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Hi Laura! I'm so shocked and sorry to hear about what's happening in Venezuela. Is there anything you can think of that Americans can do to help anyone's situations? Are there charities that can supply aid that you know of? You're all in my thoughts and prayers!

Hi! Uhm, actually, yeah, there are a few organizations that are collecting funds for Venezuela:

  • Feed the Protest, gives food and water to the people protesting in the street. You can donate here.
  • Medical students of the Central University of Venezuela have a list of things that are needed by the UCV First Aid.
  • Blue Helmet, group of health professionals who also provide inmediate help to those injured in the protests. Donate here.
  • Sharing a Life helps children in critical health condition due to the shortage and high cost of food and medicine. You can donate here.
  • Sunrisas, is raising funds for food, medicine and basic hygiene for the children in Venezuela affected by the humanitarian crisis. They also have a list of things you can help buying.
  • Masks vs Bombs helps distributing anti-gas protection for the protestors. You can donate here.
  • Humanitarian Help Venezuela helps those affected by the social and economic situation You can donate here.
  • Donamed, is a web that works collecting funds and medicines. You can donate here.
  • Together for Venezuela, a group from San Francisco collecting medicines to send them to those in need. You can donate here.

Those are the ones i could find, maybe there are more. If you donate, even the smallest amount, you’re helping this country survive and fight our opressors! If can’t donate it’s okay just please spread this information, help save my country in anyway you can!

“i hate [opressor]!” posts are always acceptable unless the opressor is men or white people then thats Too Damn Far

like how come “i hate straight peope!!” is the post of the century™ but “i hate men!” or “i hate white people!” is somehow horrible enough to cause large scale Drama, several DOXXings and a plague of locusts upon op’s house

Ele não é um cara legal
Ele te roubou de você mesma.
Ele não é engraçado
Ele está tirando sarro do seu cabelo
Pra você se sentir feia.
Ele não é protetor
Ele só quer te prender
Te privar de viver.
Ele não é carinhoso
Ele só te procura de forma doce quando quer transar.
Ele não está estressado por causa do trabalho
Ele é agressivo, violento e opressor.
Ele não perdeu a cabeça
Ele te agrediu, te bateu
E ele só precisava de uma desculpa esfarrapada pra fazer isso.
Ele não vai se suicidar
Isso é só chantagem, tortura psicológica
Pra você não ir embora
E continuar presa no jogo dele.
Ele não tem medo que você saia sozinha
Ele só não quer ter que lidar com o fato de que existem pessoas maravilhosas lá fora
Pessoas que podem te fazer enxergar a verdade.
Não, ele não te ama
Ele é um machista desgraçado
Que acha que você pertence a ele
E ele prefere te ver morta
Do que te ver feliz.
Ele não é seu namorado
Não é seu marido
Não é nada
Nada além de um agressor criminoso
E você, é uma vítima.
Isso não é uma relação.
—  Helena Ferreira - Um Poema Para Helena
Respect the Slav

 I am Polish with a bit of Tatar blood. I strongly identify as Slavic and have genuine affection for any Slavic nation, but mostly I am Polish and so proud to be. I find it kind of hurtful how we are perceived in the Western nations and how we are depicted in mainstream media in America. I feel rejected both by the white community and the opressed community of People of color. Of course by no means Slavs are POC and by no means we have it as bad, but actually anyone who isn’t of Western European descend has it hard. Nevertheless we are painted with the same brush as those Western Europeans simply due to our race, but we’re not the same.

