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Mooooore headcanon time! First run at all the de Rolo kids I had in mind. Five is a nice number, so that’s what we’re rolling with: older twins, a solo kid, and younger twins.

The older twins look put together, but they trained with Uncle Grog and Aunt Pike and can fist fight like no other. They actually like the diplomacy bit of being a noble in Whitestone, and they have FUN with it. It sometimes takes years for visitors to realize that the eldest child isn’t singular, because the oldest twins swap out. They take great pains to never be in the same room together when someone has come to call, revealing themselves at large parties to greet the confused guests.

The middle child is the one who drives the construction of a proper rookery, and when she’s older, an optical telegraph system that can spread across Tal’Dorei. She never could get the hang of magic, and she hates relying on others to do things that she can certainly find ways to do herself. The quietest and most reclusive of the kids, she tends to talk to the ravens and Trinket more than others.

The youngest twins are rangers through and through, but more adept at climbing and running across the walls and rooftops of a city than a forest. They court the idea of an animal companion, but at most, they have one for a few months to a year or two before letting the animal return to the forest. More of a… learning program about humans, than an actual companion like their mother and Trinket. They’re a bit frustrated that they need glasses and their older siblings do not, at least until they built they’re own spectacles with magnifying properties and can see for miles and miles when on the roof of the castle.

First version thoughts at least. We’ll see where I take them once I refresh my memory from the campaign guide and such. I’m rubbish at names, but the middle child is Evelyn and I’ve thought about her WAY too much already.

New Research Heading to Earth’s Orbiting Laboratory

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…dragon? A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is set to launch into orbit atop the Falcon 9 rocket toward the International Space Station for its 12th commercial resupply (CRS-12) mission August 14 from our Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

It won’t breathe fire, but it will carry science that studies cosmic rays, protein crystal growth, bioengineered lung tissue.

Here are some highlights of research that will be delivered:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ISS-CREAM! 

Cosmic Rays, Energetics and Mass, that is! Cosmic rays reach Earth from far outside the solar system with energies well beyond what man-made accelerators can achieve. The Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass (ISS-CREAM) instrument measures the charges of cosmic rays ranging from hydrogen to iron nuclei. Cosmic rays are pieces of atoms that move through space at nearly the speed of light

The data collected from the instrument will help address fundamental science questions such as:

  • Do supernovae supply the bulk of cosmic rays?
  • What is the history of cosmic rays in the galaxy?
  • Can the energy spectra of cosmic rays result from a single mechanism?

ISS-CREAM’s three-year mission will help the scientific community to build a stronger understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe.

Space-grown crystals aid in understanding of Parkinson’s disease

The microgravity environment of the space station allows protein crystals to grow larger and in more perfect shapes than earth-grown crystals, allowing them to be better analyzed on Earth. 

Developed by the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Anatrace and Com-Pac International, the Crystallization of Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) under Microgravity Conditions (CASIS PCG 7) investigation will utilize the orbiting laboratory’s microgravity environment to grow larger versions of this important protein, implicated in Parkinson’s disease.

Defining the exact shape and morphology of LRRK2 would help scientists to better understand the pathology of Parkinson’s and could aid in the development of therapies against this target.

Mice Help Us Keep an Eye on Long-term Health Impacts of Spaceflight

Our eyes have a whole network of blood vessels, like the ones in the image below, in the retina—the back part of the eye that transforms light into information for your brain. We are sending mice to the space station (RR-9) to study how the fluids that move through these vessels shift their flow in microgravity, which can lead to impaired vision in astronauts.

By looking at how spaceflight affects not only the eyes, but other parts of the body such as joints, like hips and knees, in mice over a short period of time, we can develop countermeasures to protect astronauts over longer periods of space exploration, and help humans with visual impairments or arthritis on Earth.

Telescope-hosting nanosatellite tests new concept

The Kestrel Eye (NanoRacks-KE IIM) investigation is a microsatellite carrying an optical imaging system payload, including an off-the-shelf telescope. This investigation validates the concept of using microsatellites in low-Earth orbit to support critical operations, such as providing lower-cost Earth imagery in time-sensitive situations, such as tracking severe weather and detecting natural disasters.

