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Do you think Yuuri and Yuri exercise together? Or are they to different, like Yuri does ballet for exercise and Yuuri does cardio? Or maybe Yuuri specifically avoids exercising with Yuri cause he gets to competitive? (this is so random I'm sorry)

It’s not random! I love this question, actually. 

They probably do both ballet and regular workouts to keep in competitive shape. It’s one of the reasons I’m so incredibly proud of Yuri in the beginning for losing all that weight and preparing his body for the season (and he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for it). I’m a lot like Yuri in that even when I was dancing competitively, I still had to work out in the gym at least three times a week because I gain weight extremely easily and, even when eating correctly, it’s hard to maintain. People like us (meaning me in real life and Yuri in the series) don’t have a choice if we need our bodies to be in optimum training/performance condition. Of course, I wasn’t at a level of dance equivalent to what his is in skating, but the principle’s the same.

Yurio likely does both as well. I can’t really speak for skaters, but a lot of professional dancers (not all) at least do light cardio, yoga/pilates, etc. a couple times a week on the side. I heard in an ice dancing pair’s interview that they went to the gym about three times a week outside of usual training while they were competing. I assume that’s fairly standard. I also strongly suspect Yurio does some kind of flexibility training (outside of his usual ballet training).

It’s highly possible they train together (or at least in the same place/at the same time) with Yuri being in Russia whether it’s intentional or not. It’s kind of fun to think about. 

dog days { hamilsquad x vet!reader }

this was based on this prompt from @herearlyleafsaflower

Hamilsquad where reader is a veterinarian? 

 thanks so much for your request! it was fun to write. 

i’m still accepting others too so don’t be afraid to drop one in my inbox. enjoy! <3 xx 

You hummed softly as you propped the dog up on the table and checked him out. You had always loved animals as a kid so being a vet was a lifelong dream of yours. You got to see all kinds of animals, even traveling to farms and other places to take care of the ones that were injured or sick. You’d worked hard to get where you were today and to have your own little store was a big achievement.

“She looks good.” You said, smiling at the little husky. She was a little jumpy, but what dog wasn’t? She looked excited to be here as she wagged her tail and stuck her tongue out. Huskies were always your favorite. They had the most dazzling eyes and energetic spirits.

You scratched behind the dog’s ears gently before slipping your stethoscope on and listening for the dog’s heartbeat. It was clear, strong, and steady–-music to your ears. Regular checkups were much more fun to you and this dog was in optimum condition. You checked his ears quickly and smiled when the dog sat back a little and tried to be still. “She’s well behaved too! Just the other day, -”

You were about to jump into a quick story about the crazy case you had yesterday but your assistant came in, looking around before landing her eyes on you. “Hi, Doctor. Here’s the records for Sunny and there’s someone out here for you.”

“Oh, okay.” You managed a smile, simply taking the clipboard from your assistant to hide your confusion. You looked back at the dog and his owners. “I’ll wrap this up. She’s in great health. Did she get all of her vaccines taken care of?”

The young couple in front of you nodded and you sighed happily. “Perfect. She’s good to go then.”

“Thank you so much, Doctor.”

“My pleasure! Bye, Sunny!” You said, laughing a little as the dog licked your cheek before hopping off of the little counter she was resting on. “I’ll walk you out.”

The couple followed you to the front of your office and left promptly, happy to walk their dog out and head home. The little bell rang as they left the store and you gave them a little wave goodbye. Then your eyes landed on one of your best friends that was sitting in one of the waiting chairs. You were used to seeing Hercules. Today, he was reading a magazine, looking like such a dork.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Hercules said excitedly, coming up to you and giving you a big hug. “I think I got your order right.”

He handed you a bag from your favorite restaurant and you smiled widely, peeking inside. The smell of your favorite dish filled the air and you couldn’t help but feel warm inside. 

“Aww, Herc. You could have just given me the lunch I packed. I just left it on the counter of your place.”