Have you ever notices the way Slavs are depicted in mainstream media in USA? Let’s start with the fact that you don’t really see other Slavic nations than Russians. I know that Russia is the big bad of the US generally, but not ever Russian is a villain or a villain-turned-hero. There are tons of amazing people. NOT EVERY RUSSIAN IS EVIL. Their authorities are evil, but the Russians are not. For example, look at the Russians in the MCU. First of all, we’ve got Natasha. As much as I love Scarlett Joahnsson and I am aware that she is of Polish descend, there are so many talented Russian actresses who could have got the role, yet as far as I’m concerned no actual Russian was even considered. Second thing is while Natasha is a Russian protagonist she despises Russia. Her homecountry is everything evil when it comes to the character. She doesn’t show young Slavs that being Slavic is cool. The rest of the Russians in the Universe are villains. Let’s start with Ivan Vanko. Again, Rourke is not Russian nd he doesn’t have ANY Russian or Slavic blood. The accent was terrible, the character was absolutely despising. While his motivation was weak it kind of made sense until the reveal that Anton Vanko was practically a leech. So yeah, evil runs in the Russian blood I guess. Russians in Captain America? Okay, I don’t have a fucking idea what went on there. The Russians captured Bucky and experimented on him, yet he’s a Hydra asset? Hydra was a Nazi organization and it makes no sense since the Soviets actually had a lot to do with defeating Nazis. Both were evil, but they’re not the fucking same. Actually Nazis hated Slavs almost as much as Jewish people and by the time “The First Avenger” takes place historically the Germans had already blocked Leningrad, so the Soviets would never work with them. Let’s take a look at “Arrow” now. We’ve got plenty of Russians here. Except they all are shady gangsters with good intentions only for themselves. Yeah, the brotherhood and severe loyalty in Bratva is depicted, but it’s still a criminal organization. Got to mention that they actually cast David Nykl who is Czech Canadian (so he’s Slavic) in the role of Anatoli, yet Kovar is played by a Swede. I’m in the supehero fandoms, so most of my examples come from there, but I guess you get the idea. I can’t recall many other Slavs with prominent roles in American mainstream media apart from Sophie and Oleg from Two Broke Girls and don’t even get me started on those. The Hollywood also didn’t care enough to cast somebody of the right ethnic background for the role of Nikola Tesla who was Serbian (so a Slav) with David Bowie playing him in “The Prestige” and Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming “The Current War”. Have you heard of the movie “The Zookeeper’s Wife”? It’s about the Żabiński family who hid Jews in the Warsaw Zoo during WWII. Yet the main roles of Polish people again went to actors with nothing Slavic about them.

I could rant more on this, but I actually want to mention one more thing. Dear People of Color, as I said we are not opressed like you, but please do not paint us with the same brush as those actually responsible for all the awful things that happened in America to your ancestors. And I am talking as A POLISH PERSON here. Specifically Polish person. We are not your enemy. We never colonised Americas. We never had slaves there. While your ancestors were slaves (actually the term “slave” derives from the word “Slav”, because Slavic people were often kept as slaves in Arab Spain in ninth century), mine were living in a non-existent country since it was literally stolen away from us by Prussia, Russia and Austria. For 123 years there was no independent Poland, Polish culture was opressed and depolonization was crazy. Yet we managed to survive. We fought for our freedom. One of our national heroes is actually also a national hero in US. His name is Tadeusz Kościuszko. If you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out. He was a prominent figure in American Revolution. There’s actually a story that while he was in Philadephia, the leader of Little Turtle came to him and Tadeusz gave him guns with guide to use them against anyone who would want to conquer Little Turtle. Then he came back to Poland to fight for his own country which was being torn apart by their neighbours.

There’s also the story about Poles in Haiti. Let me start things of with saying that many Poles viewed Napoleon as a way to regain freedom. It kind of worked since the Kingdom of Poland came to existance, but don’t think it was any kind of independent coutry. It still belonged to Russia. Napoleon exploited the Poles in his army, seriously. He didn’t actually give a damn about us. So he sent them to help subdue the Haitian Revolution. As you may or may not know, the revolution was successful. Want to hear the story of the Poles’ role? Well, it’s simple. When they arrived there and saw that the Haitians fight for their freedom just like the Polish, they decided to actually help them. Not immediately, but it didn’t take them much time. They saw the Revolution as paralell to the Polish situation back then. Jean-Jacques Dessalines called the Poles (AND I’M LITERALLY QUOTING HIM THERE): “the White Neg***s of Europe” with was actually regarded a great honour. The Poles who fought there aquired Haitian citizenship and you can still find their descendants on Haiti. 

