Volvo 144 (1966-74, this is a ‘73-74)

Strange to think that the thoroughly modern 144 was first introduced way back in 1966, when the Amazon and PV Series were still rolling off the line, but that’s just the way Volvo works; the 240 Series ran well past its expiration date as well, produced alongside cars meant to replace them.

Good friends of mine have owned various 144 and 145s and there’s much to love about them. There is the emergency brake between the driver seat and the door in anticipation of a bench seat that never was developed, or the fact that you shifted through the first four gears using the floor mounted gearshift, but overdrive was engaged via a small column shift lever. Strange, but awesome.

Outside there is that long elegant grille that I wish was still a Volvo design cue, and that little stylized “V” trim on the C-pillar. Lastly there’s that fuel injection system which despite having it explained several times, is still a mystery to me. 

Seen in NE Portland

OPT et cetera...

Good morning everyone.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about a new development to the site- more like an addition, actually. See, over the past year or so I have realized that Tumblr is a world of brevity, one that thrives on single images and short posts. Not exactly my style, as I like to give you all something to read as well as a decent shot of each car from all angles, situation permitting. Posts like this are more difficult to reblog and share, which conflicts a bit with the goal of Tumblr. Sometimes a single good shot can say so much more.

With this realization I wanted to introduce OPT et cetera


It will be a source for single images I found to be more interesting, as well as the new repository for all of my Instagram posts ( coming soon…though I have never been a fan, I will give it a chance), all in an easily shareable format.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for following along!