optical camouflage

The best example of “There Is No Objectivity In Gensokyo” is Nitori Kawashiro. She’s the living example of that.

When met in Mountain of Faith, her first reflex is to flee. And she has a mefiant and distant attitude towards the protagonist, Reimu or Marisa (both being human). One could overexaggerate and and say “ah, Nitori is shy”. Thus Nitori has been flanderized (and in itself that’s totally normal, flanderization is a fandom process) into a shy girl who’s afraid of everything.

However, this is only through the eyes of the protagonist (once again: humans). And Nitori being a kappa, aka a youkai (and according to her, a youkai that allied to humans sometimes (proved by the fact that she allied to Marisa in SA)) who sees, for the first time in long (“it’s been so long since i’ve actually seen a human”), either a human with the biggest lazer ray in existence, either THE shrine maiden that can wreck everything up, you can guess that her first reaction would be “shit, gotta GO”, especially since she was trying her optical camouflage and thought it would work all the way through.

And that “protagonist subjectivity” is completely lost in HM/ULiL, where she tries to set a business. This time, there’s no “protagonist glasses”, only her kappalistic self. Which came as a shock for many considering how radical of a difference it was from the scaredy “uwaaah i’m going away there’s a human” Nitori from MoF, but it’s not that surprising if you read her dialogue from MoF and if you view her as a person and not as a single personality trait.

There’s also Akyuu’s page of Nitori in Symposium of Post-Mysticism, which has an interesting line:

“Perhaps because of her timidness, she tends to run away when approached by humans or youkai if she is alone. She acts bright and cheerful while in her circle of friends, but when she alone is unable to flee, she adopts a haughty attitude. Deep in her heart she believes she is superior to humans and other youkai, and it is obvious that she is doing her best to keep the idea, standing against the fact.”

That’s exactly how a shy person acts. They tend to have a bigger personality around people they’re comfortable with and alone.

What I said about Nitori also applies on every character, Byakuren being deeper than “i’m kind to youkais”, Sanae having a “good kid” and a “i’m gonna slay the youkais”, and Reimu’s “i’m gonna beat all the youkais i see if thye misbehave because it’s my job but i can have fun with the enemy if they’re not threatening”.

When I say “there is no objectivity in gensokyo”, what i mean is “source materials like the principal games where you incarnate a protagoniss and print works like akyuu’s books” have this biased subjectivity from the “author”’s actions, role and context. There is literally NOTHING wrong with that! It just means that to thoroughly get someone’s personality, you have to read things with carefulness and critical thinking. Personally, the best way to see characters in an “unbiased way” are the multiplayer games like PoFV or the fighters, and the mangas (even though there’s protagonists in those).

But then again, ZUN is COMPLETELY unpredictable in how he writes his characters. The best examples would be Ran, Kisume, and Nitori.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. headcanon:

The humanoid mutants of the Zone leave many Stalkers uncomfortable for good reason - they are the formerly human inhabitants of the area that were present during the formation of the C-Consciousness in 2007. While just seven scientists formed the hivemind, their experiments were supported by a huge contingent of civilian and military personnel who were left at the mercy of the noosphere’s effects on their minds and bodies.

Many of these mutants still cling to the memory of their previous lives by wearing familiar clothing and lingering near their former posts. Their mutations and abilities also reflect much of their previous natures.

Lengthy info under the cut - 

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Symbra prompt: First meeting from @emancipator2992

She didn’t know how many people were still chasing her. The constant thudding of boots in the background kept her moving. Her eye stung from the blood running down her forehead and her breath came out in shallow puffs. It was an inconvenient time for her optical camouflage to be malfunctioning.

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Shadow Keaton

Background: (in progress) A custom shadow fox made for Helena, the daughter of Moonbay, by entrepreneur McMann. Due to some bad intel Helena attempted to steal the base shadow fox from McMann but was caught in the act. Rather than turn her over to the authorities, McMann instead made a deal with her, impressed by her capabilities, he enlisted her as advertisement of sorts. He would give her the fox and customize it, in return she would travel to zoids shows to display the new zoid, and send most of her winnings back to McMann to pay off her debt for the zoid and parts. The color scheme came from the legend of the goddess Quetzalcoatl.

