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8.8 and boe farm is looking very much the summer-to-fall garden lately.

- our current harvest basket looks like a cornucopia, ushering in autumn; every harvest is better with flowers, don’t you think?

- the mexican oregano is thriving in boe, after moving from foe; the garlic chives is sprinting for fall; 

- this new chrysanthemum family addition is an insect repellent; we keep meaning to make a soap out of the dried leaves;

- as usual, we have more lovage than an entire village needs, but are happy this fat caterpillar has found a comfy hammock;

- the rattlesnake beans are having a rave;

- the huacatay and the lemon verbena are both flowering, sending out tiny, delicate blossoms;

- pierre is siring offsprings at a steady pace;

- our first japanese cucumber, grown in san francisco!  look optickitty!

- and the italian broccolis are poking up their heads.

the feeling i get when i’m in the garden is incomparable.  the scent of the tomato and zucchini leaves, the lemon verbena when i rub against them, the fresh greenness of the favas.  i feel so alive and grateful.

be well good people!


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