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E.P.A. Cancels Talk on Climate Change by Agency Scientists
Organizers of a Monday conference on the Narragansett Bay were told three E.P.A. scientists would not be allowed to present their work.
By Lisa Friedman

Translation: 1. Scientists were about to present their findings on the reality of Climate Change 2. The government shut it down before they could say a word.

Solarpunks, the time to act is ASAP. Be optimistic, be non-violent, be helpful, not hurtful, but be ACTIVE. You don’t have to build a solar panel array to save the world, you can write a solarpunk story, a solarpunk essay, or even just tell someone about the movement.

Remember, people would rather think about climate change in a *fun* way than a *serious* way. Why do you think there are toy’s at the doctor’s office? Kids aren’t creeped out when they’re having fun. Same thing applies here… don’t freak people out with words like “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” and “Save the Planet”—just say “Solarpunk” and “Story” and “Game” and “Activities”—make it fantastic and whimsical, because anything serious will just be shut down by the government.