He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets. It was cute to see him get all shy. “I was out anyways. Did you, um, want to head over to our place to eat? Everyone’s there for once and it’s not too far.”

“Sure, yeah! We’re clear for the rest of the afternoon too. That sounds great.”

After you checked your schedule and announced you’d be leaving, you followed Hercules into his car and together, you made your way to the loft that they all shared. It was spacious, yet cozy, and you were greeted with the sight of the other three boys on the couch, eating happily together as some show was on. 

“(Y/N)’s here!” Hercules called as he shut the door behind you. The boys all looked up and quickly smiled at you. “Be on your best behavior!” 

He retreated to the kitchen and you stepped a little closer into the boys’ living room.

“Mon ange! Bonjour!” Lafayette said cheerfully, giving you a big smile and a small wave.

“Hey, love! How have you been?” John chorused, getting up to greet you. He hugged you tightly and you sighed happily, melting into his tender embrace. You lived for John’s hugs. They made everything right again.

“I’ve been good.” You buried your head into his chest as he rubbed your back. “How about you?" 

"Great, actually.”

“It’s been a while, yeah, (Y/N)?” Alex glanced over at you too and he squinted at what you were wearing. John had just pulled away when Alex had gotten up to get a closer look. Usually when you were with them you dressed casually–jeans and a t-shirt (possibly one of theirs) or were dressed up nicely when you went out with them. This outfit was new. He saw your scrubs and took notice of the white lab coat you had over them. Your little name tag is what made his eyes widen.

“When were you going to tell us you were a vet?!” Alex spoke up, coming to stand in front of you but still beside John. “(Y/N)!”

Hercules sounded like he was choking from the kitchen. 

“W-What?” You said, taken aback. You looked between the boys, unsure of their confused expression. Surely you had mentioned this before. You could have sworn that - 

“You’re a vet?!” John’s eyes widened next. “(Y/N), love! You never said anything about that!”

“I guess, it -”

“What’s going on?” Lafayette, who was still laying down on the couch, sat up slightly. He looked bewildered with his furrowed eyebrows and some curly hairs flying out of his bun.

“Did you know (y/n) was a vet?!” Alex turned quickly, looking to the Frenchmen in shock.

Lafayette’s eyes widened and he immediately burst out into a long line of French that made sense to only Alexander. Lafayette quickly rushed in front of you and saw the name of your storefront on your name tag. Your name was etched in neatly with your occupation written underneath clear as day.

“Mon ange! Why didn’t you say anything?! That’s magnifique!”

“I-I thought I told you all?” You said sheepishly. “Plus I always smell like dog when I come over after work.”

“You get paid to be with dogs all day.” John said in wonder almost, making you giggle.

“Not just dogs, Johnny.” 

“Even better.”

“The only dog we see at work is Jefferson, and he’s not even cute.” Alexander grumbled and Lafayette smacked his arm, making him wince. You couldn’t hold back your laughter. Hercules even chuckled from the kitchen. “What, Laf? I’m not lying.”

“He’s my friend too.” Lafayette mumbled, and Alex let out a soft apology. It was small and forced, but Lafayette appreciated it nonetheless.

“Anything else you’re hiding from us?” Hercules prompted from the kitchen after he cracked open a water bottle to drink. “Even though I was aware of this the whole time because I listen to my dearest friend.”

You blushed as the boys grumbled slightly. “It’s not our fault.” Alex pouted.

“But it is.” Hercules countered, enjoying how this was playing out.

“Seriously, how did we not know this?” John muttered, and then looked up at you for an answer. “We’re the worst!”

“No, no! Don’t say that!” You said quickly, trying to reassure John. “To be fair, Herc actually dropped me off at work one time when my car was having trouble that one time. That’s how he knew.”

The three let out soft oh’s or little nods of recognition. You smiled and they all did too, looking much more relieved.

“I guess it just slipped my mind.” You shrugged a little.

