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Tailgate, Swerve, Brainstorm, and Rodimus' reaction to seeing their human S/o take out their contacts?


  • You’re just taking out your contacts when you hear the sound of screeching static.
  • You look over and Tailgate is in Panic Mode, not even able to form words.
  • Is… is he crying? 
  • Once you explain to him what contacts are he calms down. He still seems a little grossed out when you mess with them in front of him, though.


  • Does a double take.
  • It freaks him out for a split second before he remembers that, oh yea, contacts are a thing. 
  • He tells you that you scared him, and also how in that one show this guy lost his contacts and…
  • Of course he wants to see you with glasses on. You look so cute!


  • Tilts his head, a bit confused. 
  • Optic covers? He can improve those for you, y’know. “My eyes or the contacts?” “Either. Both.”
  • He asks you to put on your glasses so he can see how you look in them. Probably like a nerd.
  • Probably like a super adorable nerd oh no you’re hot!!! Brainstorm is Flustered.


  • WTF???? “RATCHET HELP!!”
  • He’s freaked until you explain what’s up. Then he just thinks it’s kinda gross. 
  • He waves his servo in your face and messes with you. How many digits is he holding up? Rodimus, stop being a jerk.
  • “Hey, do that weird contact thingie in front of Drift, it’ll totally freak him out!”

Summary: You and Drift bond over religion.

Warning(s): Christian themes

It was tough being a human on the Lost Light. Any second could be your last. Whether it be from the DJD or simply one of the ‘bots stepping on you. You didn’t want ‘Died by Foot’ on your gravestone, assuming you’d have one. So, you hung around Drift for the most part. He was always aware of the things around him, somehow, so it was almost an impossible feat to die on his watch.

    Rodimus often stopped by. How Drift became friends with such a… combustible mech, was a mystery to you. You didn’t complain, it was interesting to watch Drift teach his friend how to use a sword, and equally amusing to see the first attempts.

    The two of you often talked, yet neither of you shared much about yourselves. You knew that Drift believed in some religion, but you didn’t know the specifics. Thinking about this, you fiddled with the necklace in your hands, turning it over and messing with the chain. Drift looked over at you curiously, he had never seen you wear the item before and there were no organic colonies, of the ones that they visited, that had anything like it.

    “Y/n, what is that?” he inquired, gesturing at the piece of jewelry. You raised your head, confused, before realising what he was speaking about. You held the necklace out for him to see “This?” you asked, but there was no need for a verbal confirmation, seeing how intently his optics scanned over it. His gaze caught the pendant attached to the chain. He brushed a large finger against it gently. “What does this symbol mean?” he asked, helm titled.

    “It’s a symbol of faith, of my religion on Earth.” you replied, studying his face for any reaction. “What is it that you believe?” he questioned further. You hesitated, he seemed to be genuinely curious. “I believe in a creator that made us in his image. A creator who loves us dearly.”

    Drift smiled warmly “Sometimes I forget how similar our races are.” he laughed lightly “Does this creator have a name?” “God.” the mech seemed to stall for a moment “Creative.” you chuckled “Some do call him other names.” the Autobot hummed “On Cybertron, we believe something similar. We call our creator Primus.” you huffed “Of course he has a cooler name.”

    “Cybertronians believe that Primus became Cybertron and created us as a defense against Unicron the Chaos-Bringer.” “I’m gonna assume that is your equivalent of Satan.” you spoke. “On Earth, my religion believes that God created our world and everything on it. It was pure from the beginning, yet it was corrupted very soon after it’s creation. He guided people in it’s earlier years, eventually sending his son-” you hesitated, causing Drift to look at you worriedly “Is something wrong?” you shook your head “No, I’m simply trying to find a way to explain that he and his son are the same person.” the cybertronian simply tilted his head, saying nothing “Think of it as… symbiosis. They are the same, yet not.” he nodded “Anyways- he sent his son to Earth as human, but pure and sinless, as the world would have been. He was called Jesus.”

    “He taught for a number of years. He didn’t go very far, yet his teachings reached to everyone. But, there was a group of men, who disliked him for his teachings.” you focused on Drift for a moment, finding that he had leaned forward “They were religious leaders, they were supposed to know and bring truth, but they became used to the power they had and resented him for finding fault in them. They called him a liar and tried to trick him and disprove his claims of being God’s son, but they couldn’t, he never did any wrong. So, they bribed one of his close friends with silver and told him to give them Jesus. The friend, Judas, betrayed Jesus and gave him over to them. He was set in an unfair trial and sentenced to be executed on a cross.” You held up the pendant on the necklace. Drift’s optics flickered in confusion “Why would you wear something that your God died on?” you smiled “That’s not the end. He was tortured a long time before he was nailed to the cross and died. They buried him in a stone tomb that had a boulder in front of it.” Drift still looked at you with a confused stare “They placed two guards in front of it. Nothing happened for three days.”

