opss i love you

VIXX reaction - you confessing accidentally in front of the members

N: He ignores members’ giggling. “Oh wow.. well I like you too.”

Leo: Members tease him alot and he is fighting between punching them or getting extremely shy because of you confession.

Ken: “I love you more! Opss I mean…” he tries to be goofy and funny but also bring attention to him, so you don’t feel  so embarrassed.

Ravi: He is more embarrassed than you are, He blushes and weakly tries to tell other member to stop laughing. For him it’s really precious moment~

Hongbin: He is so surprised! But also very happy, but members’ chanting “Kiss! Kiss!” is not helping.

Hyuk: He jusy tells members to shut up! And tries to turn it into joke, game or just change subject somehow.

“We’ll talk later” he whispers to you.