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Hi, vaifu! I just want to ask for. Can you do the TF reaction(Omg, it must be Bumblebee, Optimus, Drift, Hot Rod and Crosshairs) if their human try to hug them? :³

(Got it,(っ・∀・)っ)


  • If you try to hug him, he’d pick you up and hold you like a bby in his arm and hold you close.
  • Also head nuzzles as he plays a calm tune.


  • You’ll be in his hand when suddenly, you say something and he’ll lift you closer to him face.
  • Then you hug his face.
  • He’d smile and let out a chuckled, using the other hand to rub your back.


  • Thumb hugs.
  • And thumb cuddles.
  • Shaddup it’s cute.

Hot Rod

  • He loves to hold a smaller s/o in his hands, so you’re totally going to get a lot of him holding you close to his chest and hold you close to your face.
  • So, hugs and smooches are not only wanted but very much appreciated.


  • Look, he’d always kissing and cuddling you in his arms. 
  • So if you try to hug him, he’d be more than happy to let you do you.

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how about a overprotective tfp optimus prime,, like,,, you fall out of a tree on the second day you and prime became partners,,, and then you sprain your knee,, but once you're healed you try to go back out again :00

(So,,, like,,, you didn’t say whether Hc’s or a scenario and I give up so here are some hcs,,,)

  • On the second day when you break your leg he rushes you to the hospital and carries you in in his holomatter.
  • He’s almost visibly freaking out, but not by much, he’s mostly calm and his fear is greatly hidden by his urgency to get you where you need to be.
  • He visits every day that week to check on you, and then they let you out he’s become protective and keeps you on low ground, and does things he thinks may be dangerous for you to do.
  • Once you’re healed he asks you to promise him do watch out everything you do and not do dumb stuff.
  • And then you go back at it again and he’s like, ‘No! Bad Y/n!’
Random Headcanons for TFP

I can’t answer asks or work on commissions right now, but I can do this.

Ratchet has terrible handwriting, cybertronian or otherwise. It’s just really fast chicken scratch and most people can’t read it.

Bumblebee learned sign language from Raf because it seemed like fun.

Smokescreen was very clumsy as a sparkling and that can still be found now. Such as tripping over his own pedes when he’s walking or running into things around the base, does not translate into his fighting.

Optimus really loves learning the languages of Earth, without downloading them. So far is fluent in Spanish, French, and German and conversational in Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Bulkhead is afraid of picking up a brush and being artistic due to… Events.

Arcee might have been a dancer on Cybertron, specifically gypsy type dancing(please correct me I know this has a name I just don’t know it).

Ultra Magnus spends a lot of ‘free time’ after being told they’re a family watching family movies to understand.

Wheeljack really loves country music, specifically stuff with a fiddle in it. Absolutely wants to learn how to play the fiddle.

Knockout does a sort of vent that sounds like a snort when he laughs too hard, hates it and will be embarrassed for the next millennia.

Starscream watches model shows, like America’s Next Top Model and the like, even shows about making clothing. It’s the one thing he thinks humans are actually good at. Definitely where he learned to strut his stuff.

Breakdown really likes animals, all kinds. He knows he shouldn’t, but they’re so cute and small he can’t help it. Used to try and bring home random animals. Knockout had to stop him.

Soundwave, obviously, likes dubstep, but he secretly likes heavy metal like Black Sabbath. It’s a guilty pleasure. Would kill someone if they found out.

Megatron has the same interest in language as Optimus, but only learns to read them and comprehend speech. He has no interest in learning Earth languages.

Dreadwing likes Disney movies, especially Moana, strong warrior with strong loyalty to her people. If anyone found out he will kill them

Shockwave watches Bill Nye, not just the Science Guy show, but all the other stuff he puts out. Gets notified anytime something new appears from him and listens to it while working.


So the Bounty Bots cover is done! Took a little while because I wasn’t sure on the color scheme, but hopefully this holds up. 

I will say, I’m already got ideas for a second chapter for Bounty Bots if this first one goes well. Might involve some certain Decepticon warlords and Autobots jazzy bots, and maybe a swerve here to there. :)

Stay tuned.