And the WWII. Oh, the WWII. It all started in Poland which was still weak. We actually existed as an independent country for only 20 years when Hitler attacked us. It’s no mystery that our allies (Great Britain and France) didn’t give a damn about us and didn’t help Poland at all. I could talk and talk about the Poles in the WWII, because our role was HUGE. Let me just say that Poland was the only country were hiding Jews was punished by death, yet so many Polish people (count in my greatgrandparents) still did it. Of course not every Pole was a saint back then and some actually did horrible things, but majority of Poles really helped the Jews. Just check which country has the most citizens who got the honorific of Righteous Among the Nations. (Spoiler Alert: it’s Poland) Poland is actually the only country and Germany conquered back then where they couldn’t form a SS force, because most of us would rather die than fight for the Nazis. A Pole, Jan Karski, risked his life when he was smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto to gather information. Actually when he reported those to Western leaders, they pretty much didn’t give a shit. Polish officer Witold Pilecki voluteered to go to Auschwitz to gain information on the camp. And please, NEVER say “Polish death camps”. The death camps were never Polish. They were on our territory which was taken from us by force.  Poles also fought in Britain (Polish pilots in Battle of England anyone?) and in other parts of the world. After the war ended no one gave a shit. Roosevelt and Churchill easily sold us to Soviets, so we actually became dependent on Russia yet again. We regained our independance in 1989 and were actually the first nation to break the communist regime. 

We’re no saints and the country is a mess right now. There are tons of rasist, homophobic and sexist people among us, but a lot of Poles actually fought for basic human rights for everyone, for freedom, for justice. We may be a mess, but if the times are hard, we’ll come together and fight for ourselves and for each of you, because in the end we’re all people, we all deserve the same treatment and opportunities. 

So what I wanted to say by this rant? I wanted to kindly ask POC not to paint every white person with the same brush and to not think that we’re the same as your opressors. We are not your enemy, we never were. I wanted to kindly ask opressed POC not to erase the beautiful Slavic cultures by saying that “white people have no culture”. I get you’re angry with your opressors, I can fully understand it, but it is hurtful for me as a person who doesn’t really identify with the Western culture.  I wanted to demand Western white people for more respect towards other cultures, also those of other ethnic groups of your own race. Slavs are the biggest white ethnic group in Europe, yet they are neglected and stereotyped. 

A Esquerda e a “Modinha” Política.

Já parou pra pensar o porquê de movimento como feminismo, LGBT, etcs estão tão em “alta”? O motivo é o resultado do útil e agradável. Útil, pois os adeptos do movimento são de serventia política, e agradável, pois isso é de fácil aceitação popular e se fazem acreditar que as pessoas estão contribuindo para algo realmente bondoso para a sociedade, fomentando jovens coraçõezinhos iludidos. 

Seria uma pena, se tudo isso não fosse uma mera ilusão programada, colocada em prática, para que justamente, atingisse em cheio essas pessoas em busca de melhorias, com seus discursinhos adulterinos de pseudo igualdades e “justiça social”. Todos esses movimentos são apenas uma emboscada, que cada vez mais, puxam pessoas para serem seus peões num jogo de poder. Poucos sabem, mas servem apenas como uma espécie de “garotos propaganda” da política, só que não ganham nada como isso, ao contrário, toda uma sociedade sai perdendo. 

Cada vez mais isso é presente, e cada vez mais a doutrinação cognitiva é feita tão descaradamente, que na base do “lacre” e do “micão”, você é coagido por pensar diferente, ou apresentar uma argumentação lógica. Tudo tem um objetivo, tudo tem um porquê e não lhe apresentam isso. Não é à toa que dados são mascarados e a história é reescrita e passada como um verdade irrefutável. A esquerda te usa, e quando não é mais útil, os próprios militantes arrumam um jeito de segregar cada vez mais as pessoas, de forma que você não se enquadre em nenhum dos “grupos sociais” pré-adotados por eles, assim, silenciando a sua opinião, como quando uma feminista diz que “omi” não pode dar pitaco no feminismo, por considera-los opressores. 

