good things

- booked an appointment for my friend and i to get eyelash extensions in the city next weekend
- also booked an appointment to get my hair coloured next week
- psyched myself up and i think im almost emotionally ready to go for my drivers license 
- feeling really inspired to do some sewing/creating this weekend
- my friend and i have made plans to go for lunch at one of the nicest wineries nearby
-  think im going to start packing my things for moving after dinner tonight (bittersweet)
- my online shopping from romwe and gorman is on its way! 
- turns out my work contract got extended to the end of next week wooo


Seems to be optimistic but is really pessimistic: Aries; Gemini; Sagittarius

Seems to be pessimistic but is optimistic: Taurus; Cancer; Aquarius

Optimistic: Leo; Libra; Pisces

Pessimistic: Virgo; Scorpio; Capricorn

You can tell when people are truly happy. Their energy is genuine.
—  Alex Elle (via Smile, Sugar.)