optical camouflage


Shadow Keaton

Background: (in progress) A custom shadow fox made for Helena, the daughter of Moonbay, by entrepreneur McMann. Due to some bad intel Helena attempted to steal the base shadow fox from McMann but was caught in the act. Rather than turn her over to the authorities, McMann instead made a deal with her, impressed by her capabilities, he enlisted her as advertisement of sorts. He would give her the fox and customize it, in return she would travel to zoids shows to display the new zoid, and send most of her winnings back to McMann to pay off her debt for the zoid and parts. The color scheme came from the legend of the goddess Quetzalcoatl.

Beam Katana x2
35mm pulse laser rifle x2
Electron Bite Fangs
Strike Laser Claw x4

Optic camouflage
3D Radar
Smoke Discharger x4
Ion Booster x4

Crew: 1
Weight: 55 tons
Max Speed: 220 mph

The build:
An hmm shadow fox and the 9 tails conversion kit by Metal Plus. The paint scheme is inspired by Lucoa’s hair from Kobayashi Dragon Maid. The tails are a bit of a pain and like to fall apart or just fall off, but they look very awesome and I’m very happy I bought this kit. Let me know what you think!


Steyr AUG A3 M1

Another Steyr AUG but with the factory optic and a camouflaged stock set. The camo pattern is called “Muddy Girl”. It seems like an odd combo for a tactical rifle but as more women enter the firearms community, having the option is always nice. At work I’ve sold a few guns with the Muddy Girl camo pattern and all of the buyers were women, but considering the price point of an AUG, the seller of this one may have it for a while. (GRH)


Nitori Kawashiro - Mountain of Faith (first 3 pictures) and Double Spoiler (last gif). She also appeared in Impossible Spell Card and had the same sprite as in MoF.

In the second picture I hope you can see how Nitori is rotating. And in the third one I tried to capture her optical camouflage but there are lots of bullets on the screen and it is very difficult to see it.