Opry member Carrie Underwood welcomed Almay to Nashville as part of the launch of her campaign as their Global Brand Ambassador. Carrie will represent the full range of Almay products, including the newest 2014 launches. Here she is giving them a personal tour of her other home, the Grand Ole Opry House!


Alternative pop-rock musician Lorde performed a sold-out show in the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tenn., on September 22, 2014. As an attendee, not a journalist, for a concert for the first time in a year, I grabbed my Canon power-shot model to take pictures of an artist that moved me since my college radio days at Western Kentucky University.

“I like these roads where the houses don’t change,” Lorde vocalizes in her known melancholy sultry tone, lyrics from ‘400 Lux.’  “I do Nashville. My mum stood here earlier today and it was a big moment for her. She said you don’t get to play the grand Ole Opry until you’re someone.” 

I nodded, then I cried. We have a certain quite amount of allegiance to the ‘queens’ in the musician world. I knew tears would happen. I refused to even put slight mascara on, but I donned a black leather ensemble.  I never experienced myself as a “fangirl,” but I honestly couldn’t believe where I was. I was six feet away from Lorde, my ticket was seat three of the front row. I woke up here today in Bowling Green and asked “did last night really happen?” So, that was my Monday night. I shared this because a lot, or maybe too many, of you guys know I love Lorde.

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