optical confusions

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Tailgate, Swerve, Brainstorm, and Rodimus' reaction to seeing their human S/o take out their contacts?


  • You’re just taking out your contacts when you hear the sound of screeching static.
  • You look over and Tailgate is in Panic Mode, not even able to form words.
  • Is… is he crying? 
  • Once you explain to him what contacts are he calms down. He still seems a little grossed out when you mess with them in front of him, though.


  • Does a double take.
  • It freaks him out for a split second before he remembers that, oh yea, contacts are a thing. 
  • He tells you that you scared him, and also how in that one show this guy lost his contacts and…
  • Of course he wants to see you with glasses on. You look so cute!


  • Tilts his head, a bit confused. 
  • Optic covers? He can improve those for you, y’know. “My eyes or the contacts?” “Either. Both.”
  • He asks you to put on your glasses so he can see how you look in them. Probably like a nerd.
  • Probably like a super adorable nerd oh no you’re hot!!! Brainstorm is Flustered.


  • WTF???? “RATCHET HELP!!”
  • He’s freaked until you explain what’s up. Then he just thinks it’s kinda gross. 
  • He waves his servo in your face and messes with you. How many digits is he holding up? Rodimus, stop being a jerk.
  • “Hey, do that weird contact thingie in front of Drift, it’ll totally freak him out!”
the hallelujah vid in a nutshell
  • Beebo: hey girl let's go have an adventure
  • Girl: nah I'd rather make every pathway an optical illusion
  • Beebo: tf
  • Girl: hey lets go get on a bike and ride down the pathways that aren't confusing
  • Beebo: ye sure
  • Beebo: this is literally for toys
  • Girl: hey jump off this cliff
  • Beebo:
  • Girl:
  • Beebo:
  • Girl:
  • Beebo:
  • Beebo: fine man I'll die-
  • Girl: no you won't tHIS IS A FLOOR
  • Beebo: aight let's go then
Black Belt Beauty (Isaac Lahey Imagine Pt. 2)

part 1

Few days have passed since I rejected Derek’s offer and it seemed like he got the message, Erika and Boyd wouldn’t come near my personal space and the bizarre incidents seemed to stop completely.

I knew there was something fishy.

“alright class, before you leave I want to give you the result of the exams you did last week, so please stay seated” the teacher asked as she started passing the tests to us all.

“great job Y/N, the only perfect grade in class” the teacher said quietly as she placed the test before me.

I smiled up at her, “thank you”.

100%. I smiled so big. To think I used to suck at Physics.

“alright class, dismiss” the teacher said.

The class emptied pretty quickly, but I took my time, I pushed the notebooks into my backpack and checked some messages. Nothing serious.

“Isaac, it’s the second exam you’re failing” I could hear the teacher say to the tall guy standing before her table, “if you want to pass this class, you will have to get 80% on the next one” she informed.

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