“Either way, we’re still super proud of you, honey.” Alex said, pulling you in for a tight hug. Soon you felt another pair of arms wrap around you and another and another. “Have you wanted to do this since you were a kid?”

You nodded, then realized the boys couldn’t see you do so from the center of the group hug. “Yeah, actually! Ever since I was little.”

“Let’s get a cake.” John whispered. “Better yet, let’s make one.”

“Non.” Lafayette said sounding exhausted, but still leaning against Hercules. Eventually, you all pulled away. Still, the warm and fuzzy feeling stayed with you, making you smile widely.

“This is worth celebrating!” Alex assured.

“Just lunch with you guys is fine. Honestly.” You giggled at their response.

“Speaking of which, you don’t have much longer of.” Hercules snickered.

“Thanks, Herc.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as he ruffled your hair.

“Can we come by your work place?” Lafayette asked sweetly and all of the boys nodded frantically. They were so cute. “Tomorrow … perhaps?” His tone was hopeful and kind. The other boys were quick to chime in as well.

“Washington doesn’t need us in, right?” Alexander mumbled to himself, trying to think of his schedule.

“Non. We are free. Herc, what about you?”

“All my orders for clients are taken care of.” Hercules said smoothly.

You bit your lip and looked at the boys who were pleading with you.

“You have to be quiet!” You insisted. “I wouldn’t go into Washington’s yelling and screaming right?!”

The boys nodded quickly. You shot John a glare as he snickered. He quickly straightened up, and you held back your smile.

“And we wouldn’t barge into Hercules’ shop while he’s working on his latest masterpiece, right?” You asked again. 

“Right.” Hercules said the loudest, and you smiled, unable to hold it back any longer.

“Okay, come by tomorrow then.” You grinned. “I’ll give you a little tour.”

Tomorrow came. The boys were on their best behavior as they were your “assistants” for the day. Alex let out “I’m so proud” like it was a mantra. John was excited to see all the dogs and the turtles especially. Laf wasn’t as much of an animal person, but he found the birds that you looked after to be especially beautiful, admiring them as they chirped and gazing at them as they landed close to him. Hercules practically blended in with the golden retrievers. You had a big group of those dogs come from the shelter that fell in love with the big guy.

To have small moments like these, you were grateful that they had found out.

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Could you please - pretty please - write a Germano fluff? (it doesn't have to be super fluffy though) Love ya and your stories

The Hidden Meaning

The only reason Ludwig doesn’t pop a blood vessel in his head is because Feli and Romeo decided to spill the beans to him about how Lovino shows affection. It made so much sense afterwords why the two brothers could be with and have pleasant interactions with Lovino for so long. Really though Ludwig thought they just didn’t listen to their elder brother but in the end they learned to see the depth of his insults.

“You fucking idiot wear a jacket,” Lovino throws a balled up sweater at Feli. It lands on his head and Feli peeks from the top with a laugh. Ludwig watches the interaction, trying to pick out the actual sincere concern beneath the harsh words. Feli just puts on the sweater and makes a silly face at Lovino, whose shoulders, surprisingly, relax and his entire stance becomes more at ease.

That is until he looks at Ludwig.

Ludwig actually freezes up. He’s always been on the receiving end of Lovino’s horrid insults and he’s tried to think back to them to see if there is any kind of concern laced inside. So far no luck. He waits patiently for Lovino’s judging look to subside, probably wondering what he’s doing at their house in the first place.

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Top Common Mistakes to Avoid While Growing Plants Indoors

Growing plants indoors can be the ideal way for those people with a green thumb but not enough free space to have a full-fledged garden. In fact, indoor gardening can be quite a productive endeavor for most people, especially in these days of rising awareness regarding the need of growing one’s own vegetables. This can help people in avoiding vegetables available in the market that come laden with harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, starting and maintaining an indoor garden is no mean feat, and a large percentage of people starting out commit a number of common mistakes. Even though these mistakes are quite common, it is essential to get to know each of them for the damage they can cause to the plants in both the short and long-term prospects.

