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part of the BTS X Hogwarts series.
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it looks like he’s wearing gryffindor colours im dead

Merry Christmas everybody! I had planned a bunch of Christmas themed things for you guys, but as always, I run out of time to write them and I’m the slowest writer in the world- so, I’m really sorry that there could be no real Christmas scenarios or drabbles this year. Next year, however, I do plan on hosting some Christmas drabble games, so, hopefully that is enticing enough for you to stay.

Nonetheless, we’re back with the BTS x Hogwarts series, continuing with no other than Kim Taehyung!

  • Unlike Jimin, the Sorting Hat was fairly fast upon picking Gryffindor for Taehyung
  • Although it was torn between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, the hat chose the latter and Taehyung was honestly thrilled upon entering the most legendary house
  • He has no real friends in Gryffindor, as he entered as a lone wolf, but he’s one of those kids who makes friends before he’s sitting down after being sorted
  • So it’s no issue, he’s friends with everybody if he can help it
  • I think Taehyung would be one of those students who really wants to prove how worthy he is of being in Gryffindor, so he always works hard in his subjects and is really understanding and supportive towards his housemates in any year
  • First years tend to follow the influence of other students so they’re always too afraid to approach other houses
  • Not Taehyung
  • Taehyung is contagious and everybody in Hogwarts either knows him, is friends with him, or has heard about him. He’s just somebody who unintentionally causes a bit of trouble and can sometimes be the cause of many misunderstandings and disputes, but he’s such a hardworking and loyal student and friend and he’s quick to diffuse any tension if he can
  • Okay, going off into visuals, everybody’s favourite part

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