optimistic cynic

which one r u?

pessimist, sees the glass as half empty: capricorn, virgo, gemini, scorpio
optimist, sees the glass as half full: pisces, sagittarius, libra, aquarius
realist, knows it is just half a fucking glass: cancer, taurus, scorpio, leo, aries

We have every reason to be optimistic in this world. Tragedy is around, yes. Problems everywhere, yes. … You can’t, you don’t, build out of pessimism or cynicism. You look with optimism, work with faith, and things happen.
—  Gordon B. Hinckley
What Your LOK OTP Says About You:

Korrasami: Outgoing, forward and invested in your hobbies. You are so proud of your OTP and lets face it, you probably crack-shipped it back in book 1. Very very defensive of your precious canon lady ship, maybe even to the point where it can be off putting. But your fellow Korrasami friends will always have your back. You’re independent, hardheaded, and brash. Optimistic, but mildly cynical about society. You have to learn to pick your battles, but you are good at winning the ones you do.

Makorra: You hold a deep, seething sad hole inside of you after the finale that just can’t seem to be filled, though you try and try again with AMVs, fanfiction and fan-art. These two will probably be the literal death of you. Low-key emotional mess but you cover it pretty well with sarcasm. You believe that Mako and Korra need to be protected at all costs. You long for the days when book 1 was see-all end-all. A nostalgic piece of garbage with a great sense of loyalty, love, and humility.

Bopal: A real softie with a heart of steel. Your endless love for Bolin gives you a sense of peace when you realize he landed himself a quality lady. You’re warm and fun to be around, even if you have a bit of an emotional side. Generally a lovely person and a top-notch friend. Your relationships tend to look big picture rather than in the moment romance.

Kainora: You cheesy little shit, you. Nothing makes you smile more than seeing two people who are perfect for each other finding one another. You’re a sucker for good girl/scoundrel romances (Hello! Lady and the Tramp? Aladdin? Classics man!). You’re quiet and maybe a bit reserved around large groups but with your friends you’re quite the jokester!

Masami: You are drawn to the “love at first sight” AUs, even if you don’t really believe in it yourself. You’re a rare breed, but that just means that those of you who remain aboard the ship are loyal to a T! You’re pessimistic in love, but that doesn’t mean you’re bad with relationship. It just means, you’re more cautious. You don’t throw yourself at just anyone! Driven and passionate in your career.

Borra: Love that buds from a close friendship is your biggest relationship goal. You are drawn to people who are as hilarious and outgoing as you. Quite the romantic, you tend to fall for people easily. Your celebrity crush and you? You still totally have a shot! Never say never! You remain optimistic and loyal in your friendships. Like the big sister of your friend group. You’re a riot and a grand time, but you know your limits.

Bosami: Nothing hurts more than the sad, sick pain of seeing their beautiful friendship fade away as the books progressed. The end of book one opened so many doors for them that you saw mildly explored in book 2, but your dreams were smashed within a few episodes. However, you are still a strong believer that good people will find each other. You are very protective of your friends and family. You don’t actively seek romance, but if it finds you, you will go with it! You’re very open-minded and understanding.

Tahnorra/Amorra: Everything after book 1 was a lie.

Korroh/Irohsami: Like Tahnorra and Amorra, except you feel a little more betrayed. You are personally offended at the lack of Iroh in the later seasons. Professional and mild on the surface, but a super exciting person underneath. Tbh, you still have hope (maybe naively, but still).

Boleska: Book two was probably your favorite. You loved Eska and the idea of the Andy Dwyer/April Ludgate relationship between she and Bolin. You are sarcastic, a little childish, and you really enjoy balance. You’re a sucker for opposites attract relationships. The little brother of the fandom that everyone at least likes enough to admit it happened and maybe just look the other way, rather than hating on it.

Zhurrick: The only ship that really mattered in your opinion at the end of the series. Sure everyone else was nice, but THIS! You’d been waiting for their wedding, hell, just their confessions of love since book 2! You are optimistic, witty and tactical. A planner, but willing to throw that all away every now and then when the situation calls for spontaneity. The funky uncle in the friend group who everyone loves, but will just sit back and watch things go down. 

Wuko: All of that potential for a queer ship with depth, RUINED! You’re more than convinced that these two had romantic feelings for one another. You’re goofy, but well mannered when you need to be. Your friends can come to you for anything because you’re a great listener, although you would talk their ear off if they let you. Lucky you, both Mako and Wu ended the series single, so ship on! So much potential to explore!

Korpal: Like a more intense and sadder Bopal shipper.  

Korvira: A natural born leader. You are loud and in charge and full of energy, that is, when you feel motivated. When you lack motivation, you can be really lazy. You are ok with settling for Korrasami but your heart will always belong to Kuvira.

What your _____ OTP says about you series: [ATLA] [Harry Potter]

I am like a never ending box of paradoxes that I wish I could solve. I am insensitively sensitive, cynically idealistic, optimistically pessimistic, empathetically apathetic, judgementally open-minded, affectionately aloof and the list goes on and on. It is as though my existence is designed to know and understand everything, but at the expense of being unknown and misunderstood by everyone.
—  Submitted by soulsoftranscendence

Photographer @monotoomono would like to remain anonymous. The artist describes himself as “an optimistic cynic” and took this picture while traveling though parts of the American West, including Nevada and DeathValley, California. He calls this image ‘Mothers.’

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?“
"I can’t remember. Which?”
“Do you know what those words mean?”
“Not really.”
“An optimist is positive and hopeful. A pessimist is negative and cynical.”
“I’m an optimist.”
“Well, that’s good, because there’s no irrefutable evidence. There’s nothing that could convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced. But there is an abundance of clues that would give the wanting believer something to hold on to.
—  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
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Of early mornings and the impossibility of humanity.

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In the end we’re all alone.”  | “But the good news is: You’re not alone.

Person of Interest 1x03: Mission Creep | 4x11:  If-Then-Else

*The purple and white mech warched in mild amusement as his Autobot counterpart paced, not bothering to hide the fact that he was distressed about the situation at hand. Both mechs froze when they heard someone enter the room. The Autobot seemed to try and make himself seem smaller while the Decepticon immediately tried to make himself seem more intimidating.*

*Until he saw who it was. The con almost instantly dropped his false confidence and stepped back a bit in shock.*

the best thing about the deadpool movie, and I mean the best thing, is that despite being violent, dark, crude, and self aware, it nonetheless champions the value of real love in human relationships and the importance of a happy ending you can work for. It’s an staunchly optimistic movie, despite how cynical the protagonist is, and how can you not love that?