When the characters in the fanfiction you’re reading are both hopelessly in love with eachother but they think the other doesn’t like them back and they are just communicating horribly and getting interupted at al the wrong times and you just freaking

What if Chad not wanting to dance is actually a metaphor for him telling Ryan that he's not into guys. And Ryan is trying to get Chad to "dance" because he is in love with Chad and wants Chad to realize his true feelings, and then at the end, when Chad says he might dance, Ryan just gets that look like "Yiss, I'm getting laid tonight" and then in the next scene they are wearing each other's clothes...

And that’s why Ryan randomly got with Kelsi in the third one, because Disney felt that Ryan was getting to explicit.


you come into MY house and try to tell me that i dont dance isnt a thinly veiled metaphor for homosexuality 

on this day

the day of my daughters wedding

Ok so remember a little while ago when I was reading all that fanfiction and I wouldn’t tell you guys what the pairing was. Well, it was Chad/Ryan from High School Musical. So reading all of that I was like “well shit, I haven’t heard some of those songs in a while” and I listened to “I don’t dance” then proceeded to have it stuck in my head so anyways I went to youtube and watched the video and got reminded of how… well.. gay that entire dance number was so I made this comment and apparently 120 people agreed with me.

I feel so proud *wipes tears out of my eyes*