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TFP Optimus, ratchet, Wheeljack, TFRID optimus, Fix-it, and Jazz (If you know about him?) Reacting to getting a valentines from a human or another robot (Mostly a femme)

i don’t know abt jazz, i still need to finish watching season 2 of RiD tbh

Transformers: Prime

Optimus would be…a little confused, and flustered, but he’d enjoy it regardless. He wouldn’t keep it on his person, but he’d definitely keep it in his private quarters, in case he needs a little pick-me-up. 

Ratchet is definitely flustered- but he accepts it nonetheless. He’s an old man, okay- and he has old ways. HE’S the one who’s supposed to give you things, not the other way around!!! He definitely keeps it hung up on his computer console.

Wheeljack is that one s/o who feels like he has to match whatever you got him, so expect something big, because whatever YOU give him means a lot. He keeps it on his person at all times, and loves it so much.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

Optimus would have the same reaction as his TFP self- because they’re the same person! Remember, this is a continuity of TFP. 

Fix-it thanks you PROFUSELY and insists on getting you something as well. He loves this so much. He loves you so much. Please don’t give him anything, if you’re planning on leaving any time soon. 

1: Pilot(ing a Knightship) - SoundCloud

So, me and @minimusminor have made a podcast, and here’s episode 1. Is it possible for two unqualified idiots to save the car crash that is Transformers: Age of Extinction? Your only choice is to listen to Elevator Storm and find out.

Loss of faith.

However, can it really be called loss of faith when Optimus was not a believer to begin with?

Optimus Prime has never been really religious. What also factors in is that when he took the Matrix, he had a very revealing experience. (Autocracy #9)

One of the main things that can escape people in Optimus’ dialogue as he takes the Matrix is that he doesn’t feel any higher precense. He feels every other Cybertronians, those on the planet and those who are at the lost colonies. He knows them all, their feelings, and can even pick up the individuals when they are one of the few that think differently and have hope searing through them.

It is with that clarity and perspective that Optimus decides to stop fighting in the name of a dying government and outdated ideals, and start fighting for a better tomorrow, for a better future.

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

That’s the first time he says that. Those are the ideals that he stand behind over and over again. He protects the Earth from the Decepticons despite the fact that Earth tried to destroy the Autobots and Decepticons alike.

And that’s the ideal he stands behind all the time. With the Matrix in him he knows everyone. And even for that, he never professes knowing of an higher power. He never calls out Primus or the Allspark.

And then it happens.

Megatron deals a near-fatal blow to Optimus Prime and tears the Matrix of Leadership out of him in triumph. As Optimus then risks what remains of his life to save the rest of the Autobots, he’s near death.

And Kup summarizes Optimus Prime’s position in the war.

And what role the Matrix has in the war as well. The war has evolved to the point where the “Wisdom” of the Matrix is taken as absolute and is one of the two points of cohesion among the Autobots.

And then Optimus Prime is fixed up by Kup’s orders, sacrificing their spaceship in the meantime only so that the Autobots will not fracture. He leads the Autobots in a battle with the Swarm, and then after an improbable rescue by Omega Surpreme, he and the Autobots make battle at the Megatron and the Decepticons back on Earth.

As near defeat, unseen sniper distracts Megatron by shooting him in the face, allowing Optimus to defeat Megatron handily. This is what Optimus says is the end of the four million year war. It wasn’t the wisdom from the Matrix, Megatron could be defeated even though he had the Matrix, there was no divine intervention, just a small organic using Cybertronian technology to merely distract Megatron so that Optimus could gather himself and deal the final blow in the war.

The rest of the war becomes mere skirmish as Optimus has to deal with the fact that he and the Autobots nearly made war on the humans while the Decepticons were nearly cannibalizing each other as Megatron’s disappearance as a leader hit them hard. There we saw what could have happened to the Autobots had Optimus expired.

And then we have Hot Rod.

Hot Rod has always been a believer. From Nyon, the home of the Acropolex which has a shrine to the Matrix of Leadership and the Knights of Cybertron.

And not once does his faith waver. He claims the Matrix from Starscream, only to be blasted away into space by Megatron.His injuries would have been fatal if the Matrix hadn’t bonded with him and acted as life support.

Even if he had bonded with the Matrix, he still returned it to Optimus Prime.

And he was the one who made Optimus Prime have faith.

What happens first is that Optimus asks Rodimus a question, if only to have a frame of reference.

Which is far from what Optimus expected, given that his own experience was vastly different.

Because if Optimus’ own interpretation of the pain was not right, given that Rodimus was not given the same “warning”, then why did it hurt?

Optimus has to face the fact that he’s not supposed to have Matrix Affinity. Which further cements the Matrix as a tool rather than a holy relic. Because if Optimus could carry it and still feel the whole of Cybertron and Cybertronians, then what is the Matrix really?

An object. A piece of technology.

Something that despite Rodimus’ urging and faith shouldn’t be able to restore Vector Sigma and Cybertron.

And Optimus takes the plunge regardless of that, given that they were all going to die anyway if it didn’t work. And he emerges whole, Vector Sigma and Cybertron not destroyed yet not unscathed as it appears as an alien world.

And the Matrix of Leadership, the Creation Matrix, split in two, inert. And a half of it then later destroyed.

Because which is more comfortable to believe? That you destroyed some ancient technology no one could understand, or you destroyed the last vestiges of the legacy of the past?