    “On the last day, an angel appeared and the soldiers ran off. Later, Mary, Jesus’ mother, and her friend, went to the tomb and found it open and empty. The angel was still there and told them that Jesus had risen from the dead.” Drift interrupted you “Wait- are you still telling me about your religion, or did you change the subject without me noticing?” you laughed “No Drift! I’m still talking about the same thing.” the Autobot gave you a suspicious glance, but didn’t speak further.

    “Anyways, the two women went to Jesus’ friends and told them the news. They went to the grave to see themselves and also saw that it was empty. They encountered Jesus later on. There were over five hundred witnesses that saw Jesus after his death.” Drift gave a sheepish smile “We don’t have many stories about Primus, almost all of them were destroyed in the war. Many do not believe he exists.” you hummed, nodding “Even with this much, people still don’t think God exists. It’s hard to believe.”

    “It’s remarkable how similar they are compared to each other though.” Drift commented, pulling away from you. You tucked your necklace back into your shirt “Perhaps they aren’t different.” the mech paused, giving you a questioning glance “How do you mean?” “Humans and cybertronians aren’t that different, they have more in common than not.” you made gestures as you talked, hoping to convey your meaning. Drift’s expression was blank for a moment, before realisation creeped in.

    “That is… an interesting theory. It would… make sense.” he said, processing the information he had just been given. “Just a theory.” you smiled.

Imagine Jazz Finding Out A Lunar Goddess Likes His Music

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When Jazz had busted out his custom made guitar and broke into song, he wasn’t expecting anyone to be listening, much less impress them. But even more less than that for that anyone to be a Lunar Goddess. He was stunned when she appeared fully before him, to involved in his lyrical voice and the strum of his instrument to focus on hiding her form. When he stopped she frowned and floated closer to him pleadingly.

“No, no! Please don’t stop! I wish for you to…to…”, the Goddess struggled, trying to figure out how to describe the action he was doing mere moments ago.

“Sing? Um…play?”, Jazz offered a bit hesitantly.

The glowing woman brightened up and clasped her hands together.

“Yes! That!”

Jazz looked her up and down, all of this happening a little fast and out of no where. But with a shrug he picked up his pick and continued from where he stopped. Hey, who was he to deny a goddess?!

“Oh oh

I’ve been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror

And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer

But my breath fogged up the glass

And so I drew a new face and I laughed

I guess what I been saying is there ain’t no better reason

To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons

It’s what we aim to do

Our name is our virtue

But I won’t hesitate no more, no more

It cannot wait I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me

Open up your plans and damn you’re free

Look into your heart and you’ll find the sky is yours

So please don’t please don’t please don’t

There’s no need to complicate

‘Cause our time is short

This, oh this, this is our fate, I’m yours”

A squeal left (y,n)’s delicate lips as she clapped at Jazz’s performance, the later making a motion of tipping a hat; something he picked up on Earth. When the applause and what not had ended, (y,n) let out a heavy sigh.

“That was amazing. What do you call it?!”, she asked with curiosity.

Jazz raised an optic ridge very much confused,“Which part?!”

“All of it?”, the Lunar Goddess held up her hands just as unsure.

Jazz thought for a moment before making an o shape with his mouth. “Oh, you mean sound!”

“Sound?”, (y,n) inquired with wide eyes.

Jazz chuckled,“You’ve really never heard sound before?”

The Lunar Goddess shook her head no.

“In space there is no noise; no sound. It’s vast but deathly silent. I’ve never even heard my own voice before now, but it’s nothing compared to all you just did.”, (y,n) informed, dismissing her own cords.

Jazz frowned at this. He thought she had a beautiful voice, and if there was one thing this bot knew was great digs, and her voice happened to be the best so far. With a soft grin he spoke as smoothly as ever,“You’re right. You’re voice doesn’t compare, because nothing can compete with its melody~”

The Lunar Goddess was confused for a second, before catching on that the Autobot was flirting and felt her cheeks start to warm up. How could anything, even her own voice be more lovely than the sounds he had just made? She wasn’t complaining though, what Goddess didn’t love being praised after all?!

