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what would the karasuno crew, kuroo, bokuto, and akaashi order from starbucks (or alternatively, not order at all?) thanks for your hard work!

[I’m one of those poor souls, literally poor tho, who has never been to Starbucks. Also I’ve never lived anywhere near one so I apologize for wrong terminologies or bad decisions in regards to drinks ( ̄□ ̄;) I got my information from here, here, here, and here.]

Nishinoya: Nishinoya would probably choose the Fizzio Golden Ginger Ale. This drink is described as a refreshing soda and judging from Nishinoya’s food and drink preferences, this would be the perfect beverage for him. Nishinoya would love the gingery taste of it, instantly feeling like he had been rejuvenated, in case he drank it after one of his training sessions.

Akaashi: Would order the Blackberry Mojito. With the flavours being described as “uncharacteristically downplayed”, it would be the perfect beverage for him and he would appreciate the fact that he was actually able to taste the black tea in his drink. Making a nice, yet not too sugary combination with the fruits, this would be one of the few favourites of his, since Akaashi wouldn’t really like drinks that tasted sickly sweet.

Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi would go with the Hazelnut Macchiato. This drink is described as incredibly sweet, with a richness of vanilla and hazelnut flavour. Yamaguchi would love the warm feeling it would leave him with, instantly feeling cozy wherever he was at that time. He would prefer getting it around evening/nighttime, since it would make him slightly sleepy as well.

Sugawara: Sugawara would choose the Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte. Considering that all spices, despite their individual obviousness, create some sort of harmony that makes the drink a perfect combination of flavours, it would be something that would make Sugawara feel quite content. With the taste of roiboos lingering on his tongue, he would go about his day, thinking back on the feeling he had while drinking it, whenever some kind of issue occurred.

Hinata: Hinata would definitely go with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. With this drink being described as incredibly sweet, pumpkin pie spices dominating the overall flavour, it would be the perfect, and only, Starbucks beverage he would order. Hinata would like the fact that the taste of espresso would be barely there, since he wasn’t exactly the type to enjoy caffeinated drinks. 

Asahi: Asahi would choose the Java Chip Frappuccino. Described as a delicious mix of chocolate and coffee, this drink would definitely serve Asahi’s needs. He would love the fact that this beverage wouldn’t feel too heavy in his stomach, liking the decent flavour of sweetness hidden in the strong relish of coffee.

Kuroo: Kuroo would order the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino. Kuroo would love the taste of strong coffee combined with the slightly spicy cinnamon flavour, which would make him feel like both ingredients were dancing on his tongue. Himself not necessarily being a fan of sweet drinks, he would probably leave out or at least tone done the caramel flavour in it.

Tsukishima: Tsukishima would most likely go with the Strawberry & Crème Frappuccino. Tsukishima appears to be a fan of strawberry flavour, which would lead him to the decision to order this drink. He would actually enjoy the creamy texture combined with the fruity sweetness of it. The drink itself would be nothing over-the-top, but still serving the purpose it was created for.

Tanaka: Tanaka would go for Starbucks Doubleshot Energy + Coffee. Himself not necessarily being a big fan of most beverages Starbucks offers, due to the fact that a lot of them are quite sweet, he would definitely go for something that would wake him up and made him feel energized.

Sawamura: Sawamura would most likely go with normal Coffee. referring it black, with no sugar or milk added, he would go for this, since all the choices of toppings, sizes and other possible ingredients would be too time consuming for him. On top of that he would also not be a fan of sweet beverages, which would be the main reason he would choose this drink.

Kageyama: If Kageyama ever went to a Starbucks he might do the mistake and actually order Milk. Since, next to his juices, it would be one of the drinks he took in on a daily basis, it would be his top choice. If any of the workers asked him if perhaps he wanted to rethink his choice, he would get confused, figuring that, since milk was good for the bones, it should definitely be a beverage that could be ordered by itself. 

Bokuto: Bokuto might go for the Starbucks Refreshers: Raspberry Pomegranate. Not necessarily being the type of person who drank hot beverages on a daily basis, Bokuto would want to get himself a drink that was refreshing and fruity at the same time. With this one being a little less effective than your usual energy drink, it would be the one of the few drinks his teammembers and parents allowed him to drink.