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Bumblebee (Bayverse)

He has heard of the words, he has seen them, seen them all over the internet and on signs that decorated Earth’s streets in a thousand different languages. But never has Bumblebee heard them been spoken. 

When the scout settles in front of you in the cool grass, bringing his face to yours and nudging you while he hums his happiness, he had learned to expect you to show some kind of affection to him right then and there. The first few times you’d ever done that had been a surprise to him. He wasn’t sure how to react to your touch, no one has ever stroked his faceplates like that before. But like everything else on this planet, Bumblebee had grown accustomed to it.  

Now, he focused his optics on you– your smile, your bright eyes, your warm hand reaching out to rub his plating– Bee had leaned into your palm, buzzing in low, happy tones while you stroked your thumb alongside the angular components of his jawline. His thin finials flickered upwards from the top of his helm and shuddered where they stood, giving away just how much Bee enjoyed your movements, your presence, you, and it was amazing to the huge bot that he could feel this way about you at all. 

Minutes passed in blissful silence and you both knew he could fall into recharge right where he sat, but he also knew you couldn’t be bothered to stop touching him. The loving look and a pat on the side of his helm proved him right, and Bumblebee lowered himself down a little bit more to your level. He had his forearms rested on the ground at your feet and his legs began to straighten out behind him, slowly but effectively laying him down on the ground without a noise. He didn’t want to miss a single word you said, even if you hadn’t spoken at all to this point.

Bumblebee watched as you took off your jacket and laid it down on the grass to sit on, scooting forwards a bit so Bee would be able to rest is head in your lap had he come down closer. 

The Autobot did not disappoint. He rolled over onto his back and delicately laid his head in the dip of your lap, beeping and whirring as you massaged wiring and transformation seams hidden under armour plating. You had been chilly when you first took your coat off, but Bee’s body and head radiated heat like… Well, like a machine.You were willing to sacrifice your warmth anyways if it meant you could cuddle the bot like this more comfortably. 

The night continued as slowly and delicately as you two could have expected; Bumblebee had his optics closed, a steady vibration escaping his damaged vocaliser as you massaged him. Two large yet delicate hands came up over his head to wrap around your back, supporting your body as you relaxed into his heated servos. A single finger was massaging your back– a silent thanks, comfort, and repay all wrapped up in one gesture.

Your routines with this incredibly responsive being were kept nearly constant. Things would change here and there, but it would all play out the same way in the end: you two relaxing against each other, wordlessly telling the other that you’d never leave them, even if someday you both knew that you might have to.

Worlds apart, and yet you’ve never been closer.

Bumblebee had expected all of this. What he didn’t expect, was for you to drop a gentle kiss on the Autobot symbol on his forehelm, pat his faceplates and whisper a nearly-silent “I love you, Bumblebee…” against his heated plating. 

It it weren’t for the hypersensitive audial receptors that his race was born with, he may not have ever heard you speak. But he did, loud and clear, and his movements halted before he snapped his optics open and gazed at you. His optical ridges were pointed upwards and his optic discs were blown huge, his own excited, silent expression of “Really? Do you mean that?” 

A vibrating whir that sounded like quiet helicopter blades came from his throat as he stared at you with so much love it felt like he was surrounding you, and when you smiled down at him, he released a series of beeps and clicks that made his own sentiment clear as day. You breathed out an excited laugh and moved out from under him, only to lay against his chest and hug around his warm neck. Servos came up and cradled you against him, never willing to let go and he repeated the sounds, over and over.

I love you, too.