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Viktuuri Wedding redrawing ‘cause I saID I WAS GONNA DO IT

Original post idea by @miyukiz

witchy-woman’s spell jars.

Y’all are requesting spell jars I already have, and i realized they are properly buried in my blog so here’s what we have so far (plus the other posts like recipes and tutorials) 

Updated – February 16th 2017


O T H E R  P O S T S 




These patches are up on my etsy shop, SapphicStitches! Get one and show off your autistic/neurodivergent pride!

Once these sell out, worry not – I’ll be making more soon. You are welcome to request a custom made patch too.

The patches have an adhesive on the back for quick and easy application. Sew-on options are available for some of them too. Find more information on each listing at my shop.

All proceeds will go to my top surgery fund. Thank you for your support, either by checking out my patches or by signal boosting this <3