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The BC Liberals co-optation of the word “liberal” is so irritating and confusing and I’m sure that’s by design.

Well once upon a time the BC Liberals acted like Liberals, but they got flooded with Social Credit supporters and activists after that party died, entrenching it on the right side of the spectrum.

Them continuing to use the Liberal brand is pretty misleading. I wish they would change their name to something more fitting for a centre-right party. Most people don’t think of Liberal when they think of that political party and its actions.

But on returning to the UK, he encountered the beneficiaries of the system he thought he had left behind – the oligarchs and bureaucrats turned businessmen who have siphoned wealth out of Russia and into London, the gilded post-Soviet youth who spend their time surrounded by their peers in an exclusive network of Mayfair nightclubs. For Pomerantsev, the west’s willingness to accept the Russian elite’s money is the ominous sign of a “slow patient co-optation” by the Kremlin. But one could equally argue the opposite: that many of the features he describes – the glamour and the graft, the vast gulf between haves and have-nots – are lingering symptoms of Russia’s own integration into a globalised neoliberal order, and that its many failings hold up a funhouse mirror to our own.