I just went into Star Vs. The Forces of Evil’s Reddit page regarding the sharing post on the #SaveWOY Campaign to renew Wander Over Yonder for one more season, and the commenters stated that mailing letters are a better approach than just petitions. I think we already agreed with that notion much earlier and the recent guide stressed it well. Though it’s still fine to use the petition as a way to show interests in helping out the first time before finding other ways like the mailing portions.

Of course Hey Arnold and Kim Possible did it. And Gravity Falls fans stressed more on the mailing list for the Complete Series DVD Box Set cause they feel that it works effectively (they also have a petition as side project).

(Hey Arnold’s Opruth Mailing Campaign to Nick President to be informed of the fans’ interests in the long awaited Jungle Movie, now in production with Craig Bartlett executive producing and writing)

(Gravity Falls’ Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray Box Set Mailing Campaign Example Above, though not word as of now, but the GF fans are still working hard on the letters. Of course of all the recipients, Gary Marsh is the most important executive to contact since he’s President of all Disney Channels, Marc Bujah and Eric Coleman you can still mail to keep them informed)

One idea I’ve seen involves sending the letters all at once to increase the rate of delivery to Disney instead of slowly in different days. Which could help Disney get more informed that way. Though one factor would be different locations in different time zones and Postal Services’ schedule that could vary in its proper destination (US Time Zone corresponding would work fine, just on International deliveries that have Airplane routes that could be delivered in various times).

For anyone living outside of the U.S. makes sure you label your addresses your country of origin (like sending from “France” to “U.S.A.” under the full address for example), and you’ll need an International First Class Stamp which you could find at your local Postal Shop or Amazon.com. It’s not that difficult to find stamps actually. Same applies to the U.S. for stamps which can be found at your local U.S. Postal Services location or Amazon. They’re cheap actually in cents.

Just wanted to share here about making some fresh ideas on stressing the mailing campaign to work a bit effectively amongst other ways like petitions, supporting the show in its premiere and reruns, merchandise requests (start small though), the #SaveWOY Fan Boom and sharing what you like about it and okay to critique it and discuss about it, or just enjoy it with anyone who might be interested in it. Even then it’s still a long shot and may not work either way, but it never hurts to help.

Refresher on setting up a mail:

Peepsqueak’s Guide to Writing a #SaveWOY Letter

Mailing Address Format With Stamps

Letter Template Guide (if anyone has a hard time writing a proper mail, you can send it to tmdawgs PM Box for proofread to make it look clearer and polished)

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The Hey Arnold Drama

Alright guys, I’m just throwing my hat in here as someone who was in the middle of all the Hey Arnold OpRuth drama that was uncovered recently.  So far it appears that everything is leading to peace, but let me just say this one thing:

This is not the admins’ fandom.  It belongs to everyone.  You don’t have to be a part of a facebook group or OpRuth to support Hey Arnold.  You just have to love it.  That’s what a fandom is all about.  The only reason for having admins on the OpRuth page was to organize the efforts to save The Jungle Movie.  You don’t have to support The Jungle Movie to be a fan of Hey Arnold and if you do support The Jungle Movie, you can always take matters into your own hands.  Continue writing letters and stories.  Draw those fanart ideas you’ve got floating around in your head.  Trend on twitter.  You don’t need an admin to tell you to do those things; you can do them on your own and will probably find some other people along the way that feel the same way you do, too.

In other words, find a way to express your inner Football Head if you so choose, and don’t let the personal drama between a small group of individuals ruin that experience for you.