OPT et cetera...

Good morning everyone.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about a new development to the site- more like an addition, actually. See, over the past year or so I have realized that Tumblr is a world of brevity, one that thrives on single images and short posts. Not exactly my style, as I like to give you all something to read as well as a decent shot of each car from all angles, situation permitting. Posts like this are more difficult to reblog and share, which conflicts a bit with the goal of Tumblr. Sometimes a single good shot can say so much more.

With this realization I wanted to introduce OPT et cetera


It will be a source for single images I found to be more interesting, as well as the new repository for all of my Instagram posts ( coming soon…though I have never been a fan, I will give it a chance), all in an easily shareable format.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for following along!