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anonymous asked:

Sopheriel is a revolution coming soon? I prayed to the universe [before being interrupted, I'm trying again today] abt helping me. I want to finally make this world good, but will i be enough? Will it even happen? Also i can tell you what I'm standing for if you or your followers like ☆☆☆

No idea! I like to think there’s always a revolution, since every time one person learns more about themselves and the world, there is the potential for great change. It’s a humble sort of revolution, but it can be impactful nonetheless. 

I can say with certainty that you are enough to help this world. You are empowered infinitely, capable of doing the things you are best at. If you live your life with love and the intention to helps others, you can and will make a difference. Even without knowing what you’re standing for (which you’re welcome to share), if it is something that can benefit people, it will! 

I think these three blogs will help you out too: they’re all about how to make an impact as one single person. :) 

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I only need another $485 to reach the halfway mark on my service dog fundraiser. :D I’d be so grateful if you can help out here!