dat-root asked:

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the S3 premiere of OB...

a little bit of a trainwreck if im being completely honest. pacing was very skewed & off. the scenes they chose to transition between were…odd choices, tonally. which was also in general very off for me. i see what (i think) they were trying to do but they did not succeed imo. most prominently i was thrown off by the opener, and by the scene with alison-as-sarah in interrogation which i personally felt was WILDLY off-tone and was more than a little uncomfortable with the odd, forced meshing of an almost comedic element of absurdity (which tends to come part and parcel with alison’s participation in any scene) with the disturbing borderline/not-so-borderline sexual harassment occurring. in keeping, i suppose, with their tendency to have heavy, heavy things happen to alison but still blindly insist on having her be the “comedic relief.” i just felt it should have been treated as horrific/dangerous as it was, while the show seemed like it wanted me to laugh at how in over her head alison is?

im not surprised that they continue to do major character development leaps whose progression evidently is assumed to happen offscreen, but it still disappoints me. i like where they are taking delphine, because i personally have always seen (and hoped for) this potential in her character, but i would have liked to see the journey, not just the sudden outcome. the show seems more and more intent on being about flash rather than substance. talking scorpion is ?????? i enjoyed the opener more the second time but it’s more out of “lmao this is awful” than like, actual appreciation.

moving on from being a wet blanket, the inter-character interactions were pretty spot on as always. i loved the cophine breakup, it’s exactly how that should have panned out, and exactly how they would behave in that situation. sarah & felix had me giggling. although the sarah/mrs. s scene doesnt sit right with me, mainly because it didnt feel like mrs. s to me? controversial though it is to profess, i also loved the delphine/rachel scenes for a variety of reasons that would need their own post (although, again–while the “i’m you now” was a great OH DANG moment, actually saying that out loud felt a bit awkward. like the writers are looking directly at us and are trying to tell us how things are instead of showing us, which im sure theyre doing to save time but…again…character development & portrayal suffers bc they have too much theyre trying to do plotwise, as has been a longstanding gripe of mine). i am very intrigued to see where the season will take them. i am still wholly uninterested in the castor clones.

i think that sums me up.

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