Sponsored by the ISS National Laboratory, the overall mission goal for this investigation is to demonstrate that small satellites are viable platforms for providing critical path support to operations and hosting advanced payloads.

Growth of lung tissue in space could provide information about diseases

The Effect of Microgravity on Stem Cell Mediated Recellularization (Lung Tissue) uses the microgravity environment of space to test strategies for growing new lung tissue. The cells are grown in a specialized framework that supplies them with critical growth factors so that scientists can observe how gravity affects growth and specialization as cells become new lung tissue.

The goal of this investigation is to produce bioengineered human lung tissue that can be used as a predictive model of human responses allowing for the study of lung development, lung physiology or disease pathology.

These crazy-cool investigations and others launching aboard the next SpaceX #Dragon cargo spacecraft on August 14. They will join many other investigations currently happening aboard the space station. Follow @ISS_Research on Twitter for more information about the science happening on 250 miles above Earth on the space station.  

Watch the launch live HERE starting at 12:20 p.m. EDT on Monday, Aug. 14!

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com


Frank G. Johnson. Solar System, Celestial and Terrestrial Latitude, The Ecliptic, Spring and Neap Tides, The Moon’s Path Around the Sun, Saturn’s Rings, Intensity of Light at Different Distances, The Optics of Plane Mirrors, The Orbit of the Sun, Method of Adjusting the Pupil or Aperture of the Eye. Johnson’s Natural Philosophy, and Key to Philosophical Charts. 1872.


Crystal clear night sky above Mauna kea Observatory, on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of the world’s best spots for astronomical observations, it is also the most sacred land for the native nation. At 4205m (13800ft) it is the highest point on the entire Pacific Ocean. In fact the dormant volcano is 10,200 meters tall when measured from base (in the ocean) to peak! While the peak is a popular destination for tourists sunrise to sunset, it is closed to visitors at night due to safety (high altitude hazards) and the disturbance of car lights on the telescopes. The stargazing fans and astro-tourists enjoy the night from the more temperate altitude of the visitor center at 3000m (9000ft). In fact we see more stars from this level compared to the peak due to increased oxygen level! In this #timelapse the Milky Way’s galactic core in Sagittarius sets above one of the twin Keck telescopes (each with a 10m mirror), operating a strong yellow laser for its adaptive optics system which removes the atmospheric turbulence from the image. On the right is the 8-meter Japanese Subaru telescope. In the second half of the video the moon rises in the sky. Follow me @babaktafreshi for more of the world’s starry nights. 


Obzor 1P63 Tactical Combat Scope w/ Solar Dual White/Green Multipurpose Reticle, AK/AKM Mount. This is the newest collimator made for the Kalashnikov. Representing a new generation of Russian optics production, it is already being used by elite units in Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD): police, Spetznaz Special Forces, OMON, etc. Such units aren’t going to use anything but the best. The Kashtan and the Obzor are use leading edge technologies developed by the NPZ factory. The scope reticle changes its shape in response to light conditions so you literally have three different reticles for daylight, twilight and night conditions. It also has a lever activated tinted lens filter that gives great reticle clarity in bright light conditions, it is a very cool feature and makes this collimator one of our favorites. It not only fills the role of the traditional CQB short range/fast acquisition sight, but also has unique features designed specifically for longer range combat shooting. The reticle and scope ability is geared for a single shot kill on an AK-74N at 400-700 meters. It’s fully coated prismatic lens system provides a remarkable, high contrast, wide angle field of view allowing for fast acquisition of moving and spaced targets. The advanced battery-free, illuminated white&green reticle allows the Obzor be used in ANY conditions. You have an unlimited field of view and maximum ability to register incoming targets. The precision optic system combined with the striking field of view produced by the high quality lens system provides far superior accuracy at distances exceeding those capable with iron sights. The scope has very accurate windage and elevation adjustments in small increments (every turret’ click moves POI by 3 cm at 100 m). The special protective lens coatings protect the scope from scratching and fouling in the extreme battlefield conditions where it was designed to operate. A light-dividing mechanical and coating system produces exceptional dual visualization of the target and reticle at the same time so you see both in high resolution for better targeting.

