Just like what Oprah Winfrey said “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” 

As a student, a daughter, a friend, and a citizen, I have my achievements and goal, as well as responsibilities that proved “that I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do”, I quote this line from Jana Stanfield.

My achievements so far is that I am in the list of being an honor student ever since I am in grade school, I had my group of friends that are always there for me because these people are so rare to find. I was awarded as best speaker in the ever 1st Br. Felipe Belleza Debate Championship in La Salle Academy and was able to facilitate during rounds, this paved way to share ideas by this form of discourse. I was able to participate in the Bible Quiz last year and the team was awarded as well in 7th place. When I was in 9th grade, I also joined the Milo Little Olympics and was awarded as the 4th placer together with my team. My second visit in Ateneo de Manila University because of the PSDC was one of the memorable experiences that I had because we only lack 1 point just to breaking into the next set of rounds. I was able to venture to different places in Iligan City that I wanted for so long, which is in Tinago Falls, I had the confidence to climb though the rocks and jump, since I want to conquer my fear of heights. 

My responsibility as a daughter is to always obey my parents all the time, to respect them as well and to always understand them even when things don’t make sense at all. As a sister, I have the capacity to also understand my sibling’s needs and wants, to respect my Kuyas and twin. As a student, I should also have the mentality to listen always to the teacher when they’re discussing and to understand them as well. I should always see them as my 2nd parents since the school is my second home. I should also do my job as a student such as studying, genuinely and honestly make my Performance Task and to also aim for the best, this also applies in being a daughter. As a friend, I should be able to care the need of my friends and to be with them through thick and thin. Always relate with my fellow peers since they are about the same age as mine and we can very much relate to each other. Lastly, I have the responsibility of being a citizen in the Philippines, that I should respect and be active in our constitution and policies, that I have the right to question the standards used to come up with that law/s if it was fairly set to begin with. Since this is how a democratic country will function, and to be aware of different religion and ideologies in this diverse world I live in. 

Right now, my goal is to live a meaningful live as possible, because everyday is a God-given blessing. Wherein, I should do the things morally and not subjected to negative spectrum. I want to be a doctor, but i still need to find in what area/s should I specialize. I just want to help people because people helped me first. That is why this will be the right avenue for me to reciprocate the things they have done to me. In this avenue, it focuses more on my like and what I am interested into, which is biology because it is the study of life and organisms.