not deny that there were occasions that her tiny, precise fingers would be extremely helpful in more delicate procedures.

So they started to set up meetings to exchange their medicinal knowledge. 

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