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weird movie masterpost pt. 1

House (1977) - a girl brings her friends to visit her aunt and it doesn’t go well with really beautiful special effects

Fantastic Planet (1973) - a human enslaved by aliens sets forth a revolution in this strange animated film

An Optical Poem (1938) - no plot? no problem! just some super trippy circles to classical music

Begotten (1991) - not for the faint of heart or the strong of heart proceed with caution 

Un Chien Andalou (1929) - a classic surrealist film written by one the kings of weird salvador dalì  

Les Escargots (1965) - starts out with a pretty basic plot but then takes a weird turn

Les Dents du Singe (1960) - this animated feature follows a man who sells his teeth to a corrupt dentist

Suspiria (1977) - an american at a prestigious german ballet school notices strange behavior in its staff with an awesome soundtrack

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Planetary Retrogrades

“The term refers to planets, as they appear from Earth, to stop briefly and reverse direction at certain times though in reality, of course, we now understand that they perpetually orbit in the same uniform direction.”

🌕Having one or several planets in retrograde in your natal chart means that the planet(s) in question was making an apparent backward motion the day you were born.  All the planets in our solar system revolves around the sun and when passing planets move in different speeds an optical illusion occurs that makes the slower planet seem as it is making an backward motion. 🎆

🌌Planetary retrogrades happens when the earth is orbiting around the sun in a faster speed than other planets and “catches up to another planet” which makes the planet as seen from earth as if it’s spinning in the opposite direction. Retrograde then stops when the earth finally passes the planet and this makes the planet become direct or also known as prograde again.🌏 

It’s almost like when your siting in a train that is standing still and the train next to you is moving forward and you get the sensation that your train is moving backwards. 🚈 Retrograde is an optical illusion, the planet isn’t actually moving backwards! 🔎

The outer planets of our solar system are in retrogrades for longer periods because they orbit at a slower than the the inner planets that move much faster and therefore have shorter retrograde periods. The retrograde also has a “shadow period” which is the awkward adjustment of the retrograde planet to apparent backward and forward motion. This means that the weeks before a planet goes in retrograde you can already start to feel its effects sneaking up on you. 

For example

♂Mars takes almost 2 years to orbit the Sun☀️ while it takes Earth🌏 only 1 year. This means that during the Earth’s orbit it is bound to catch up to the slower moving Mars. When this happens Mars appears to slow down and then starting to move in the opposite direction. When the Earth finally passes Mars it slows down again and starts moving back in it’s normal direction.  

Retrogrades in a person’s natal chart makes the energy of a planet directed inward and can sometimes make it hard for a person to express its energy outwards or the energy of the planet can become exaggerated. The person usually thinks more deeply about the planet’s energy and which explain why it can take time for people to express these energies. 🤔 

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These are the famous KECK telescopes, the largest optical telescopes on the planet, and they are built with mirrors.

While telescopes originally relied on glass to do their magic, big lenses are hard to support and they introduce distortions in the light. So to extend our vision, mirrors were eventually introduced.

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