Sempre planejando algo para a o futuro, e nunca para o presente, pois sabem que seria uma impossibilidade, o discurso é fraco, só de sustenta á base de mentiras e modificações dos fatos, as propostas são falhas, se fosse colocadas em prática no agora, a máscara cairia, assim, empurram o próprio dialogo com a barriga, e nesse caminho, conseguem induzir mais alguns desinformados e iludidos para fazerem parte do seu “exército”. 

Você é automaticamente excomungado de qualquer meio social  se não concordar com tais pautas, você é completamente compelido e alvo de críticas pesadas, e de “close errado” em “close errado” a segregação e a luta de classes continuam, exatamente como Marx queria.

I’d like to point out:

Discourse is necessary for a community to evolve. It’s not bad to participate in Discourse, by all means!

However, it’s very important to be mindful about the people you engage with over discourse.

Discourse is:
- engaging in discussions
- challenging your own views, and improving as a person
- allowing people to educate you
- educating people

Discourse is not:
- cruel jokes at the expanse of a marginalized group
- proudly labelling yourself as an opressor
- smear campaigns
- name-calling
- making fun of people for having emotional reactions to stress (ie, crytpying)

It’s okay if you’re an exclusionist. It’s okay if you engage with inclusionists, and talk to them about the issues we all face as a community.
But that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to mock them, harrass them, send them hate, or anything.
We can talk about things, but the moment you become hostile, it’s not discourse anymore. It’s just harrassment.

In that regard, have a lovely day.

There are cis people and Cis™ people

No. Fuck off. All cis people are cis people. That means they are opressors of transgender people. Get that through your head. No matter how nice and supportive they are they are still opressors and they have cis privilege.

From one cishet ace to another (and other shitty *cough* mogai *cough* people)

Since the ace discourse is still blossoming I want to make something clear to people that think it’s okay for cishet aces to be or force themselves in the LGBT community/safe spaces:









9. DON’T.


This has been a PSA.

Miss me with that “mogai” mess.

- A cishet ace that gets high blood pressure/instant gray hair from reading these “arguments”

Honestly y is ace discourse even real when the lgbt community has better fucking things 2 b fighting for here

Like, say, the rampant racism in our community?? “No rice, no spice, no [black men cause I forgot the term]” on every other grindr profile??

Maybe we could worry abt conversion therapy & homophobia from the church?? Things that are far more damaging and prevelant??

Tumblr: We’re a safe place!

Tumblr: Literally has pushed people into suicide over their art
Tumblr: Discriminates people because they don’t want to cope with certain people or themselves.
Tumblr: Thinks that oppressing opressors makes it better, when it makes you as bad as oppresors.
Tumblr: Countless making up genders and Sexualities that have no proof of existing because they think the actual ‘correct’ ones are too ‘mainstream
Tumblr: Bullied an artist because they drew a certain character a way they enjoy and used countless lies to grow the hatred.
Tumblr: Thinks they own the entire internet by forcing others to do their deeds, or even harassing others.
Tumblr: Says they are equal but discriminates Skinny people, White People, Males, Cis people, Hetrosexual people, Ect.
Tumblr: Thinks that ‘free bleeding’ is good but in reality it’s disgusting also bad for your health.
Tumblr: thinks being ‘fat’ is good when in reality it’s harming yourself and your health.

Watch 2/4′s of people get triggered the others will agree.

Just a reminder, that not all tumblr is this. I’ve seen quite alot of good people on this site but their are a majority of people like this and who do this. For example, the people who are gonna reblog this with hate and probably send me hate anons since they’re too sensitive to actually stay off anon.

get off my blog if:

-you think cis people can be opressed for being cis
-you refuse to realize that nonbinary people have existed since forever, in many different cultures such as native americans
-you dont think trans people are allowed to hate cis people aka their opressors

It’s not up to any member of an oppressed group to prove to their opressors that their preconceived notions are wrong, lol. Especially not if said preconceived notion is basically just, “I don’t think you’re human.” If your basic expectation for becoming a better person is that the people who you’re harming have to jump through hoops for you in order to demonstrate their humanity and their worth, then it’s just better for all of us if you didn’t bother at all, thanks.

- Mod A