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“Post five random facts about yourself and message ten of your favourite followers this!”

This is a cruel (cruel) task that artisinmyheart has asked me to perform and one made problematic by the lingering feeling that I should at least attempt to be marginally interesting.

Considering that I have spent the past three years consistently oversharing on this site, I am at the point where I am scraping the bottom of the new-fact barrel – having said that, I have racked my mind and come up with the following;

  1. Despite the fact I have spent the past 27 years doing my best to keep good old solid ground under my feet, I can still sail boats (dinghies, and other small vessels, true, but still - boats), kayak passably well (as in I’m not likely to actively drown) and ride horses (though admittedly it has been a while on this front – I fear any attempt to give it a go once more would result in a) falling off the horse, b) being kicked in the extremities by the horse, or c) both). The joys of growing up in the New Forest.
  2. I can strum together a few chords on the guitar, and spent one fateful New Year’s Eve seven years ago on a stage, somewhat wobbly from vine, playing an enthusiastic rendition of Sweet Home Alabama – the audience was an eclectic mix of equally wobbly souls who were not averse to belting out the chorus with gusto - to my hazy memory it seems to have gone down well.
  3. I have the aspiration to one day travel up towards Bjorkliden in northern Sweden to see the Northern Lights. It would be a special thing.
  4. Four years ago I caught a patch of black ice whilst driving to work, successfully lost control of my vehicle and crashed with some force into the back of a parked van (which thankfully was unoccupied at the time) ricocheting off it and skidding into some metal railings. The road I was on tops a fairly steep cliff. Thank the gods for roadside railings and seat belts, tumblr friends. Needless to say, I get a little edgy when driving in snow these days.
  5. For the past five years I’ve made a point of watching the sunset on winter solstice (21st December), normally spending an hour or so watching the light fade. I have several favourite viewpoints, and try to make sure I have a flask of something warming on my person (due to it being bloody freezing more often than not).  No idea why I started doing this, but it is a thing and small personal traditions are worth the remembering.  

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optickitty replied to your post: ヤンキー座り天狗。[Tengu sitting delinquent-sty…

!!! lol ahahahaha!

I also can imitate the bosozoku or yakuza angry way of talking (or threatening) which never fails to make my japanese friends laugh. “How come you know that?” (A:北野武の映画のせいです!) “it’s like in movies!" (A:剣道のおかげで、僕は原から話すことができる!)