Vittoria Mentasti, Above Gaza:

Near Peta Tikvah, Israel

An optical payload is pointed out a window as it undergoes calibration at a factory belonging to Controp, an Israeli company that specialises in optics and camera systems used by drones.


So I’ve been working on a Blitzbee/Bumbleblitz fanfiction for @herzspalter (That was also totally inspired by both her and @blitzy-blitzwing) because first off, she’s freaking amazing. Second, she was the one who brought me into such a wonderful ship (Which is now my OTP btw) And lastly, there really aren’t that many fanfics for this pairing. Anyways, here’s what I have so far! *Also! If anyone has feedback, it’s totally welcome!*

Blitzwing transformed into jet mode as he jumped out of the hole he had just blown through the Autobot ship. He then realized just how high above Earth he actually was. It seemed as though Sentinel Prime had been taking him and the rest of the prisoners back to Cybertron.
“Shoot him down!” Some Autobot screamed behind Blitzwing.
Blitzwing flew around in circles, trying to dodge the bullets that were being shot at him.
“If I can just…” Blitzwing muttered to himself.
He gasped in pain as multiple shots hit his chest plate. There was no time to see how badly he was damaged at the moment, as he needed to get away. Another shot hit his back thrusters, sending up a jolt of pain. Slag… He wasn’t going to make it! Blitzwing began to fall quickly, as his thrusters no longer wanted to work. He transformed as he hit Earth’s atmosphere. The Decepticon switched through his faces frantically as his metal plating began to grow hotter, and hotter.
“Hahahaha! I’m falling! How vonderful! I’ll probably be crushed on impact, but zhat doesn’t matter!” Random said, his red optics larger than usual as the large con picked up speed the closer he got to the ground. At least it was “winter” which apparently meant the planet got very cold, water froze into ice, and snow piled up on the ground. Maybe he’d get lucky and land in a pile of snow? *Click, Whir* his face switched back to Icy as he brought his arms up to protect his face plate. Blitzwing hit the ground at full speed, his frame melted the snow around him, due to being extremely hot to the touch. He shouted out in pain as he landed painfully on one of his wings, which ripped it off down the middle. Energon splattered everywhere, turning the once clean, white snow into a pinkish color. After finally coming to a stop, the ‘Con tried to stand up, but he was to weak. Energon dripped out from where he had been shot in the chest plate, from his legs, and from his now half of a right wing. Blitzwing quickly filed away all the alerts he was receiving. It was basically a huge list of injuries… He tried to get up again as snow began to fall from the sky. Still way to weak to accomplish this, he fell back down to the ground, his right arm hanging limply besides him. Frag, it looked like his right arm wasn’t going to be able to do anything anytime soon… Switching through his faces quickly, he stopped on Icy once again, his optics offlining as his systems did a force recharge.

Bumblebee sighed as he transformed and drove away from base. An unknown object had crash landed onto Earth, and Ratchet had sent him to go inspect it.
“It’s probably just a rock or something Doc bot.” He had told Ratchet while back at base.
“Just go see what it was.” The old medic had grunted in reply.
As he eventually made it to the point where he’d have to drive off road, Bee transformed back into robot mode, deciding to continue on by foot.
“I could be doing something like playing video games, or racing with Sari right now. But no, I’m out in the cold, searching for what’s probably a rock.” he said as he wiped some snow off his shoulder. The yellow Autobot stopped in his tracts as he saw what looked like Blitzwing laying in the snow. This had startled him so much because the two were technically dating in secrete, though neither bot would say so out loud. Quickly rushing over, and getting down onto his knees, Bumblebee took in Blitzwing’s injuries. The ‘Con seemed to be in recharge.
“Blitz! Hey, get up! Come on!” Bumblebee said loudly, shaking Blitzwing. 