Jazz shifted to sit beside (y,n), making her blush deeper at the close proximity, and surprising her when he put his guitar in her lap. He reached around her to position her arms the right way for holding the stringed instrument with a friendly, but slightly cheeky smile.

“Here, how about I teach you some kickin’ tunes. Though I’m sure with your voice they’ll be even cooler than before~!”

This bot sure knew how to whoo a Goddess didn’t he?


In Debt


It’d been a bit over three days since the paratrooper’s ‘rescue’. Every time his frame panicked and tried to reboot within that time frame, the pain lured Crosshairs back into a quick shut down.

Now that he wasn’t being prodded awake to try and keep him delirious, his systems where all too happy to keep him in shut down until the pain eased. Until he began to be able to think a bit more clearly.

Groggily, optics blink open. Confusion overwriting everything. Jolting up and jarring a still sore frame— particularly his left arm.

Still not functioning. Great. Everything caught up to him within that moment. Right servo flying to his left leg.

“Th’ fuck…” So that one was fixed. Joints creaking as the mech tried it out. Wincing lowly.

Crosshairs slowly shifted, properly looking around now. He remembered being saved by Tarn… remembered what he did to the humans.

Remembered that Tarn claimed he owed him… Was it Tarn that fixed him? His doing, directly or indirectly?

His right servo trailed along the damage to his left arm. Checking the damage by feel. Hopeful maybe it’s something simple enough he could fix on his own. But his first order of business was figuring out where he was.

The Bear Within (MTMTE Drift x reader) Chap. 3: The Black Bear and The Girl

Oh wow, guess who got off her lazy ass and updated the 3rd chapter of this.


Turned around to see…

Nothing, his optical ridges furrowed in confusion. He swo- Drift swivel around, pulling out his sword only for it to get knocked out of his servo. A large form pushed him onto his back, his helm hit the ground hard. His optics fizzed, the mass before him was staticky. His mind was yelling danger out to him, he couldn’t move his whole body.

He almost gagged from the smell of its breath. He turned his helm to the side in order to escape the nasty smell. His vision slowly cleared up, his optics widened in surprised. There in front of him was a hunched, large black bear. Its left eye was molded shut with three jagged scars going down its face.

It back had a large hunch, arrows pierced into it and stay there for however many years it stayed. Many places on the bear was that there was patches of fur missing. Saliva dripped from its mouth right onto Drift faceplate, its beady right eye stared at him. He didn’t know how long time has passed but the bear let out an angry roar into his face.

Drift didn’t have time to react as the bear lifted its paw and clawed his chassis. He let out a loud grunt of pain, feeling the energon leak from the deep wound the bear gave him. He jolted, letting out a gasp, his face scrunched up. Feeling the fangs dig deeply into his arm, he wiggled around.

Trying to get the bear off of him, only to have the bear clamp down harder onto his arm. He felt himself become dizzy from the smell of his energon leaving him. From the pain the bear was giving him. From the loss of energon, his tanks started beeping erratically.

His optics started fizzing again, he didn’t notice that the bear fangs were immediately gone. His audio receptors started ringing though he faintly picked up on the sound of angry growls and snarls. He felt something hover over him, he closed optics for a bit before opening them again to see (e/c) eyes.

Drift stared at them as darkness slowly took over him.

“Rest. I shall tend to your wounds.” A gentle voice echoed through his processor before slipping off into recharge.


Drift let out a groan as his systems started booting up, his optics onlined. The first thing he sees was a fire glowing bright hot right in front of him. A few rocks made a circle around the on going fire. The flames crackled and pop softly, a cauldron sat right above it.

Drift could see some steam floating out of the cauldron, he was confused.

‘What? I didn’t make this…where am I?’ He thought to himself

He lifted up his helm to scan around him. He was in a rather large cave that particularly used for someone else rather than just him. He was shock to see that it had a rather nice homey feel to it. There was a few furs laying around either on the floor or draped on the walls.

A large white drape covered one section of the cave, he figured someone must sleep there. On the far side there was cabinets with beautifully carved figures or designs on it. A table off to the side with many chairs, though one chair stood out from the rest of them. It was rather a large chair.

Drift squinted his optics to see on the arms were bear heads carved into the wood. A few other animald were carved into too, of course there was a some fur hanging off of it. A chandelier made out of antlers hung from above.

As he kept studying the room, his optics rested upon a human woman. She sat right beside the fire, staring deep into it. She wore something ontop of her head yet he couldn’t tell what since she sat somewhat in the dark. He could see that she was wearing some sort of tribal clothing considering he saw blue paint on her face.

