“zoro, you seem pretty weak today.”

“shut up. my butt hurts.”

lol jk it’s actually supposed to be zoro/luffy requested by yiubum

Sighh there’s so many things wrong and it’s bugging me so much that it would just be better to start over–which I don’t want to do–so here you go.  My sister made me laugh so hard while I was doing this because she was like “First Sanji, now Luffy?!” ….-_-

Sanji in this outfit request from vinsi

I’m doing the requests in order except I was supposed to do this first before the Lucci request but I mistakenly thought the Lucci one was first…

Anyway, I enjoyed drawing this a lot. I love this outfit because I used to be really into oniikei fashion and similar styles. Because of that, I tried to make it similar to the appearance of the ads and photos on oniikei magazines and of shops/sites lol…………….

Chopper and Sanji grocery shopping for agentsansan

Sighhh this is very poorly done (I’m so sorry) so I might do another attempt if I can…..maybe a different take…The dialogue was just suddenly added at the end so I can cover up parts lol…It doesn’t really work…

Grocery shopping  made me think of Chopamori devouring food samples and I thought Zoro would be the type to do a lot of different part-time jobs lol so that’s why even though he wasn’t part of the request, I added him…

anyway I’ll be tagging these OP requests as OPREQ