Do you know about Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

If you’ve ever had the absolute pleasure of meeting a cat with CH, you’ll know how quirky and charming they typically are!

Teddy, the CEO of The Tiny Tabby, has CH. He is the happiest, sweetest and most loving cat I have ever encountered. He is very lucky that someone with knowledge of his condition rescued him. Knowledge really can save lives!

Want to see how a typical CH cat walks?

Cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia are special needs cats, and you should learn all about them before adopting.
If you adopt ANY animal, you never know what challenges you will face taking care of them. With mild to moderate CH cats, small changes to your home will accommodate a CH cat. CH cats typically do not require tons of extra work, you just need to make sure they can get around your home.
Personally, I carpeted my staircase and got a a litter box that was easy to get into. CH cats should never ever ever ever be de-clawed. Cats rely on their claws to catch themselves from falling, and are actually a part of their paws (they are not like human fingernails). While all cats should have this natural part of their body, CH cats need them more than the average cat.

Learn more about CH cats here.

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Harvard Medical Scientists Say Police Killings Should Be Recorded As Public Epidemic
"No act of Congress is needed. No police department need be involved."

Police need to be forced to record every single death that results from their existence to a non law enforcement entity. This would enable Public Health Departments to provide real time information about police killings. It’s absolutely appalling that the police can opt out of keeping track of how many people they kill.

Stiles:  Derek put me down!

Derek:   How about no?

Stiles: Derek! For the love of— put me down now, or I swear I’m going to end you! To your end!

Derek:   I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to get yourself possessed by a Japanese fox demon and mated to a coyote. Don’t think I’m letting you out of my sight any time soon.

Stiles:  DEREK!!!


Real Life Opt Martin & Amanda

“I was at home one day when a package from Martin arrived. He sent me a beautiful bracelet and ring with a note saying he hoped it would cheer me up. How wonderful is that? I’m lucky to be with someone as romantic now as he was when we met 12 years ago.”


Spent the weekend roaming the redwoods, lush with green from El Niño’s rain.

Redwood National Park, CA. March 2016. (Instagram)


Sterek AU: Stiles is starting to think it may not have been the best choice jumping into some stranger’s car while trying to avoid the Sheriff. This guy’s eyebrows are giving off definite serial killer vibes and he doesn’t seem to be responding well to Stiles natural wit and charm. 

Luckily for Stiles, Derek almost definitely won’t kill him. When the Sheriff finds out that his son carjacked his new deputy however, it might be a different story (insp.)


Japanese artist Chooo-san Paints Realistic, Non Photoshopped Body Art

Japanese artist known as Chooo-san paints hyperrealistic body modification art without the aid of any image editing digital software. The young Musashino Art University student creates body paintings that showcase cleverly positioned electrical and mechanical components such as buttons and switches into the human anatomy.  

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