optik tv

Good Riddance, Shaw!

Everything has pro and cons. For example, a three-year contract with a cable company can be a prison. If it completely sucks, you’re stuck for three years. Even the discount you  got for those three years can’t offset the fact that you got a bad deal.

However, a three-year contract can mean security. Say, a certain cable company promises that it won’t keep you on for three years if you don’t want to. No contract, no hassles. But after your one-year discounted promo expires, you’ll pay the regular monthly price plus the cost of all your add-ons. In our case, it was more than twice what we expected. If we had a three-year contract, we’d know how much we’re paying after the promo period is up. No surprises, unless we change something.

So goodbye, Shaw (and Shaw On Demand)! And hello, Telus Optik TV! 

Plus… I’M GETTING MY OWN HD PVR!!! And we might get an XBox!