My health insurance is expiring at the end of this month.  Oregon Health Co-Op, like pretty much every healthcare co-op, is dead. The dream of a patient-owned healthcare provider is dead. (Mostly thanks to Republicans sabotaging them.)

I only found this out when I went to pay my bill a week ago. Their website at the time claimed that my coverage would continue until the end of the year, and only group plans (like for businesses) would see theirs expire July 31st.

Well I got a letter today letting me know that all of the plans are expiring. I have six days to get coverage before my current one expires.

I’m not too worried, since I’ve found one that’s basically the same thing as what I have now, with the upside that it includes vision and dental (yay!) and the downside that it’s slightly more expensive, even accounting for that (boo!).

Anyways, thanks for fucking with me capitalism. Definitely feelin that free market.