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Look at this lovely little stack of books. It would be a shame if someone came and… knocked them over…


Faceted vortex marble

From the unique vantage point of about 25,000 feet above Earth, our Associate Administrator of Science at NASA, Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, witnessed the 2017 eclipse. He posted this video to his social media accounts saying, “At the speed of darkness…watch as #SolarEclipse2017 shadow moves across our beautiful planet at <1 mile/second; as seen from GIII aircraft”. 

Zurbuchen, along with NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot, Associate Administrator Lesa Roe traveled on a specially modified Gulfstream III aircraft flying north over the skies of Oregon.

In order to capture images of the event, the standard windows of the Gulfstream III were replaced with optical glass providing a clear view of the eclipse. This special glass limits glare and distortion of common acrylic aircraft windows. Heaters are aimed at the windows where the imagery equipment will be used to prevent icing that could obscure a clear view of the eclipse.

Learn more about the observations of the eclipse made from this aircraft HERE.

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English subtitled version of 2017 ハートアップU29割 TVCM

Nihon Optical’s Heart Up contact lenses and glasses supply teamed up with the Matsuno brothers for new animated commercials as part of its “Heart Up x Mr. Osomatsu U29%” campaign, reminding us all how much we want more of the anime.

Commercials are great, quick resource to brush up on your Japanese listening comprehension! Not to mention Japanese commercials are (barely) arguably the best in the world!

Analyzation of the ‘3′ photo

- There isn’t “KILL” before ‘security mode’ anymore

  • Why?

- There is time and date added, it wasn’t in the previous one

  • Today’s date

- The person talking to Mark is, judging by the height difference, probably Tyler

  • Or maybe even Mick Lauer (according to IMDb, he’s 6′1)?

- Slightly adjusted ↴

- The 3D effect

- Either is the taller person shaking hands with Mark, the man is explaining something and using hand gestures along, they’re arguing or handling him something

  • What could they be giving? And who to who?

- The person is wearing a jacket cap and jacket that looks slightly leather-ish

  • I dunno about you but in my country, this is how delivery boys look like. Meaning it supports the idea of the man handling Mark something

- Mark is also wearing some type of jacket

  • You know which iplier wears jackets (Bim Trimmer, duh) BUT it is also oddly similar to the jacket Mark wore in ‘FNAF: The Musical’

- ADDED: He’s also wearing glasses

  • Only Mark himself, Bim Trimmer, Googleplier(s) AND Mark from FNAF: The Musical are naturally wearing optic glasses. Of course, it can be Darkiplier in disguise as well

- It looks like this camera is hidden behind some type of slats

  • That’s not something I would expect on a castle/mansion/however you identify the old building the Big Project was supposed to be shot in. Considering date this was recorded on (7th October 2017) and the release date (13th October 2017) this might be a prologue to the actual thing/first video in the multipart project

Feel free to add more/theorize more


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