Blitzwing lifted his head slightly as his forced recharge was interrupted. It took him a moment to remember where he was. His Rage face made an appearance as he felt someone shaking him. Aiming his cannons, they began to charge up.
“Autobot skum! Get avay!” He shouted.
“Blitzwing, stop! It’s me, Bumblebee!” The other bot shouted frantically.
This made Blitzwing freeze and he lowered his cannons.
“B-Bumblebee?” He repeated as Icy clicked back onto his face.
“Vhat… Vhat are you doing here?” He asked, letting himself fall back down into the snow. Everything hurt, especially the spot where his chest plate had been blown open. He flinched slightly as he felt a servo place itself on his good arm.
“I was sent to see what hit Earth, and it looks like that must have been you… Look, no more talking, I need to get you somewhere safe.” Bumble replied, starting to help Blitzwing get up.
The larger bot stood shakily. His legs weren’t working to well, thanks to that blow from the Autobots. He looked down at the ground for a moment, disgusted by the fact that there was so much Energon there.
“Ooooh!!! Look at all my Energon! Hahaha! How vonderful!” Random cackled.
Blitzwing forced himself to stay calm, and Icy came back. He didn’t want Bumblebee to see him in such a horrible state. He looked down as Bee sighed and put an arm around Blitzwing’s hips, trying to help keep him steady as they began to walk. It was a slow and painful process, but Bumblebee eventually led him to what looked like some old abandoned Human mine.
“Bug?” Blitzwing said quietly. He really didn’t like how quiet the little bot was being. It wasn’t anything like Bumblebee normally was.
“What is it Blitzbrain?” Bumblebee asked as he helped the Decepticon into the tiny entrance of the mine.
“….Vhat’s wrong?” He asked as Bee helped him into a sitting position. Blitzwing leaned his head against the cold stone wall and brought his good arm up to cover his chest wound.
Bumblebee sat down in front of Blitzwing, his bright blue optics had a worried look.
“Oh, ya know.. It’s totally not like you got hurt really badly. And you totally didn’t crash land onto the planet and lose your wing or anything.” He said sarcastically, crossing his arms as he looked down.
Blitzwing was silent for a moment, as he was thinking. No one had ever worried about him, or even cared for him in that matter. Bumblebee was the only one… *Click, whir* Random was grinning at Bumblebee, his freakishly long tongue hanging slightly out of his mouth. Using his good arm, Blitzwing grabbed Bumblebee and pulled him into his lap.
“Awww, buggy cares about me!” He said, holding the little bot close. The 'Con ignored any, and all of his pain for now, as he really didn’t want to worry about it.
“H-hey!” Bumblebee protested, a slight laugh entering his voice. “You really shouldn’t be moving.” he said with grin.
Blitzwing giggled, resting his head on Bumblebee’s shoulder.
“You’re a cute little bug.” He said, once again letting his naturally long tongue loll out.
Bee seemed happy for a moment, but then worried seapped back into him.
“Ok, ok. I really need to get you fixed up. I’ll be back shortly. Oh, and don’t you dare think about moving from that spot Blitzbrain.” Bumblebee said as he wiggled out of Blitzwing’s grasp and stood up. He had Energon splattered all over him from being up against the 'Con’s open wounds.
“Aw… Do you have to go? I vas just getting comfortable!” Blitzwing complained. His face switched back to Icy as he sighed.
“Be quick bug. I don’t vant to have to vait to long.” He said with a faint smile.
Bumblebee nodded as he left. Blitzwing pulled his legs up to his chest while he listened to Bee’s foot steps become quieter and quieter as the little Autobot got farther away.
“I’m weak.” He said after his face switched to Rage.
“Weak? Probably…” Icy replied to himself.
“Pff! Vhy does it matter?! Bee vill fix me!” Random cackled.
“But… Bumblebee vas worried…” Icy said quietly.
“I vill be sure to crush ze Autobot who shot me down!” Rage growled.
Finally switching back to Icy, Blitzwing sighed. This was fairly normal for him. He talked to himself when he was alone, and every now and then he’d accidentally do it in front of others. Well, that was one of the few good things about having three separate personalities. The Decepticon went silent as he waited for Bumblebee to return. His pain was over powering all his other senses, so he sat still, not wanting to increase that horrible feeling. 

