Oprah Chai

So the Teavana Oprah Chai latte has been out for a few weeks now and in my area it’s been experiencing a lot of hate. I’ve had people shout that she’s a racist and walk out, I’ve had people say they won’t buy it because “she doesn’t need more money!”, I’ve even had a customer that they don’t want a “n-word” drink.

I don’t understand it. This drink has proceeds that go to charity, has actual tea in it (no juice), and has a lowered sugar content than the original chai. It’s delicious and just because it’s tied with Oprah people hate it. She’s a strong woman who worked hard and made it far in life. She has donated a lot of her time and money to those less fortunate than her. I honestly don’t understand the hate.

So my boyfriend is getting my car fixed today. Aside from the serious damage to my bank account, I’m really happy to have a safe running vehicle again.

He texted me that he was at Starbucks having an Oprah Chai while waiting for the car to be fixed. I figured it was a typo….nope.