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Hi, is it okay that I ask for a jealous TFP Optimus Prime?

Optimus Prime (TFP): For the most part he’d just sulk in the background for a while, not really wanting to inflame the situation. The second he got the time, though, he’d bring it up to you so that you could sort through it together like reasonable and responsible adults.

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fort max and TFA Optimus accidentally dropping their S/O? like maybe they were playing around and their S/O accidentally slipped from their hand?

Transformers: Mtmte/Animated

Fortress Maximus would yell, and try to catch you. He’d immediately set you down after making sure you were alright. It’ll take a lot of convincing to get him to pick you up again.

Optimus Prime makes a dive to catch you. He’d scold you for messing around, but is severely worried about you. He’d be more careful with holding you from now on.

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TFP! Optimus and TFP!Ratchet: their reaction when their human s/o got involved in a accident (be it cons or just a car accident) and ended up having a limb amputated (a leg or an arm)

Transformers Prime:

Both are so relieved that it wan’t worse. However, they both do feel immensely guilty whenever they see you afterwards, if they feel they were responsible.

Optimus feels a lot of responsibility, especially if it was to do with the ‘cons. He sends his regards through June, and when you get out of the hospital, he personally apologises to you. 

Ratchet is disappointed in himself for not being able to do anything about it, even if there was nothing he could do. He practically throws himself into his work until you get out of the hospital, and when you get out, he makes sure to help you as best he can.

The various Optimus Primes I've seen
  • IDW Optimus:somewhat out of touch robot dad, has no idea what's going on and makes poor life choices.
  • G1 Optimus:laid back young robot dad, probably secretly encourages his kids picking fights with Old Man Megatron next door.
  • Beast Wars Optimus:post-college student and his gang stranded on a weird planet with the neighbors from hades. Also sort of raising the group Kid Brother, Cheetor.
  • Transformers Cybertron Optimus:ok I was like 12, all I remember is basically "Oh for the love of Pete, what's Hot Shot gotten himself into now?"
  • TFA Optimus:"Wait what I'm a dad? When did this happen and why am I in charge of all these kids? I'm a kid too?"
  • TFP Optimus:Serious robot dad, has seen a lot of bad stuff and is not going to let any of it happen to you. Always ready with some good fatherly wisdom. Just don't threaten his charges in his presence.
  • RiD 2015 Optimus:older robot dad, kids all grown up and he's trying to let them do their own thing but old habits die hard.
  • Bayverse Optimus:"Hello, yes, I have spontaneously adopted an entire military squadron and a few jittery teenagers. Come near my kids and I'll literally tear your face off."
Attention TF Artists: Stolen Artwork being Printed!

I’m part of a group on FB for Tf collectors, and this lovely man is posting un-sourced, uncreditted art and printing it on Tshirts and selling it. Please check the following link and see if your art is on the group page, if it is, he claims he’s free to print and sell it and nothing is wrong with doing so. I tried confronting him, below is our conversation before he blocked me. He is advertising the group as a gallery to print for profit from.

The group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/831509700292908/
PLEASE check for your art, @larrydraws​ and many, many other tf artists have their art posted and unsourced here and he will print any of it.

The initial post:

The conversation [Part1, my gf confronts him]:

He knows he’s doing something wrong because he’s being evasive.

Part 2, I confront him:

And he has this lovely reply before blocking me:

The art on the two pictured tshirts are:

By Mike Chio and a cropped version of this comic cover:

Some of the other art on the fb page he manages [again see top link for the page]:

Now if you’ve read our conversations with him, he believes he has full right to any of the stolen art on this group to print it. PLEASE if you have art on that page make FB take it down.

I know for a fact that the Impactor by Larrydraws, posted here on tumblr, even has a link to where you can buy a tshirt of it and support them!