The blue paint circled around her eyes making them pop, a few streaks ran off to the side her face. She held a long pipe in her hand, taking a few puffs from it as she let the smoke flow past her lips. Her eyes instantly clashed with his, they weren’t the same (e/c) eyes he saw before going into recharge. Instead they were hazel blue.

They held no emotions, they were blank yet she spoke to him with such softness.

“You’re awake. You’ve been injured quite heavily, if it wasn’t for our lady reacting quickly. You would’ve been dead by now.” Her voice echoed throughout the cave,

“Huh?” Drift asked dumbfounded

Whatever reaction he had on his face, made the woman arch a brow at him. Amusement danced in her eyes, she let out a chuckle. Her face went from amused to serious quick,

“Who are you? And how did you get onto this planet?”

Drift did a double take when he noticed her eyes started glowing brightly. He couldn’t help but stare, he was also amazed by how her mood quickly shift.

“Did you not hear me, bot? Who are you?” She demanded sternly

“I uh, I’m sorry” Drift cursed at himself for stuttering

She arched a brow at him, she let out a heavy sigh.

“It’s more like I should be apologizing. Me, demanding a injured bot to tell me where he come from. How disrespectful of me.” She mumbled

“Ah, don’t apologize. It’s should be me and my crew apologizing for landing upon your planet without knowing.” Drift sheepishly said while rubbing the back of his helm

The woman put the pipe into her mouth, taking a quick puff from it.

“There’s more of you? I thought you would be the only one.”

“Yes, wait…” Drift looked at his chassis to the wound was closed up, he felt a bit sore on the arm though. He looked up at the woman in confusion.

“I’m sure you have lots of questions. Starting with the black bear that almost ripped your arm off.” She looked into the fire, losing herself into it.

“There’s a story behind that bear?” Drift asked in surprise

“Yes…he was family until hatred corrupted his mind…You need rest, he took much energon out of you.” She rose from her spot  

“Wait, what do you mean ‘our lady’? Was she the one with (e/c) eyes?” Drift quickly asked

The woman turned around, a soft grin on her lips.

“You’ll know tomorrow but for now, rest…” she turned around and left Drift to his thoughts for the rest of the night.

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Gasket gives him a sweet cheeks kiss.

Deadlock is going to completely ignore the fact that he just squeaked. He’s going to deny it at all costs as well…

His little helm finials twitch, an optical ridge raised in confusion for a moment before he became a little more composed. “I guess I should say I’m flattered,” a servo came up to his chest, lips curling into a smirk, small chuckle escaping his intake.

Black Belt Beauty (Isaac Lahey Imagine Pt. 2)

part 1

Few days have passed since I rejected Derek’s offer and it seemed like he got the message, Erika and Boyd wouldn’t come near my personal space and the bizarre incidents seemed to stop completely.

I knew there was something fishy.

“alright class, before you leave I want to give you the result of the exams you did last week, so please stay seated” the teacher asked as she started passing the tests to us all.

“great job Y/N, the only perfect grade in class” the teacher said quietly as she placed the test before me.

I smiled up at her, “thank you”.

100%. I smiled so big. To think I used to suck at Physics.

“alright class, dismiss” the teacher said.

The class emptied pretty quickly, but I took my time, I pushed the notebooks into my backpack and checked some messages. Nothing serious.

“Isaac, it’s the second exam you’re failing” I could hear the teacher say to the tall guy standing before her table, “if you want to pass this class, you will have to get 80% on the next one” she informed.

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What Makes Us Human

A side project I’ve been working on, with a gerita au of Ludwig as an android. 

Feliciano was alone. That’s why he did this, really. 

Feliciano Vargas knew, from the moment F2501 blinked its optics, it was different. The program was lucrative, and emotional boundaries of the subjects had been considered before, but never implemented to form such a being as this. F2501 was not only the program’s master creation, it was Feliciano’s personal accomplishment, as a rather emotional man himself, to shed some light on the androids’ programming. And really, F2501 was perfect in every which way from the moment it activated. Or so he believed.

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the hallelujah vid in a nutshell
  • Beebo: hey girl let's go have an adventure
  • Girl: nah I'd rather make every pathway an optical illusion
  • Beebo: tf
  • Girl: hey lets go get on a bike and ride down the pathways that aren't confusing
  • Beebo: ye sure
  • Beebo: this is literally for toys
  • Girl: hey jump off this cliff
  • Beebo:
  • Girl:
  • Beebo:
  • Girl:
  • Beebo:
  • Beebo: fine man I'll die-
  • Girl: no you won't tHIS IS A FLOOR
  • Beebo: aight let's go then