Blitzwing sat up quickly, waking up from his short recharge as he heard foot steps approach the mine entrance. He relaxed against the wall again as Bumblebee’s voice could be heard.
“Hey big guy, I’m back.” He said, coming to a stop at Blitzwing’s side. The Autobot sat down and opened a Medical kit that had been firmly grasped in his servos.
“Took you long enough.” Blitzwing said, trying to hide his happiness that Bee had finally gotten back.
His comment earned him a small smile from Bumblebee. Without a word, the yellow Autobot started to patch up Blitzwing’s wounds.
“Do you know vhat you’re doing?” The 'Con asked, trying not to flinch as Bumblebee began messing with his broken wing.
“I’ve seen Ratchet do stuff like this before.” Bee replied, glancing up at Blitzwing’s face.
The two sat in silence after that, neither really knowing what to say. After quite some time, Bumblebee finally finished doing what he could. Sadly, Blitzwing would have to have his wing replaced, but that wasn’t to big of a deal. He moved the arm that had been messed up, and was glad to find out that he could indeed move it normally. His chest plate still looked bad, but it was at least welded back into a semi normal shape. Finally, Blitzwing gingerly moved his legs. They still hurt horribly, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to walk long distances for a while.
“T… Thank you Bumblebee.” He said just before his face switched back over to Random.
“Now you can stay. No more vorrying either!” He said, once again putting Bumblebee onto his lap.
Bee chuckled as he looked up at Blitzwing.
“I’ll stay for a while, but I do have to leave at some point. Boss bot should be getting back from Sentinel Prime’s ship soon.”
Blitzwing tipped his head slightly at Bee’s statement. But he shook it off, and pushed their face plates together for a kiss. After a few moments, the Decepticon pulled away. He snickered slightly when he realized Bumblebee had his arms wrapped around his neck.
“You are a zilly little bug.” Blitzwing said, his face switching over to Rage.
“But you are my zilly bug! Anyone who zinks zey can take you avay vill be crushed!” He said as Bumblebee placed his head against Blitzwing’s chest plate.
Bee looked up at Blitzwing, a content smile on his face.
“I’m your’s huh? Last time I checked, I owned myself.” The little yellow bot said with a slight tone of sarcasm.
Geeze, the little bug sure did like to mess with him. Though at the moment, Blitzwing just brought his arms tightly around Bumblebee’s chest plate in a tight hug. His face switched back to Icy as he leaned his head back against the wall. Feeling quite drained of energy, the 'Con was doing his best of keeping his optic open. Bumblebee seemed to notice this as he closed his optics and fell into recharge. Smiling slightly, Blitzwing allowed himself to do the same.

The recharging Decepticon jumped slightly as Bumblebee’s com went off.
“Bumblebee, where are you? You’ve been gone all day!” A voice -that sounded a lot like Optimus Prime- said.
Bee opened his optics, and looked hesitant to reply.
“Tell him you’re out on patrol just outside of the city.” Blitzwing suggested.
Bumblebee nodded and answered the com.
“Oh hey Boss bot! I’m just out on a patrol outside of the city!”
“Well I need you back at base now. Blitzwing was able to escape from Sentinel’s ship and we need to look around for him.” Prime said, a bit of annoyance in his voice.
“Uh.. Ya, I’ll be back soon.” Bee said, ending the com. “You heard him.. I have to go.”
Blitzwing sighed, finally letting the little bot free from his arms. As Bee stood up and stretched, Blitzwing stood up as well, his legs shook under the stress, but he ignored it.
“I vill go vith you to a certain point. And don’t argue, I don’t plan on changing my mind.” The large 'Con grunted as Bumblebee began to protest.
After a slight hesitation, Bee sighed and left the mine with Blitzwing close behind him. Once outside, Blitzwing looked around. Everything was completely covered in snow. The ground, the trees, and so on. Bumblebee sunk into the snow by a lot. All you could really see of the little bot was his chest plate and up.
“Bwahahaha! You seem to need a lift!” Blitzwing cackled as he face switched to Random.
Energon ran into Bumblebee’s cheek plates, making him blush.
“N-no! I don’t need you to pick me up! I can totally walk!” He said loudly, trying to walk.
Though of course his efforts were futile, as there was no way the bot would be able to move his legs. Still laughing uncontrollably, Blitzwing bent over and pulled Bumblebee up and out of the snow. He held the yellow bot how a groom would hold a bride.
“Guess I’ll be carrying you! Oooooh!!! Maybe I can just put you on my shoulders?” The larger bot said, placing Bumblebee onto his shoulders.
Bumblebee smiled once he was out of Blitz’s sight on his shoulders.
*Click whir* “Are you smiling?” Blitzwing asked, his voice calm now that he had switched over to Icy.
“Of course not. Don’t flatter yourself Blitzbrain.” Bee replied, resting his chin on the top of Blitzwing’s helm.
The little bot was of course, still smiling, and Blitzwing knew this. He began walking, both the snow, and the fact that his legs were still weak made it difficult for him to walk normally, but Blitzwing continued on. Being a Decepticon, Blitzwing always kept any and all emotion to himself. It was thought of as weak if you were caught having feelings such as “liking” another bot. Especially an Autobot.


