optical camouflage

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. headcanon:

The humanoid mutants of the Zone leave many Stalkers uncomfortable for good reason - they are the formerly human inhabitants of the area that were present during the formation of the C-Consciousness in 2007. While just seven scientists formed the hivemind, their experiments were supported by a huge contingent of civilian and military personnel who were left at the mercy of the noosphere’s effects on their minds and bodies.

Many of these mutants still cling to the memory of their previous lives by wearing familiar clothing and lingering near their former posts. Their mutations and abilities also reflect much of their previous natures.

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Uncovering the Willow Ptarmigan Diorama 

OKAY SO THIS IS COOL. The Reptile Hall is getting ready to undergo some renovations, and the first step in the process was to dismantle the square diorama case which previously housed Carl Akeley’s striped hyenas in the corner of the hall. But what NOBODY EXPECTED was to find a hidden diorama that had been blocked from view for ??? years. 

Not only that, this is a really, really cool diorama because it’s actually two dioramas in one. The lighting mechanism isn’t functional right now, but when you approach you notice that it’s dark. The idea is that there’d be two lighting sources, two scenes (with two animals) that mirror one another, and a two way mirror. 

The photos I snapped depict a willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) in a summer scene, sporting its summer plumage. In the winter, the bird’s plumage turns white. Here, the summer diorama is actually mounted to the ceiling of the diorama case, so when you shine a light through the front of the glass, that’s what is reflected back from the two way mirror. That means, behind the mirror is the second diorama: the winter scene, with a reversed taxidermied ptarmigan in a mirrored, winter landscape. Visitors could then approach the diorama and experience two different camouflage phases of the same animal, seamlessly fading from one to the other. 

I hope we can fix up the lights again soon because this is AWESOME 

Ptarmigan Bird Exhibit, Seasonal Plumage, Hall 20 diorama © The Field Museum, Z86694 and © The Field Museum, Z86693.

Ira Gamagoori and Mako Mankanshoku

What’s that? You said you wanted a post about Ira Gamagoori and Mako Mankanshoku? Essentially a scene-by-scene of their interactions ranging from hints of friendship to perhaps more? This post’s central focus is on Gamagoori’s behavior and reactions toward Mako.


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Steyr AUG A3 M1

Another Steyr AUG but with the factory optic and a camouflaged stock set. The camo pattern is called “Muddy Girl”. It seems like an odd combo for a tactical rifle but as more women enter the firearms community, having the option is always nice. At work I’ve sold a few guns with the Muddy Girl camo pattern and all of the buyers were women, but considering the price point of an AUG, the seller of this one may have it for a while. (GRH)

Operation Fortress Infiltration

That had taken longer than she’d hoped. Then again, she really should’ve taken into account the measures the DWNs would take so they wouldn’t be found. Each second into the delay only served to add to Roll’s worry for Elec. What are they doing to him right now? Why did they do this? It was beginning to sound like the very first time Dr. Wily had kidnapped the 1st Gens.

Rush had finally managed to catch up with the island fortress, following the abnormal energy signatures its generators were emitting. While they got the exact location pinpointed, the island itself was nowhere to be found in plain sight. It didn’t need a supercomputer to figure out that the island was protected with an optic camouflage system.

Roll took the time to study the plans Concrete had sent her. It’s basic, but it’s all she had to work with at the moment. Should they go in through the front? What about surveillance? This was harder than she thought.


She came up with a plan, somewhat, and then sat down (sidesaddle) onto Rush’s back, just so she wouldn’t be a bigger target in case of attacks. Her laser broom on hand, Roll took a deep breath and said, “Okay, let’s do this, Rush.” Rush responded with a bark and then started their descent.

Past the invisibility field, Roll could now see the island in its entirety. It was bigger than she’d imagined (even with the plans); how would she start searching inside it—

—That was the least of her worries. Having something identified as hostile enter their range, the fortress’ perimeter defenses activated and started firing surface-to-air missiles at the intruder. Horrified, Roll instinctively ducked behind Rush, arms covering her head as the robo-dog tried his best to dodge the incoming barrage. Rock would never forgive him if Roll got hurt.

This was really happening; she’d really gone and gotten herself in too deep. Would she falter now? Still shaking, Roll looked up just in time to see a missile fly by them as Rush rolled out of the way. This would’ve been easy for Rock, she thought, if only she had a buster…
Oh, wait!
She got herself out of her ball and could see what they were up against. If they kept on their original path, it’d be next to impossible to get through the defenses in one piece.

“Rush, let’s go down to the water!” Roll suggested. There would more than likely be underwater guards, but she’d take them over the surface-to-air missiles. She just hoped that was the case.

Rush dived towards the surface of the sea, transforming into his Rush Marine form before they plunged underwater.


Nitori Kawashiro - Mountain of Faith (first 3 pictures) and Double Spoiler (last gif). She also appeared in Impossible Spell Card and had the same sprite as in MoF.

In the second picture I hope you can see how Nitori is rotating. And in the third one I tried to capture her optical camouflage but there are lots of bullets on the screen and it is very difficult to see it.