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kaijulover142  asked:

Can you do (tfp) Optimus as an armored knight from the last guardian idk

I am so, so sorry for delaying the request for months. The animation project plus hand health condition had took my time away. 

But now since I am free from the school project, I decide to take time finishing the sketch today. I tried to make sure the armour and OP looks on-model and good. Hope you like it!

Also bonus OP + Ratch + Trico doodle:

(Larger Ver.)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a new follower, and I was wondering if I could see some headcanons of Tfp Ratchet, Optimus, Arcee, and Wheeljack on anesthetic or where they're kinda loopy? Idk thanks tho!

I hope this is okay! 

Transformers Prime

Ratchet is pretty much the same as he usually is, though he’s more lenient when he’s doped up on anaesthetic; he probably won’t throw things as much.

Optimus is also just about the same, but his speech slurs really easily. It gets pretty noticeable the longer he talks. 

Arcee probably jokes around a lot more, because she forgets where she is and that there’s a war going on.

Wheeljack is super forgetful. He’ll forget the names of things (and people), so just refers to them as ‘whatsits’ and ‘thingies’. It can get pretty hard to keep track of what he’s talking about.


Ok so as y'all can tell I’m not really active on here much and for that I’m really sorry. Buuuut I feel as if my inactivity is caused by a lack of inspiration and motivation to write actual stories so I’ve now changed the direction of my blog to…………..reader insert HEADCANONS!!! I find it way easier to write and execute headcanons than to write stories so that’s what I’m doing now!❤️❤️ as for the requests in my inbox I will try to flip them into headcanon thingys and if I can’t I’m really sorry but y'all can request headcanons now! I’m really sorry but I hope y'all stick with me,

Much Love, Me


TFA Stickers!

I’m done finally :’D These will be sold as stickers at our table at TFNation this year!

  • idw transformers 2013: hey we have a new concept for transformers its called.......*whispers* conjunx endura............
  • idw transformers 2017: we're making robot marriage a staple of this fucking comic franchise and hasbros not stopping us. get on the love train shitbags, we're inserting the existence of conjunxes and amicas as many times as we can before we run out of script.