In the 1950s, Isaac Asimov wrote several stories featuring MULTIVAC, a huge computer the size of a building, city block, or even entire city, that answers questions and keeps society running in an optimal fashion.

Hi vision of underground facilities filled with endless corridors of vacuum tubes and operators typing incomprehensible commands into terminals began to feel somewhat quaint in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when the microcomputer revolution was in full swing. We had a PC on every desktop! Computing was decentralised, and computers themselves were tiny! Asimov’s inability to predict the semiconductor revolution had rendered his stories anachronistic!

But I guess he had the last laugh:

Thoughts on Personal,Social and Universal signs

One thing often forgotten about the 3 sign groups :

Individuality (Aries,Taurus,Gemini,Cancer) 

This group contains self directed individuals, relentlessly seeking happiness to broaden their perspectives and inner world. This is a quest of joy and satisfaction, and as the group contains two cardinal signs ,they have a strong energy and are self starters. Whereas the present leaders thrive here : Aries,who works through their eternal individual fire,and burns bright and young and hopeful on their conquests,dictating for themselves where they will to go and do and bringing their own spirit into it all,Cancer,who may be timid and private but will not shy away from building their inner world and private circle and choosing for themselves their safe havens,not who and what they provide for and nurture , the other two (Gemini and Taurus) are also joy seekers in hopes to create lives worthy of living for themselves on a more personal level. Gemini can be ever changing, but they jump curiously in the realm of the mind to exhaust the knowledge they can get so that they can reach great points of interest, so that they have the element of choice, the beauty of personal freedom. And Taurus, finds their niche through comfort and solidity, but not merely for comfort’s sake,but for the beauty of security,of that which lasts and that they themselves have found and built upon, and as this sign may navigate the world of the senses,they still have an iron will,and relish only in the comfort of their choice, and hold their values to such high regard,at times with sanctity,for they apply great meaning to worth,and conversely ,to self-worth.

These people have a great use of the self,of will and direction.

Purity (Leo,Virgo,Libra,Scorpio) 

This group has a strong energy, and much fixity of purpose, as those here define themselves now in comparison to individual will,by placing the emphasis on who they are in relation to others. This is a quest for strength and complementarity. Whereas two fixed signs exist in this group, one being the great burning Fixed Fire (Leo) and the other the mysterious Fixed Water (Scorpio), there is a certain power to them, an ever-flowing energy that bleeds through in them. Leo,with it’s passionate core ,perfectly represents what it means to shine, the fixed fire is eternal fire,it is pure and bright and they embody the creative process through the self, but so their light is bright and it must be witnessed,and they do their best performing and putting forth that light,through their passionate will and dramatic flair,or through their generous streak and dedication. The other fixed sign here,Scorpio, holds the sacred water within, the feelings that usually flow are kept here,and inside them flows emotion of immersing depths. Their purity is found in that depth,in their willingness to create profound connections and bonds, in the values they share and the process of reinventing themselves on the basis of shared values,or helping to transform and impact others.Their resourcefulness comes from here, and their deep will is to move and be moved at a soul level. The other two,manifest this purity and fixity in other ways. Virgo, through their desire to purify themselves and their environment, takes a clinical eye to all they see, scrutinizing all which meets them relentlessly, and applying themselves in dedication to their purpose. Theirs is a purity through particularity,through a sort of natural vision,where they find the best course of action instinctively,and seek to get the world around to comply,a quiet force that changes life in small,sure steps,after applying mind over matter. And in the sign of Libra there is purity of the mind. Venus of Air is lighthearted,and these individuals seek to bring pleasantry to all their contacts, harmony reigns, yet their purity and strength lies exactly in that harmony. They never cease to apply themselves to reach equilibrium,and that makes them artisans in the world of ideas and in merging the beauty they see and hold in the head, with the minds and hearts of others. 

These 4 have a great use of power,analysis and contribution

Wisdom (Sagittarius,Capricorn,Aquarius,Pisces)

The last four have a universal sort of quality, moving up from defining the self,and the self in the group,they seek to have a contact between the self and the world. With two mutable signs, they’re wanderers in a sense, and reflection may rule them, as they seek to understand and impact change in the world. Mutable fire,in Sagittarius,is a wanderer in the spirit. They know will and they seek that will wherever they go, and their knowledge gained through experience is an attempt to bring them closer to the whole,to truth and a grand vision of life. The expansiveness of Jupiter gives the vision and optimism here to seek and teach from their findings. Wisdom here comes in seeking,in applying will to establish the contact between the self and the whole, and to cultivate a heart of joys and stories. Mutable Water, in Pisces, has perhaps a most challenging but spiritually enhancing type of wisdom, that of letting go. Their wisdom shows in knowing that as much of your self that you let go,much more of the world you can take in and feel. Through their flowing, widely imaginative nature,they establish contact with the world and the divine by letting it touch them,and affect them,and by mirroring that,they can become all they need to be, and can feel through their subtler perceptions, the heartbeat of the world. The wisdom of the other two, is one of legacy and freedom.In Capricorn the lessons learnt are time, how to respect,utilize and treasure the world and the whole,and their wisdom lies in their realism at best, where they have the inner spark needed to work tirelessly, to build things that last pass the test of time and leave a legacy. It is not easy to look at the reality of things ,accept that however gruesome it may be,and find the power to change it from within,and yet here lies the wisdom in this sign. They secretly hold a great love of life as well, for this acceptance yet ambition to better the world,also reflects in themselves,and the older this sign may get,the more they will have mastered acceptance and their need to provide,and their inner heart will come out. In Aquarius,wisdom is not only acceptance,but freedom. They see the structures of the world,perhaps too well understand how things are, and as such they also see beyond that,into more idealistic and grander visions where the differences between things and people are the norm instead, which triggers their rebellious spark,the strength needed to push their vision into the world so they can be innovative,at the cost of eccentricity . From seeing that knowledge,they want to share,and their wisdom comes in breaking pattern, and in knowing not only how things are,but being a constant example of how they could be,how they might be, their wisdom lies here and in bringing novelty and change to the world,through themselves,directly from their vision. And in this contact and their mental prowess, they establish their place in the whole, from above the structures they are embedded into,yet tirelessly bridging others to the divine.

These  4 have a great use of vision, structure and freedom


The 10 and 3 are separate now, tarot anyone?

3 - The Empress

  • Fulfillment, contentment, ideas, creative impulses, the intellect, giving, sharing, compromise, beauty, love, compassion, the Arts, passion, nature, material creation, maturity, sensuality, growth, prosperity, fertility, satisfaction, joy, happiness, beauty, relationships, children, marriage, creativity, abundance, Mother Earth. 

10 - Wheel of Fortune

  • Chance, optimism, fate, destiny, irony, visions of the whole, adaptation, change of fortune, chance, new beginnings, protection, success, elevation, luck, the wheel is always turning, unexpected change, good fortune and becoming master of one’s own destiny. 

sagittarius are like a candle flickering in the dark, a bright flame of optimism, vision, joy, laughter and creativity. they burn brightly with the light of wisdom and know much of this relates to never taking life too seriously. their ability to giggle with the world around them gives them a one on one intimacy with the god they intellectually look for