opspe  asked:

Okay here's a question. What does it mean to "be triggered" or to "trigger someone" ? Does it even have a meaning other than to piss someone off?

The only time you will hear of triggers in the real world is in a support group basically. There are rules in place so that we can talk about our shit without making someone uncomfortable. But it’s nowhere near as dramatic as the people on here are making it seem. 

Like, don’t touch anyone, try to be semi-vague {i.e saying something like “I was having urges..” instead of going into grand detail} but at the same time, people are usually free to walk out if they start to feel uneasy. I’ve had to do it before, there’s no shame in it.

Tumblr however makes me ashamed to say the phrase “I have triggers” since the people on here think it’s “anything that I don’t care to see/read" 

A real trigger would be someone talking about all the crack they did last night next to an addict who’s trying to recover. Or maybe someone with PTSD looking into their child’s face and only being able to see their rapist father. 

Just another serious word that Tumblr has perverted.