A note about Ciel and the Moon

“Will he become the lone, cold Moon that shines in the world of night?”

Chapter 111 granted a new symbol to Ciel - Sirius, but it’s interesting that his old symbol - the Moon - is still with him as well. When Bravat points to Sebastian and Ciel, the Moon on his hand looks so obvious.

A funny fact: I had been thinking about this for quite a long time today, then visited bb.net chat and found almost the same thoughts from Oprale there. Oprale, if you are reading this - I’m virtually shaking your hand :) Oprale also mentioned Undertaker holding the Moon in his hands at the end of the midnight tea party. I laughed so hard after remembering this scene XD It’s so cruel from Undertaker’s side to tease Sebastian like this, showing him that his precious Moon can be stolen )))