optical crystal

a few of my personal stones 😋✨💕


rainbow prism eye candy by Jack Storms

My clear calcite was just telling me that I do not spend enough quality time with myself and give myself the undivided attention that I deserve. Even with meditation I am always going on trips or contacting this being or that being or something. And when I do want to pay attention to my body or become more grounded I even try to turn that into some kind of journey.

There is no journey to the self because you are always there with yourself. The only thing keeping you from self awareness and enlightenment is you running away from yourself and your own feelings. When you stop running from yourself all the answers and solutions are there.

Paying attention to yourself is an act of self love and without this act there will be confusion, distraction, and no clarity about life purpose

Crystal Lot Auction~ ✨

I’m auctioning off a lot of crystals from my personal collection! This includes: clear quartz, labradorite, agate, smoky quartz, lepidolite, aventurine, obsidian, astrophyllite, tiger’s eye, fluorite, heulandite, lapis lazuli, aura quartz, optical calcite, black tourmaline, and peacock ore.

comment below to place your bid 😊 auction ends tonight at 12am PST

Starting bid is $150 including shipping!


I have been super inactive/passive with this blog. Mostly because I have been working over 12 hours five days a week and then I work through my weekends. So to make it up to you all, here is my work space. This is my working space. Not all my tools are on it at the moment (my knives are in my bag because I forgot to take them out and my serpent necklace is in there too been kinda hectic). But I thought I might identify what’s in my witchy desk for you: (From left to right on the top) macramé cord and a little bottle I decorated, some walnut stain and the antique anatomy tarot, mugwort and mandrake root, bottles, some whole cloves with a time that holds some dried roses, hand made fuel gel for my cauldron, some grape seed oil in front of a jar of thyme. Underneath I have some of my books: The Devil’s Dozen, Traditional Witchcraft: a Cornish Book of Ways, Traditional Witches Formulary and Potion-Making Guide, and Magic and Medicine of Plants. A couple boxes of matches, a fiber optic crystal ball, various inks including a dragons blood ink, my house doll, cauldron, one of my notebooks I have made, The Crones Book of Magical Words and Crones Book of Charms and Spells. The drawers are filled with various charms, trinkets, herbs and some beeswax. On the desk is my test tube stand where I keep some positions to sit, my incense burner, my mortar and pestle, some prayer candles, a metal cup, a bag full of deer teeth, my centennial Rider-Waite deck, a skull I got on sale (it was work $70, and I got it for $15), and the deck that is on display is a limited print of the Tarocco “Soprafino” that was made in Italy, and a crow skull. (And yes, my internet router is on top, it was the best place for it, right next to the skulls brother who I bought at the same time, with a box and two elephant charms for good fortune) A lot of the stuff on my desk was gifted to me and I am so thankful.


Today I saw light pillars for the first time! They seem like an alien invasion/space portals but are actually an atmospheric optical phenomenon, created by the reflection of light from tiny ice crystals suspended in the air.
It’s currently -20°C in Estonia, so the condition is great.