optical distortions

:Neurotenic spinosaurus:
A lean and skeletal neuro specimen with an abnormal electromagnetic field radiating from it’s bioluminescent spinel structures. It’s magnetic field operates at a frequency that not only disrupts electronics but also interferes with ones neural connection between the brain and eyes causing optic distortion ranging from ‘visual snow’ to compleat blindness. If you’re vision starts to fail you better run in the right direction and hope you’re either too heavy to be snagged by it’s harpoon-like tongue or too swift to be caught by it’s hook-like tail.

The 2006 Chicago O’Hare UFO sighting is regarded as one of the most well-documented and widely-witnessed UFO sightings in modern history. Officials insisted on labelling the sighting a weather anomaly but witnesses, including over a dozen O’Hare International Airport employees, say the object was as clear as day – a metallic disc-shaped craft hovering over gate C-17.

  • A United Airlines employee sees something strange in the air

On November 7, 2006 at approximately 4:15 PM, an airport ramp employee was “pushing back” United Airlines Flight 456 when he looked up and spotted a strange object hovering, the employee immediately notified the pilot and co-pilot of Flight 456. The co-pilot was later interviewed and admitted that he and the Captain had opened the side window to view the object. They described the UFO as “dirty aluminum color, very stable, without any optical distortions near it”. He added that their flight had even been delayed as airport personnel sorted out the event. It was at this time that the FAA’s ground controller notified incoming Flight 5668 to “use caution for the, ahhh, UFO”. This was the first official FAA mention of the UFO.

  • Aviation mechanics see oval-shaped object above O’Hare terminal

Two United Airlines aviation mechanics were the next to report the strange object in the sky.  Both were inside an airplane. The mechanics say they leaned forward to look through the windshield of the airplane and saw the object hovering about 100 to 200 feet below the cloud base. They described the object as oval-shaped and “definitely not a blimp or an airplane as we know it”.

  • An office worker goes to gate window for better view

The office worker, who was joined by another employee had arrived at the gate to check out the craft, they described the appearance of the unknown object as “elliptical sphere-like, dark metal”. He noted that the object rose “almost instantaneously”, departing so fast that he “thought he could see a kind of blurred effect” from the object’s rapid movement.

  • Dozens of United employees report object

Nearly a dozen more O’Hare employees witnessed the unusual sight that day. The object remained visible for several minutes before it suddenly bolted. Witness described the object as being about 30 feet in diameter and hovering at around 1,900 feet. Several employees pointed out that United Airlines management had stressed the importance of not talking about what they saw with anyone.


// Synth Space - An interactive video installation that transforms the structure into a visual instrument. An iPad with TouchOSC controls a vvvv patch that generates animated graphics. The graphics are projected onto a mirror-turntable with glass objects and optical beam splitters that distort the light. A camera picks up that image, and outputs to four projectors, covering the structure with light.


Rehberger Vantage GTE . Aston Martin Racing has unveiled a 24 Hours of Le Mans art car designed by artist Tobias Rehberger. Rehberger is renowned for his abstract art and optical effects that distort perception and has received numerous international prizes and awards, including the Golden Lion for best artist at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Thirty years since the first art car ran in the 24-hour race, Rehberger set out to create a design that uses geometric shapes and patterns to give the car, when static, the impression of movement

My take on 3D-drawing

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