“Hate only breeds hate”- you are, infact, right. When you hate on marginalized groups, they will hate you back. So your hatred towards them bred the hate you are now facing. Keep that in mind next time you see someone say “I hate white/cis/straight/abeled people”


And people say there is no oppression against asexuals? No, I’m not trying to compare asexual hate to hate on LGBT people, but there still is opression and violence. When people say you don’t exist, you are a devil worshipper and you deserve to be raped in hell, yeah, maybe there is Acephobia. (This especially bothers me because I’m Christian and I hate seeing the Bible used as a tool of hate) Aces, like lesbians, do have to deal with the threat of “corrective” rape. No, not everybody is like this. But there is so little awareness about asexuality that it is misunderstood. (Asexuals can’t love, they like animals, it’s a hormonal problem, they hate people who have sex, they can’t have kids, that’s not a thing humans can be, lies lies lies) and some of this hate does come from the LGBT community. I’ve seen posts by FCKH8 saying asexuality does not exist. So yeah, we exist and there is some opression and erasure.

Rant over.

okay so one time back in grade 7 my class had an assignment where we had to design and create an invention for helping other people then present it to the class. At that time my next door neighbor had multiple sclerosis and was almost always in his wheel chair. My mother was his carer and one afternoon i was telling him about my day and watched as he struggled to balance his food on a stable table. At that moment i knew exactly what I was going to make. It took hours of searching the most common types of wheel chairs, heaps of money (which we didn’t have much of) to get the materials and a fair bit of tricky wood work but i was absolutely determined to make my project the best i could. Finally when it was done I took it over and tested it on his wheel chair and my god did he love it. It was a wooden tray table that clipped onto the arm of the wheel chair and had a cup holder and non slip material. He used it everyday until I had to take it in for presentation.

Now i was sure that i would get the best mark in class for my project. it met all the requirements and i had worked extremely hard on it. But when i got my mark back i had only just passed with a C. I went up to the teacher thinking there had to be a mistake of some kind. Even now I still remember exactly what she told me, word for word, “Sorry Cassie but that’s not exactly a useful tool for everyone now is it. There aren’t that many people in wheel chairs, it isn’t worth it to us in the same way the other children inventions are.” But the boy who taped a stick of deodorant to a fucking piece of wood got a fucking A!! As if that wasn’t an idea already thought up. For fucks sake he did it that day, literally drew up the plan that morning!

Look I know this is a big long post but I am saying this to point out Ableism is a big, important issue. I gave that tray to my neighbor, despite the school saying they had to keep it because it was technically “school work” and he used it until the day he died. And after that he gave it to a friend to use it. I made three others for more of his friends when he had to move into a home and they loved them because even in a place that was supposed to cater to their needs a stable tray that would not fall off their knees was apparently not something they had thought to provide, especially to people with inhibited dexterity. And yeah this probably had been made before at the time when I was making mine but looking now the cheapest I can find is at least 50 bucks! Hardly assessable for people with little money.

Years later and my blood still boils when I remember that the kid with stick deodorant got a better mark then I did, that his “invention” was considered useful while mine was not. I am still so angry that a school teacher would tell a child that what they had built to help someone they cared for was not useful or important or wanted or needed and that those people were so few and far between that they didn’t matter. That the only thing that did matter was US, the able bodied people. I didn’t quite understand the way I do now at the time but I was still upset, my mother was pissed as hell and my neighbor, well when I told him it looked as though he had expected it.

These issues need to be addressed, and they need to be fixed. Teachers at schools separating the able bodied from those who aren’t and putting the able bodied above them only continues the discrimination and the attitude that there aren’t enough disabled people to really make it an issue worth their worry.

tldr: Albeism is taught from a young age to not only be the norm but to also be taught to the point where making everyday simple things for disable bodied people isn’t worth their time, effort or focus

“It is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard.” - MLK

thinking about what’s going on in tibet makes me so mad. 

not only is our culture being destroyed by the chinese government (the GOV, not the people!), we aren’t even allowed to die in peace. our own spiritual leader, the dalai lama, was told by the chinese government how he will be reincarnated. 

yes, you read that right. that’s like saying the president of America will decide who goes to heaven or hell.

no one pays attention to us either. we have to set ourselves on fire just to get attention

unfortunately, pictures of tibetans self-immolation get turned into “funny jokes” on the internet. (note: commentary below is from me)

but no one cares about any of that. 

all america wants to do is sit down with the dalai lama and talk about how he’s able to eat dal everyday without rest. they just want to discuss how “peaceful” he is and how he’s such a role model. but really, the only reason he (and tibetans in general) are peaceful is because if they weren’t, they would die.

the “peaceful tibetan” stereotype is so disgusting because it makes it look like tibetans are fine with the way things are when, in actuality, they only have one reason they are forced to be nice, quiet, and respectful;

 they just want to survive.

Tumblr deals with racism, sexism, etc in all the wrong ways. The majority of you are all uneducated and ill-informed and do not understand anything. Please just stop.

Get off tumblr and go take some classes so you fully understand how the world works. Generalising and discriminating “straight cis gendered white males” and “white people” to stick up for the oppressed is not NOT smart and is absolutely ridiculous as you are putting down people who don’t even deserve to be discriminated as they just exist but they exist in your mind as horrible beings because they are grouped with people who happen to oppress and objectify others which could be ANYONE. Everyone no matter what race or gender suffers, some more than others and a lot of people need help. Let’s all be equal and help people where and whenever they need it regardless of who they are or their education-

Not discriminating someone just because they are being generalised in a group by kids on tumblr who think they know everything and are “fighting” correctly.

EDIT: have a read of this as a prime example

Opression is:

  • LGBTQ people being beaten and killed on the streets of Russia and being banned from campaigning for gay rights.
  • Children being shot in Pakistan for demanding an education.
  • Arranged marriages & women being bought and sold like cattle.

Oppression is not:

  • Girls having to wear knee length skirts to school and dress according to a dress code.

All of these huge social justice issues and there’s people on here whining about having to wear a fucking school uniform its pathetic.