There’s a new interplanetary distance champion of all time and it’s MER-B/Oppy!

The second of the Mars Exploration Rovers, MER-B, also known as Opportunity, has finally done it.

Who would have ever thought this at the start. The Rover was warrantied for 90 days and was able to meet its science mission objectives within that time frame. As of today, more than 10 years later, Oppy has now become the longest-traveled vehicle on any body other than the Earth.

It’s taken a while to get to this point. The now #2 rover, the Soviet Lunokhod 2 rover, drove 39 kilometers (24 miles) across the surface of the Moon after it landed. It took Oppy more than a decade to match that number. She even had some of us doubting it; last year, as dust accumulated on her panels and her systems continued to wear out, the ability of the rover to move slowed to a crawl. But, this year the solar panels were cleaned by the wind, power levels have risen, and as of the end of July, Opportunity has now driven over 40 kilometers across the surface of another world.

The rover’s next major science target is about 2 kilometers away from its current location, so it’s just going to keep on rolling. To honor the work of the previous mission long ago, the rover’s science team nicknamed a crater near its current location “Lunokhod 2”. 

Not bad for a vehicle with a 90 day warranty.

Oppy's SCP Foundation RPG Game
You guys were absolutely ecstatic about the idea of having an SCP inspired RPG game. After all, who wouldn't want to give back to a community as amazing as the SCP Foundation? However, I can't do this alone. Will you guys help me too?

How’s it going everyone? So late last year I told all of you that I planned on starting an SCP inspired RPG game. You guys all seemed very excited about the idea and I even began writing down fan characters to include in the game! However, we are running into quite a few problems, money being one of them. For a full description of the project please see below.

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I once read a paper at the Australasian Association of Philosophy with the title “It is not rational to believe in God.” However, for the most part, I have adhered to the view that the existence of God is one of those matters on which reasonable people can reasonably disagree: those who believe in God need not be guilty of some failure of reasoning, even though their beliefs are not appropriately linked to the way that things really are.
—  Graham Oppy

As I’ve stated before, I have many many, many forms, and these are just a few.”

A couple months back, I wanted to draw Oppy shape-shifting into different forms of Disney Characters. There were more but unfortunately they were lost, so instead, have these fun facts about my little fursona.

-The purple stripes observed glowing on Tiger Oppy only appear when she’s powering up or angry. This goes for all of her forms.

-No matter which form she takes, Oppy can only maintain her base colors of red, black, purple, and silver. The exception to this rule is her humanoid form.

-Oppy enjoys shape-shifting very much. It drains her energy very quickly however.

-Oppy cannot change her eye color. Shape can vary wildly though.

-Oppy can change shape into anything she can see and understand. Descriptions, both verbal and written however, do not work. She has to have seen it or be seeing it. 

-Oppy can change her voice in some forms, but not all.

-Oppy’s base height is eight feet tall at the shoulder. This changes with form.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVDdIphaAX8)

On this day in history, we will look behind the scenes at what I do when I’m not recording for YouTube~

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