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Optical Float Paintings Suspended in Layers of Glass by Wilfried Grootens

Artist Wilfried Grootens paints extraordinary figures comprised of dots and tendrils sandwiched between dozens of laminate glass layers. These strangely precise optical float paintings take on the form of some fantastic microscopic creatures and are sometimes reminiscent of the photos depicting the milliseconds before a nuclear explosion. The design of each cube is so precise, the thin layers of paint appear to completely vanish when viewed from a side angle.

At the age of 15 Grootens first apprenticed as a glass painter at the Derix Company in Germany where he learned to restore antique stained glass windows. Four years later he left on a near decade-long adventure to travel the world, play music, and experience the cultures of Asia and South America before eventually returning to his work with glass. In 1988, he received a Master Craftsman’s Diploma in Munich and by the following year had opened his own studio in Kleve.   Thanks Colossal

Grootens will have work at the upcoming SOFA Expo Chicago through Habatat Galleries starting November 5th.

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Victor Vasarely Father of Op-Art

Vasarely is widely regarded as the father of Op-Art.
He is a major master of 20th century art. His paintings are in the permanent collections of many important museums around the world.
During the 1960’s and 70’s his optical images became part of the popular culture, having a deep impact on architecture, computer science, fashion, and the way we now look at things in general.  Even though he achieved great fame he insisted on making his art accessible to everyone. His motto was “Art for all”.
The breakthrough brought by his “kinetic” visual experiments transformed the flat surface into a world of unending possibilities, book marking an era in the history of art  and foreshadowing a new global reality shaped by programming and the Internet. Rogallery

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From 180 Canvases’ Behance page:

“180 Canvases is a site specific installation designed to fill the space of Arrow Factory gallery in JianChang Hutong, Beijing. Arrow Factory is a 15 m² independently run alternative art space founded by artists Rania Ho and Wang Wei, which occupies a former vegetable stand and which is now hosting exhibitions on a monthly base. We played with the original concept of the space, a shop-like show window facing the hutong lane, inserting an element of surprise to catch attention of passing-by viewers. The contrast of a colourful Wunderkammer featuring 180 canvases painted by hand strikes with the grey colour of surrounding walls, bringing some reminder to local tradition of chinese colourful paper cutting and the common habit of people to hang up wires on which they put clothes to dry on the public lanes.”

The installation is part of Instant Hutong’s pursuit of “Theory of Moments,” a research project that investigates undefined, “abandoned or under-used spaces in downtown Beijing.” The end turns flat, colored canvases into a a stunning rainbow lattice:

Enjoy more of 180 Canvases, and check out more work by the artists on the Instant Hutong website.



HEYNIEK Mannequins handmade for Modebelofte

My name is Niek Pulles, graduated in 2009 at Design Academy Eindhoven / Man and Identity.

Blurring boundaries between product design and fashion while investigating the interacts between body and material is the core of my work.

Childhood inspiration, archetypes, primitive forms with a hands on technique describes my creative signature. If you would have to give it a name I would prefer researcher and visual designer always with an unorthodox approach towards new processes.


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