The first mistake that any gardener can possibly make is not doing enough research regarding the plants they intend to grow and their specific requirements. Each of the plant types have some specific needs, as well as, growth conditions that the gardeners must be able to provide to them for their optimal growth. Growers must also perform adequate research regarding the growth techniques that yield the maximum result, and any other improvisations that can improve the profitability of their practice. Finally, growers need to provide the nutrients in the right quantity to grow the plants optimally.

One of the major constraints faced by the people practicing indoor gardening is the lack of adequate amount of natural light. Thus, it becomes essential to opt for grow lights that take the place of sun in proving adequate amount of light energy to the plants growing indoors. However, many growers fail to calculate accurately the number and power of such grow lights that they would require for their plants. This results in inadequate amount of light available to plants that leads to low yields. Growers must plan this with due care and use more light for plants with bushy growths.

Another common mistake that people make while growing plants indoors under LED grow lights is the addition the same amount of nutrients that they would while growing out in the open. Plants growing indoors under these grow lights typically require 30% less nutrients than in natural settings, and adding too much nutrients turns out to be counterproductive. Growers ought to find out about the exact nutrient requirements of the plants they intend to grow, and then calculate the amount that they need to add under the given growth conditions.

Indoor gardening also requires regular inspections of the health conditions of the plants to prevent outbreak of any diseases, and maintain growth rate. Growers often make the mistake of not giving enough focus to the need of daily checks of the plants. Since plants growing under LED lights experience lesser degree of evaporation, growers ought to check the water content in the soil regularly to avoid water accumulation and consequent damage to the roots. They should also check other parameters such as soil pH to keep the growth conditions optimum.

Finally, planning properly to ensure adequate provisions for the plants is essential to maintain the optimum growth conditions regardless of their growth.

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 7: Alpines and Mountains

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.

I apologize in advance that it has taken so long for this post, I recently got an awesome serving job that I have kind of dedicating myself to. Nonetheless, here it is! Sorry to keep you all waiting!

This Pokémon in our biomes post will be on alpines and mountains. I actually get this one requested fairly often, so I’m excited to finally have the chance to get this one rolling. However, this one is going to be particularly tricky because generally, alpines can be very cold and dry near the summit, with tons of snow, but as you ascend a mountain you tend to cross several types of biomes like steppes, forests, grasslands, etc. Usually alpines are considered at elevations of 10,000 feet or higher, and different mountain ranges have different climates and environments. For example, the Himalayan mountains are very cold because of it’s extremely high altitude, the Andes are a bit warmer because they are closer to the equator and have plenty of grassland space, and the Rockies have a very random weather pattern, but also a beautiful scenery with tons of coniferous forests. For all intensive purposes, I will be trying to focus mainly on the typical cold, rocky, sharp, thin air mountain ranges.

I was going to include caves in this post as well, but it wouldn’t necessarily make sense if there were caves, say, around the cliffs by a sea, or even at ground level at the side of a mountain, and I even guess a tunnel still technically is a cave. Ecologically speaking caves aren’t a whole biome, but I may have to make an exception because I doubt you’d see Zubats or Digletts way up in the Rockies. 

Let’s get started!

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Captive Prince - Discrepancies, Timeline Unknowns & Timeframes to Side-Eye

(This is probably the most critical I will be about this series, because it really is so perfect that even it’s blemishes are charming.)

I am a total Captive Prince fangirl and I fived starred all volumes in the series, but there are still some parts that make me go, “Hmmm …”. 

Know that SPOILERS abound before you click “Read More”.

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Ford Now Offering Focus RS Winter Wheel & Tire Package

Customers of Ford’s all-new all-wheel-drive 350-horsepower Focus RS will now be able to order a fully certified winter tire kit for snow driving enjoyment.

