optical crystal

a few of my personal stones 😋✨💕

I got my hands on this beautiful Optical Calcite slab. It has such pretty, irredescent flashes.
Optical Calcite is a crystal of spirituality and clarity. It’s known to clear all the chakras of negative or stagnat energies. Like quartz, this gem can amplify energy and encourage spiritual growth.

My rocks are here! @bekkathyst packaged them perfectly, and I didn’t expect all of the little rainbows in the optical calcite! I’m so glad I opted for the larger piece. And now I have a full moon, a harvest moon, and a new moon! I’m such a happy crystal witch.


rainbow prism eye candy by Jack Storms

Let me be optical grade crystal fucking clear.

Yes, I grew up surrounded by racists. And I don’t just mean casual internet racists, I mean, hoods up, +2 to cross burning grand wizard class racists. I mean shots fired, whooping and hollering racists. 

Up until now I’ve held a lot of shame about it, especially in more Lefty circles. But, having someone once again look down their nose and sling accusations based on my upbringing in the same breath as they call for peace and tolerance has made me realise something. 

I have something they don’t. 

A realistic perspective. 

My view of racists, -phobes, fascists, etc. isn’t built entirely from Tumblr, HuffPo and other echo chambers. Whereas many of my detractors have only read about these people. I’ve ate with them. I’ve learned gun safety from them. I’ve played checkers and chess with them. I know better than a lot of the people whinging that “Nazis are people too uwu.” But that’s a shitty, lazy, and privileged defense. 

Advocating violence against hatemongers does not mean you are “stooping” or somehow morally inferior. 

It is not shameful to fight against people who are trying to actively start a genocide.

Privilege and inside knowledge can be weaponised. 

It is not shameful to protect yourself by avoiding those who fit the profile of those who hurt you. 

Suggesting that people “fight against the individuals” is inefficient. Unless you’re galloping over on your high horse to help the hunt, shut the fuck up.

Being behind a screen is way different than being in front of the barrel of a gun. 

Crystal Lot Auction~ ✨

I’m auctioning off a lot of crystals from my personal collection! This includes: clear quartz, labradorite, agate, smoky quartz, lepidolite, aventurine, obsidian, astrophyllite, tiger’s eye, fluorite, heulandite, lapis lazuli, aura quartz, optical calcite, black tourmaline, and peacock ore.

comment below to place your bid 😊 auction ends tonight at 12am PST

Starting bid is $150 including shipping!