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Long over due, but I’m sort of sadden there wasn’t a fanfiction made around this episode. I mean, I’d like to see Orion reaction to seeing Warlord Ratchet in person. Yeah, yeah, I could write one, but useless it’s a one-shot, it’s just adding more problem in my reputations. :(

This is pretty light tone on the slash, but just my favoritism for this OTP. I just…LOVE them together.

Also, all the Prime stuff is always gonna be in rough form.

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Can I request some platonic TFP Optimus and Miko, OP needs friendship.

Here you can see the responsible dad teaching his child how to properly wield an axe so she doesn’t hurt herself, because her use of it is inevitable, best to teach her while he still can


Of all the… WHY Did I have to walk in to THIS???