Ilyushin Il-38N is an upgraded, more capable version of the Russian Navy’s Il-38 anti-submarine warfare aircraft. The new version is also capable of carrying out electronic intelligence (ELINT) missions. Besides, these aircraft can be used for mapping the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Northern Ice sea, and also for conducting scientific oceanographic research and underwater and air reconnaissance. The Il-38N is fitted with the Novella sensor package which dramatically expands the combat capabilities of the aircraft against underwater, surface and airborne targets. The new sensor includes radar, high resolution thermal imaging system, a magnetic anomaly detection system, an electro-optical detection system (including laser, TV and thermal channels), gravitational anomaly detector and other equipment. The radar has a maximum detection range of 320 kilometers. According to the Russian Navy’s public statements the majority of surviving Il-38 aircraft will be upgraded to the Il-38N configuration. The first Il-38N aircraft was introduced into service by the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet in early March 2012.

Franco Grignani(1908 - 1999)

Italian designer, painter & architect who first came into public view through his participation in the second wave of Futurism and Constructivism. Based on theories of perception, particularly on the Psychology of Form and his knowledge of architecture, he created more than 14000 experimental works. He became a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) in 1952: “Grignani studied architecture but became more interested in graphic design. He devoted himself to experiments in optical and visual design, painting and photographs. The Milan printers Alfieri & Lacroix allowed him a free hand with his typographic experiments. In later years he devised outstanding and novel photo compositions, based on optical systems he invented. He influenced many of his contemporaries.

1968 / ad for Alfieri & Lacroix / Milan

orbitingesoterica  asked:

Why are k31 optics a bad idea?

I can understand the appeal (fyeah cheap sniper rifle) but there are two main reasons for that not being the best :

- the Mq/K31 was not made for that. It’s a very accurate infantry rifle, but an infantry rifle nonetheless. 

Putting a scope in the usual location will disturb ejection and impede quick loading/reloading of the cartridges. Of course, offset mounts (or St. Jeff Cooper advanced Scout scopes) are available that limit a bit these problems.

It took about twenty years to develop a sniper rifle around the Mq/K31 action, and not only it cost about the price a little car, almost of all the components aren’t compatible with the original rifle.

In any case, most scope mounts are set too high to keep a proper cheek rest on the stock - what you’ll get in sight enhancement, you will lose in proper stance and recoil absorption.

- the Mq/K31 is a very low tolerance rifle. Tinkering with it (i.e. trying to bed its barrel, “enhancing” the trigger, putting accessories like a scope or a muzzle break) needs to be made with the utmost prudence and thoroughness. And in case of a mistake, it will cause a decrease of accuracy in most case. 

To be honest, my prevention against putting scopes on Mq/K31 comes from the ones I’ve seen in action around me. In Switzerland, Mq/K31 are still plenty and are still quite cheap (even if their price rose several times since the early aughties), and a lot of people try to “improve” them on the cheap, with the results you can imagine.

In my experience, a good shooter with a spotter will do better with a standard Mq/K31 on the 300-1000 meters range than the same good shooter with a quality scoped Mq/K31

That doesn’t mean you have to rely solely on your tired eyes and standard combat sights.

The dioptre solution is the most traditional, cheap (an excellent dioptre costs around the same price as a “meh" optic) and efficient system of long distance sighting on a K31. 

