Outtakes from a zine I’m putting together with some other excellent photographers. The zine is about buying second hand clothing as a sustainable way of looking heaps cool all the time and will be available to purchase in the not too distant future.

My sis @spoonandtalk I were on our way to a plant nursery yesterday when we saw a thrift/op shop on the side of the road. That’s how it often happens, unplanned. ⭐️✨ I remember her asking me weeks ago what my ‘holy grail’ of finds would be and I actually found it yesterday! An actual 1986 Popples like I had when I was a kid - still with tail attached! I can’t stop looking at that goofy face 😍💖⭐️✨💫 #popples #vintagetoy #kitschtoy #80stoy #90stoy #retrotoy #opshop #thriftshop

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I think it’s safe to say that nothing beats sushi, especially when there’s rad flavours like chilli tofu and beetroot, spinach, and gherkin 🍙🌿 And it’s even better when shared with Ma on these lovely little golden antique plates that my Nana found in an opshop ✨

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