Beam Katana x2
35mm pulse laser rifle x2
Electron Bite Fangs
Strike Laser Claw x4

Optic camouflage
3D Radar
Smoke Discharger x4
Ion Booster x4

Crew: 1
Weight: 55 tons
Max Speed: 220 mph

The build:
An hmm shadow fox and the 9 tails conversion kit by Metal Plus. The paint scheme is inspired by Lucoa’s hair from Kobayashi Dragon Maid. The tails are a bit of a pain and like to fall apart or just fall off, but they look very awesome and I’m very happy I bought this kit. Let me know what you think!


Uncovering the Willow Ptarmigan Diorama 

OKAY SO THIS IS COOL. The Reptile Hall is getting ready to undergo some renovations, and the first step in the process was to dismantle the square diorama case which previously housed Carl Akeley’s striped hyenas in the corner of the hall. But what NOBODY EXPECTED was to find a hidden diorama that had been blocked from view for ??? years. 

Not only that, this is a really, really cool diorama because it’s actually two dioramas in one. The lighting mechanism isn’t functional right now, but when you approach you notice that it’s dark. The idea is that there’d be two lighting sources, two scenes (with two animals) that mirror one another, and a two way mirror. 

The photos I snapped depict a willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) in a summer scene, sporting its summer plumage. In the winter, the bird’s plumage turns white. Here, the summer diorama is actually mounted to the ceiling of the diorama case, so when you shine a light through the front of the glass, that’s what is reflected back from the two way mirror. That means, behind the mirror is the second diorama: the winter scene, with a reversed taxidermied ptarmigan in a mirrored, winter landscape. Visitors could then approach the diorama and experience two different camouflage phases of the same animal, seamlessly fading from one to the other. 

I hope we can fix up the lights again soon because this is AWESOME 

Ptarmigan Bird Exhibit, Seasonal Plumage, Hall 20 diorama © The Field Museum, Z86694 and © The Field Museum, Z86693.

Elite 4 at Nudist Beach
Elite 4 at Nudist Beach

Kill la Kill Drama CD 4 Track 6 1:37-2:35 Script pg 459

[The Elite 4 at the Nudist Beach base]

Gamagori: Are you telling us to wear this?
Inumuta: “Wear”? More like you’re just covering your genitals with a gunbelt.
Mikisugi: That’s the battle gear of the Nudist Beach. It was designed to be useful equipped on a naked body.
Jakuzure: Oh, okay then.
G: Jakuzure, are you going to wear it?
J: We don’t have our goku uniforms anymore, so what else are we gonna wear? Lady Satsuki’d laugh at us if we go into battle wearing those half-assed tracksuits.
Iori: True, Inumuta’s Optical Camouflage was overloaded and his Probe Regalia Mk.II was destroyed. Once we rebelled from REVOCS Corp, we are no longer able to replenish our stocks of Life Fibers. We can neither maintain or create new goku uniforms. Our only weapons are what we have on us right now.
G: Stripped to nothing, when in Rome do as the Romans do, huh?
Inumuta: No, what he meant was choose the optimal equipment depending on the situation.
Sanageyama: So, from now on the Honnouji Student Coucil joins forces with Nudist Beach, huh.
J: Sure, why not?
Tsumugu: If you all choose to disrobe, I am fine with that.


Nitori Kawashiro - Mountain of Faith (first 3 pictures) and Double Spoiler (last gif). She also appeared in Impossible Spell Card and had the same sprite as in MoF.

In the second picture I hope you can see how Nitori is rotating. And in the third one I tried to capture her optical camouflage but there are lots of bullets on the screen and it is very difficult to see it.


Steyr AUG A3 M1

Another Steyr AUG but with the factory optic and a camouflaged stock set. The camo pattern is called “Muddy Girl”. It seems like an odd combo for a tactical rifle but as more women enter the firearms community, having the option is always nice. At work I’ve sold a few guns with the Muddy Girl camo pattern and all of the buyers were women, but considering the price point of an AUG, the seller of this one may have it for a while. (GRH)

Ira Gamagoori and Mako Mankanshoku

What’s that? You said you wanted a post about Ira Gamagoori and Mako Mankanshoku? Essentially a scene-by-scene of their interactions ranging from hints of friendship to perhaps more? This post’s central focus is on Gamagoori’s behavior and reactions toward Mako.


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