A more extreme way is to go the way a group of Swiss shooters went, and to discard completely the old body of your rifle to use a modular light alloy chassis like that :

It’s very costly, but it works perfectly. You can order one there : 







anonymous asked:

Could you compare the Stryker and BMP? Or just pros/cons?

Let’s compare the latest variants, the BMP-3 and the M3 Bradley:

BMP-3/Obyekt 688M 

  • Weight: 18.7 metric tonnes
  • Length: 7.14 meters
  • Width: 3.2 meters
  • Height: 2.4 meters
  • Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver) and 7 troopers (+ 2 additional seats)
  • Armor: Aluminium alloy and steel
  • Main armament: 100 mm gun/launcher 2A70 (able to fire shells or the 9M117 Bastion ATGM), 30 mm autocannon 2A72
  • Secondary armament: 3×7.62 mm PKT machine guns
  • Engine: UTD-29M diesel 500 hp with a power/weight 27 hp/tonne
  • Suspension: torsion bar
  • Operational range: 600 km 
  • Speed: 72 km/h on road, 45 km/h off-road 10 km/h in water.

M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

  • Weight: 23–28 metric tonnes
  • Length: 6.5 meters
  • Width: 3.2 meters
  • Height: 3 meters
  • Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver) and 2 passengers/troops
  • Armor: Steel and aluminum
  • Main armament: 25 mm M242 Chain Gun,dual TOW Anti-Tank Missile Launcher
  • Secondary armament: 7.62 mm M240C machine gun
  • Engine Cummins VTA-903 600 hp with a power/weight 19.74 hp/tonne
  • Suspension: torsion bar
  • Operational range: 480 km
  • Speed: 66 km/h on road, 7.2 km/h on water

In everything but armor the BMP beats the Bradley, as she has much better weaponry, in the form of her 100mm gun, capable of both launching missiles (which are easy to reload from inside the vehicle) and conventional AT rounds, coupled with a powerful 30mm cannon, vs the Bradley’s 25mm chaingun, and her couple of TOW missiles, which have to be reloaded from the outside manually once expended.

But the Bradley has much better armor, capable of withstanding 30mm rounds all-around, and reactive armor capable of stopping RPG’s, BUT the BMP can also equip reactive armor, and thanks to her ability to mount the Shtora electro-optical active protection system, she’s effectively inmune to the TOW once equipped, contrary to the Bradley, which has to rely on her armor to defeat any AT missile. 

So, the BMP-3 wins, a much more modern design born from the ashes of the Afghan war, VS a committee-designed vehicle plagued with problems from her inception, that still, nevertheless proved her worth against Iraqi second-generation tanks and armor. 

(edit: the gif does not go because tumblr is shit and Im not making a new one so enjoy no gif) 

The Eye of the Sun is a full body cyborg developed by Tao Fai omni industry to track and eliminate high value targets. Installed within its head is a high powered pulse laser that can be used in conjunction with an external optic system to better track targets. Notably it is able to track heat and x-ray signatures of its targets and can detect changes in the atomic makeup of the air around itself. 

Few such units exist and they serve mostly to track those who would defect from The Men of the Black Sun. 

Ellen Ochoa (b. 1958) is an engineer and former astronaut who currently serves as the Director of the Johnson Space Center. During her nine-day mission aboard the shuttle Discovery in 1993 she became the first Hispanic woman in space.

She worked at the NASA Ames Research Center and became a pioneer in spacecraft technology, patenting an optical system which detected defects in a repeating pattern. She is a co-inventor on a further four patents. She has logged more than 1000 hours in space during four space flights.


Check out this tiny dragonfly cyborg drone in flight

The project aimed to create the smallest drone possible by doing more than just taking inspiration from the animal kingdom — engineers literally outfitted an actual dragonfly with drone tech, putting a suite of next-gen navigation, synthetic biology, and neurotechnology systems on its back in the form of mini “backpack,” which is powered by a built-in solar cell.

The cyborg is also controlled by a system of optical structures, called optrodes, that target the exact neural systems needed to send navigation commands without disrupting the rest of the dragonfly’s neural network.

Read More: http://mashable.com/2017/06/01/draper-dragonflye-drones/#ZWTUtEHTzOqF