The Focus RS Winter Wheel & Tire Package offers customers a unique set of wheels and tires – the first time an original equipment manufacturer is making a check-the-box winter tire option available in North America.

Ford Performance developed this package so the most demanding Focus customers can be outfitted with optimum equipment for winter conditions. The challenge was that normal vehicle testing procedures require certification with production wheels and tires; winter-only standards had never been authored. To bring this package to owners, the first step they had to undertake was creating a new set of standards specifically suited for brutal winter conditions.

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If you were allowing Source Energy to pour through you in the abundant way that it would if you were not resisting it, you would experience utter Well-Being. Your physical body would be in optimum condition at all times. You would feel vital and alive and fueled, and eager. You would feel like those 2-year olds, who just can’t get enough of this wonderful stuff called physical life. You would feel the vitality that would carry you through all the days of your experience, compounding more in every day, because everything that you see, and every desire that is therefore born within you, causes a conclusion that summons the Life Force that is the eternal fuel.

Growing bananas in colder climates

If you, like me, live in a place where bananas are not grown widely because it’s to cold outside, i strongly advise you to buy one for inside. Dwarf cavendish is a good choice, but they do grow quite large. There is a super dwarf cavendish variety which will only reach 1.40 meters. If you like something different than the yellow fruit from the supermarket, you could also try Musa rubra/dwarf red which has red fruit and green-red leaves. If you live in banana country, you could also grow these of course, but i’d personally choose a higher growing variety.

I think it’s important that as many people in colder climates as possible start growing bananas, since tropical plantations are threatened by a fusarium fungus (Panama disease), which isn’t curable (yet, maybe GMO could change the game). By growing your own bananas, inside, in (very large) pots (or old bath or wheelie bin), you don’t risk loosing your plant. 

Since all seedless bananas (which the three mentioned above are) are clones of one plant (via the suckers) you won’t help banana cultivation by introducing more gene-diversity. For that you’ll have to sow banana seeds and hope and pray and hope more that one of the resulting plants produces seedless fruits. But do you have space for that? No you don’t. Unless you try Musa velutina, which also is very small (and can be grown inside in not such a big pot). And decorative too, with pink flowers and fruits. Musa sikkimensis (darjeeling banana) is an option too, because it can handle temps as low as -20 C (since Himalayas). It does grow very large though, up to 5 meters in optimum conditions. Above ground part dies from frost if not protected, but roots and rhizomes stay alive. Fruits are full of seeds too, but supposedly taste a bit like watermelon. Experiments like those won’t likely produce triploid or more-ploid plants with seedless fruits I think. But by all means try of course, you never know. The darjeeling one is very decorative for your garden too, and who wouldn’t like to spend summer evenings, days and morning under a banana tree?

On a personal note, i’d love to build a house one day. On the south side i would have a glass wall and roof. There will only be a ground floor in that part of the house, and no flooring whatsoever, only dirt. In this high, very bright and warm spot, i could grow a banana tree full size. Building a tropical greenhouse is also possible of course, but it will be more expensive. And who wouldn’t love to spend winter evenings, days and mornings under a very large, productive banana tree?

If the planting hole is large enough, i could also grow papaya there, and monstera, coffee, tea, strawberry guava, tomato, cinnamon, pepper… And i’m sure cats will love it too.

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Where do baby's come from?


“When a Mommy Dumb-ass and a Daddy Dumb-ass love eachother very much, or get drunk, or get bored, they perform an archaic mating ritual to summon a child to their presence.

This archaic ritual, when completed, leaves the Mommy Dumb-ass’s body in optimum condition to be the host of a vicious parasite, which grows into a human form.

These human parasites are incredibly vulnerable, so they must evacuate the female host body before it’s growing size it kills it. some do not succeed in doing so.

if they do succeed, the female host is hormonally hardwired to be unable to resist being influenced by it’s various noises into ‘caring for it’. the male may or may not be affected by this.

This horrible Parasite is what most would call a Baby.”