ACT Tips and Tricks

The ACT can be a very intense and difficult time for all of our juniors who are repeatedly told that the ACT is the only thing that matters. This is true. Here are some tips and tricks to pass the ACT with a 36.

1. Eat a Good Breakfast. 

Your day begins with breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some healthy breakfast options: 

  • Cereal 
  • Sliced Fruit 
  • Tooth meal 
  • Knowledge 
  • Bicycles 
  • Injured Birds 
  • The ACT 

2. Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is the most important part of a teen’s day. To emphasize this, we’re giving you only 7 hours of homework instead of the usual 8. If you do not get enough sleep, your score will be docked 10%. Do not try and lie. We are watching you. 

 3. Kick a Stranger on the Way to School 

Statistics have shown that kicking a complete stranger on the way to school will boost your chances of getting a 30 or higher. If the stranger is your test proctor, you are eligible for 10 points extra credit. 

 4. Kissing Shrimp 

Shrimp had always been considered a sign of good luck ever since the Dark Mantis Times of Olde. If you kiss a shrimp, you will be gifted with legendary shrimp powers and may become capable to defeat the Dark Mantis. 

 5. Pray 

Did you know that Jesus is your friend? If you let Jesus into your heart, he might be able to answer those difficult test questions for you. Jesus can save you. Jesus can save all of us. 

 Good luck on the ACT!


so like some students at my school made a facebook group where you can post your doodles and this one kid posted the bird watercolor and we were all amazed with the fact that he watercolored in math class so he posted the elephant one to further explain how he watercolors in math class

(the beautiful math class watercolors are obviously not mine, but are Luke W’s)

So I go to Oak Park and River Forest High School and a week or so ago, we had a Black Lives Matter assembly for two periods (it counted as an in-school field trip) that was offered to POC students as a discussion about racism. Because it was an affinity group to talk about racism and create a safe space, white students weren’t allowed to sign up for it. But my school has been receiving so much backlash for it being “racist” and for “reverse racism” and “dishonoring Oak Park’s celebration of diversity” and I’m literally so annoyed and pissed off. 

OPRFHS is notorious for its very obvious racial achievement gap. For example, I’m an Honors/AP track student and just about every single academic class I’ve ever taken at this school has been 80% white students, more often than not, taught by a white teacher. The transitional level classes are predominately black.

I live in the River Forest half, which is more conservative and 95% white (which, lemme tell you, as a little Filipino girl who counted as both the “token Asian” and the “token Mexican” at the same time, it’s rough) so over here, everyone is pretty blatant about how they’re scared of black people and think Hispanics are dumb (my stepdad and half-siblings are Hispanic so we know that firsthand) and hiding their money from those damn liberals.

On the flip side, Oak Park (whom we share a high school with), is mostly upper middle class white people who have prestigious professions (lawyer, doctor, business owner, etc) who pretend to be so liberal and so progressive.

In reality, they pity ethnics and say what sounds right, but when it comes to their kid being “jipped” it’s like OH NO, THIS IS A DISGRACE.

My school is literally rich, old money, white kids in a classroom next door to a classroom with black kids on food stamps and somehow no one realizes how necessary it is to have a safe space to talk about race.

The worst part is the sheer amount of white people complaining about it. Most of them are just upset that they didn’t get to miss two periods of school. It’s just ridiculous. There’s a discussion on how people are too afraid to even wear a hoodie in public because they might get shot (Chicago police are racist as fuck lemme tell you) and then you have white people right outside saying that they’re being discriminated against.

I absolutely hate this community. “Celebrating racial diversity” my ass.


Cinematography, editing and graphics by me.

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This is a great illustration of the Law of Huskie Density. The upperclassman stands are significantly less dense than the underclassman stands. Why? Is it because the upperclassmen don’t care and ditch? Of course not! The upperclassmen are more likely to be taken by the Spirit Spirit, which kidnaps them and holds hostage until the assembly ends.